Dear Greg Fischer: Stop The Damn Threats


Just got another veiled threat from one of Greg Fischer’s big dogs.

So guess what? I’ll now be spending 99% of my time writing about and talking about the absolute bullshit going down at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Feel free to read the latest.

If I get another threat, I’ll begin publishing the entire anti-Fischer research book (from the various Democratic Party organizations in Washington – Fischer knows I have it in my possession, as well) right here on The ‘Ville Voice. It’ll surely be fun for such a young administration to have to deal with that mountain of nightmares. Because it’s 19.87 megabytes of nothing but text. A lot of documents.

17 thoughts on “Dear Greg Fischer: Stop The Damn Threats

  1. Please spend your time and resources fixing the problem at MAS instead of threating the people who shine light on it!!!

  2. I do wonder how a politician thinks they have any right whatsoever to threaten or intimidate a citizen, much less the press. They are not dictators. A mayor is only the elected manager of the city’s government. He has no direct control over what citizens say or do.

    Fischer and his staff had better get accustomed to this reality.

  3. Jake:
    You need to be sure that you are not violating any law at all or else the IPL will be sicced on you.
    Have all your wheels, including those of guests, parked on concrete and not on lawns [even two wheels], Don’t have any plants that may be mistaken for weeds [including the Kentucky state flower] over 10 inches tall, etc.
    That being said, keep up the good work regarding shedding light on the LMAS mess.
    Am looking forward to reading your anti-Fischer documents.

  4. Post the threatening emails. My taxes are paying for this bullshit. Do they want people to shut up about this? THEN DO SOMETHING. FIX IT. GET RID OF THE FUCKING CRONIES AND PUT SOMEONE IN WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE ANIMALS. This is beyond shameful and its sickening that a person doing what is right gets threatened.

  5. I’m utterly astounded that Greg Fischer would permit his “big dogs” (whomever that is) to threaten any member of the press. If that’s what ahead of us all I can say is that he needs some ‘older and cooler’ heads around him — because he’s goin’ down the drain if he allows this kind of stuff to continue.

  6. Laura: They’re not emails. The other day it was phone calls.

    Today it was an in-person interaction as I was attempting to leave a lunch meeting.

  7. Larry:

    If the ten million times I was randomly pulled over last year didn’t shut me up, this won’t shut me up.

    Or the times folks have randomly followed me for hours on end. Once as Jonathan Hurst drove me around just to fuck with them.

    Or the time I had Jim King meet me at Starbucks on Shelbyville Rd and then drive me to Oxmoor Center – while folks followed us the entire time – just so I could fuck with them.

  8. If you were pulled over at the behest of anybody associated with Abramson, it almost assuredly would not have been someone from LMPD unless it was a major or colonel. Anybody else would be more inclined to do the opposite of whatever he wanted.

  9. Well now that you’ve put youself out there and publicly called them on these issues, You are “Marked” as a dissenter,an enemy, someone who dosen’t agree with them, a Whiner, a Crier, a Troublemaker, and someone they can’t control and want & will retalliate on!….Trust me the jerks are still in place to attempt to harm you anyway they can , Critics are taken as personal enemies and they try to Bully them into evaraporation!.

    Surely Fischer and his administration must realize that old muscle trick , and harrassment style like Abramson practiced is noticable now that peoples eyes are more open to how corrupt the political system has been here!
    The shit Abramson got away with, will pale in comparrison to what can happen over the next four years if things don’t change.
    Jake , with todays tools you should be recording the threats, and bringing them to light in the public forum.
    There have been many local business people suffer at the hands of the city , I think you should round them all up for support. Then go for the Jugular! These politicians think they are above everything and How Dare anyone to challange them.

  10. Fischy got his goons to do what he isn’t man enough to do. Threatening people only sparks only new flames on a situation you clearly can’t Poor little Fischy, you should do what’s right and use common sense. In case common sense isn’t something daddy has not bought you yet. It’s pretty simple. Fire the damn fools, put in their place people who care and want to do the job. This about governing and leading. You can huff and puff all you want. It still doesn’t change the fact you are inept and arrogant as well as ignorant to think many will just let this mess continue. While your little meeting tonight may have not been transparent. It’s pretty clear the list of names that have contributed to this mess is growing. Fischy, Wayne Z. and his misfits, Metro Council, and now members of the Jefferson County Delagation. Something tells me they too, are too cowardly to speak about LMAS. Somehow, someway, when Mayor Jer and the Gov. are out asking for cash and votes, someone, somewhere, will ask about LMAS and what is being done about it. I’m pretty sure Jerry will pass the blame to you.

  11. chief: I’ve been openly critical since 2008.

    The animal lovers attacked me and went insane when I criticized him during the campaign and suggested he wouldn’t hold up his end of the deal. And, well, I’m not gonna say I told them so…

  12. I am with you all the way! especially on this issue which is such an easy Fix!….Why wouldn’t the Metro Council step in and appoint the whole LMAS into a receivership of some kind?

    Any 8th grader could fix this!….and save the city a ton of $$$$…..If Fischer would take charge himself he could come up with a plan to suspend everyone at LMAS for an investigative period, and move forward.

    Isn’t that what the POLICE Dept. does when someones behavior/performance is questioned? Surely the City hopes this will eventually be solved quietly and fade away or they wouldn’t be ingnoring it by not taking an aggressive stance.

    Why hasn’t the Courier-Journal responded to this mess, youknow they have been pounded by complaints. You need to expose the individuals how taunt you out of the Mayors office and demand their heads!….chickenshit fuckers….

  13. Hey Earl, there’s a lot of ass kissers out there on the dept that’ll do shit like harrass people for the team!….Those no good crooks exist in every city dept and agency, ask any business that has had a conflict or disagreement with the Mayor! of course they are masters at that scam and know most are powerless to them & their Bully techquines.

  14. I was hoping Mr Fischer would see MAS as a business opportunity – adoption fees = additional revenue = successful business vs. dead animal = no adoption fee = no revenue. Why are there no incentives to MAS employees for raising adoption numbers? I still just don’t get it. Jake, keep this going – something has to change, but it won’t unless we all speak up and keep speaking up.

  15. They put cats down for being “fearful?” ANY cat being shoved into a cage by people they don’t know, or even people they DO know, are going to be fearful, that’s just nuts.

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