Audit Reveals Major Utility & Legislator Corruption

Ever wondered what happens when corrupt Eastern Kentucky legislators skirt the law and abuse coal severance funds while they think no one is looking?

You don’t have to live in Pikeville to know there are problems with the Mountain Water District and Utility Management Group.

Regular readers of Page One have known for years that there’s a problem in the hills and it’s a classic case of good old boys and wasted money. Unfortunately, in this case, those wasted dollars are in the millions and we’re all left footing the bill.

Oh, and by good old boys, we’re obviously talking about State Representative W. Keith Hall, the gentleman pictured in the photograph at left. An alleged man of the cloth, no less.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the scathing audit released in Frankfort this afternoon…

1 thought on “Audit Reveals Major Utility & Legislator Corruption

  1. This is the democratic lawmaker who wants the federal government to buy big parts of Pike County because it floods all the time now.
    He never says he is proud to support mountaintop removal coal mining which contributes to the flooding. Hall should be defeated.

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