Every Louisville Neighborhood Needs A Fancy Shirt

I love it when rumors get confirmed by the people we’re writing about. Unfortunately, I don’t love it when good news folks leave the city for greener pastures. [We Get Comments]

Let’s get real on the coal mining front: 7,000 jobs are temporary. The entire environment and the health of hundreds of millions? Not so temporary. [H-L]

Rick Pitino Sexytime Pal Karen Sypher had her defense attorney, who was convicted of fraud in 2002 and served time in the federal pen, file some fancy new documents with the court. I’ve been asking for weeks for them to prove the claims they’re all trying to make to me via email, but they’ve been unable to do so. And it doesn’t help that members of their defense team at US JusticeWatch are quitting left and right.  WE ARE STILL DRY HEAVING OVER THIS MESS. [84WHAS]

The Six Flags Over Jesus Easter Pageant begins on March 18. Will there be tons of farm animals, a giraffe, camels, maybe an elephant? We can only hope. [WHAS11]

David Nicklies, who once threatened an anti-toll group member, has been removed/is resigning from the Ohio River Bridges Coalition. Bourbon king Bill Samuels is replacing him. [WAVE3]

I realize this is a joke, but is it standard operating procedure for all liberals to assume anyone opposed to busing is dumb enough to call in bomb threats? That sounds like something A Kentucky Newspaper’s editorial board would suggest. [LEO Weekly]

An “expert” is set to reveal his findings on the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan. He’s an “expert” supported by Sheldon Berman, of course. Not sure any “expert” backed by a man who openly admits to serving on boards to allow them to make money from JCPS is qualified to do anything, but whatever. [FOX41]

If you missed it, A Democrat in Frankfort is supporting the racist anti-immigration legislation currently pending. More proof that Kentucky Democrats tend to be more bigoted than Republicans in every other state. [Page One]

The UofL Students United for Peace and Justice, the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and the ACLU of Kentucky are hosting Ron Keine at Chao Auditorium on Monday at noon. Keine is an exonerated death row inmate from New Mexico who was nine days away from death when a stay was granted. You should go. It’s free. [Press Release]

We think these Louisville neighborhood t-shirts are great. More of them need to exist. [WHY Louisville]

3 thoughts on “Every Louisville Neighborhood Needs A Fancy Shirt

  1. The JCPS Board meeting with Gary Orfield is open to the public. It is at 4:00pm at the auditorium in VanHoose.

  2. Reading through the 59 page JCPS report now (link below). I haven’t read it in much detail yet, but I’m struck by several things. 1) Hiring someone who has been “helping” JCPS since the inception of busing in 1975 and is one of the leading “experts” on desegregation to modify a plan that has issues seems counter productive, 2) there appears to be no attempt to survey parents outside of JCPS to see how THEY feel about the student assignment plan and if that impacted their decision to send their kids to private schools or homeschooling 3) there’s no factual data (that I’ve seen so far) to point to how student assignment relates to performance in the schools, which should be a key metric in any changes to the student assignment plan,


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