Finally Some Metro Animal Services Movement

Metro Government is abuzz today. Not because Mayor Greg Jerry The Second Fischer delivered his first State of the City address. But because Human Resources finally posted the job of Director of Metro Animal Services publicly.

The full-time position is only open until February 14, so let’s take a look at the posting:


  • Directs Metro Animal Services investigations and inspections, animal licensing, kennel and adoption operations and activities pursuant to KRS Chapter 258 and Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government Code of Ordinances
  • Directs Metro Animal Services toward reduction and eventual elimination of the euthanasia of adoptable animals
  • Establishes and implements departmental goals, budget, policies, programs and procedures Negotiates and resolves citizens’ disputes involving issues regarding Metro Animal Services Exercises supervision over subordinate personnel
  • Oversees care and safety of shelter animals as needed
  • Directs the operations, activities and personnel of the department
  • Establishes and implements departmental goals, objectives, policies and procedures through subordinate managers to achieve the success of programs and operations
  • Analyzes data as to the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and services and implements corrective action
  • Delegates work and responsibilities to achieve goals and objectives
  • Develops and organizes the department structure to insure the maximum utilization of available resources
  • Directs preparation of the departmental budget and monitoring of expenditures and funds
  • Selects, trains, disciplines and evaluates employees; recommends personnel actions; and resolves employment complaints and grievances
  • Answers questions and provides information concerning the operations and procedures of the department
  • Negotiates and mediates disputes arising within the department
  • Plans and implements animal services’ investigations and inspections, animal licensing, animal welfare and kennel and adoption programs
  • Confers with managers to discuss operational problems, policy interpretations and program evaluations
  • Presents comprehensive and evaluative reports on departmental operations and activities
  • Represents the department before government agencies and before the public in order to answer questions and provide information concerning regulations, programs and services
  • Coordinates with other agencies on animal-related problems
  • Acts as liaison to other animal welfare organizations
  • Mediates settlements on cases when voluntary compliance has not been achieved
  • Oversees and participates in the conduct of field investigations and inspections, issues violations and warnings to citizens and businesses, serves search warrants, and captures and impounds animals
  • Determines staff development and training needs and coordinates program scheduling to address the needs
  • Supervises recruitment and management of volunteers
  • Performs related work


See Job Skills and Requirements after the jump…

Job Skills/Requirements

Bachelors Degree
Five years of management experience with animal services operations
Must be on 24 hour call
Must be eligible for certification as a State Peace Officer
Must be willing to work a flexible/varied schedule
Must maintain a valid drivers license
Business experience preferred

High-volume shelter experience preferred
Human Resources experience a plus
Expected to remain updated on current national trends and attend training as needed

Must be able to work within a budget
Organized, detail-oriented with great follow-through
Must possess strong verbal and written communications skills
Must possess strong management skills and experience

Meets regular and punctual attendance standards and any special needs of the position as determined by management, including mandatory overtime and performance of related work
Duties include frequent bending and lifting; must be able to lift 50 pounds

If they find someone with just 5% of those skills, LMAS will be a changed place for sure.

8 thoughts on “Finally Some Metro Animal Services Movement

  1. Degrees mean nothing. Note our last horror of a Director had both an advanced degree in Veterinary Medicine and an MBA and a monkey could have done a better job. Zelinsky has an MPA and in many folks views is worthless and certainly not a stellar manager of people, the animals or the institution. I say we MUST HAVE a person with the requisite skill sets and a PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS. No more experiments.

  2. Dawn Simpson would make an excellent director, she knows what a shelter needs and strives to make it happen. Ms. Simpson done more for LMAS than Meloche and Zelinsky combined, only to have her hard work thrown out. Rescue Waggin was all her hard work, only to have it undermined by Meloche and Zelinsky!!!

  3. Would it be too much to ask that the person be at the very least familiar with animals and their behavior. Or, that they actually enjoy working with animals and be interested in their welfare and not just a paycheck. Or that they have worked BEFORE with animals. Yeah, you take me and put me in a cage where there are a bunch of loud talking people and dogs barking, cats hissing and strangers coming and going and staring at you, you bet your sweet ass I’ll be showing fearful behavior. Maybe a degree in compassion and common sense for a change would work. It’s apparent the last two “scholars” haven’t done anything.

  4. I say we put Fischy’s crew is dark, scary, filthy, crates surrounding them with the unknown. I bet the crouch in fear as well. The common pet owner would be better than the last two morons that were in charge. Job skill # 1 – Compassion Job skill # 2 -An understanding of animal behavior. Get rid of the Dismas folks and get folks who want to volunteer and not those who have to volunteer. Get all pre-vet college kids in the region, hire people who help fund raise. Put up a good web-page for the pets you have to be adopted all over the US. There could be someone in Michigan looking a grey cat or a mutt. Give every animal a
    chance. Instead of $100K lower it and hire more than one person.

  5. There is no way Zelinski can meet any of these requirements yet he has already said he will apply to keep the job. His application shouldn’t even be accepted. How about requiring some experience working with a Humane Society or Rescue organization in the past? At least we’d know they cared about the animals and their welfare.

  6. Dear Furlough, the part about getting rid of the dismas workers , and getting volunteers that want to be there, when I was there Dismas worked their A_ _ ‘s off, and the true volunteers did nothing but try to make the rules and boss people around, most volunteers do not want to go clean up S–T. Better yet when MAS had an excellent Volunteer Coordinator they got rid of him.And if pets are adopted all over the US, how would anyone be able to really check on the people adopting, But than again they really don’t do that now.

  7. Let’s just hope common sense and compassion prevail. I’m so heartsick that I can barely stand reading any more of these posts. I really want the mayor to successfully turn this around. If he can’t do this, then he can’t manage Louisville.

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