A Metro Animal Services Tidbit For You

Last night Metro Animal Services Director Wayne Zelinsky had a rather important meeting scheduled with coworkers and officials from the Humane Society of the United States.

We hear through the grapevine that Zelinsky canceled his appearance at the meeting at the last minute. Why? Because he was allegedly called to the mayor’s office and told to cancel all meetings that he had.

My sources at LMAS say they didn’t hear from Zelinsky for the rest of the evening.

11 thoughts on “A Metro Animal Services Tidbit For You

  1. Animals can’t help themselves.

    People can.

    I can overlook crap with people.

    When it comes to animals? I can’t excuse anything for any reason.

  2. I agree JasonL! What about all the human children who go to bed hungry every night or are abused and neglected.

  3. Absoutely agree, Jake. The “house” that is LMAS needs to be cleaned. I could go on for days with stories…

  4. Yeah, fishoil… because I never foam at the mouth about supporting Dare to Care or Metro United Way… or the other problems the world faces.

  5. I think the case has been made for the connection
    between serious animal abuse (i.e. stomping)
    and “progressing” on to similar brutal acts involving people.

    And berating someone for showing compassion? That’s just sad!

  6. I love it when people try play helping kids off helping animals, personally I do both. Kids and animals both need protection. Why do you assume that animal people don’t help children too?? In fact more likely they help both as much as possible. don’t be a stinker fishoil.

  7. Jake ~ i for one appreciate you talking about what is going on at LMAS. I volunteer there and have seen the horrible conditions that are happening at the shelter. It needs to be stopped. When you kill a dog ready to drop its puppies and let the puppies suffocate in the females stomach it is inhumane and needs to be stopped. Yes i know for a fact that this happened just two days ago.

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