East End Bridge Changes Are Just A Distraction

Seriously. Let’s forget these ridiculous bridge ideas. It’s clear that no one in Metro or State Government are going to take anything to public has to say to heart.

Do you think it’s just a distraction? Maybe a move to aid Governor Mitch Daniels’ presidential bid? Maybe a move to give Greg Fischer a feather in his cap by moving on something that Jerry Abramson could not/would not?

3 thoughts on “East End Bridge Changes Are Just A Distraction

  1. The proof to me that River Fields has gotten to Daniels as well is that he was willing to reduce the lanes on the East End bridge, while not touching the $300 million unneeded tunnel to bypass the fake historic landmark.

  2. Let’s take the money saved by NOT building a tunnel and use it to make sure that the bridge, and Metro Louisville, get the 6 lanes needed for the future. Four lanes barely address the traffic needs of twenty years ago.

  3. Yeah, let’s down-scale the only part of the project the public supports while keeping the absurd $250 million tunnel. This state’s and city’s dysfunction never ceases to amaze me. Divide the project, not the community.

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