First Of Fischer Hitting Metro TV Programming

Was trolling the Metro Gubmint website and discovered some of the first footage and talking points from the new administration in the opening of this Metro Edition program.

Take a look:

I do like his talking points. They translate well to television when Fischer himself isn’t using them.

The rest of the program is pretty good, too. It’s a look at how code enforcement officers try to deal with abandoned and neglected properties, the history of the Louisville Water Company and how a ballet was created.

9 thoughts on “First Of Fischer Hitting Metro TV Programming

  1. MetroTV puts a pretty good product out there. They balance the political coverage with some pretty interesting programming (at least for nerds like me). When you see what other cities are doing with their government television channels, our city’s station becomes all the more impressive.

  2. Wish I could watch it, but since I don’t give in to Insight extortion, I can’t. Wonder if they post these things to YouTube for the rest of us?

  3. Ok, but why isn’t it ALL streaming? Why can’t I watch the metro council, etc., meeting while it is going on? Best I can tell, I can’t.

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