A Metro Animal Services Employee’s Letter To You

You know I’ve been foaming at the mouth about the nightmare that this glorious city faces at Metro Animal Services.

But it’s time to let the employees at good people at LMAS have the floor.

Please read this open and heartfelt letter from a Metro Animal Services employee. I have agreed to conceal their identity.

To the people and pet owners of Louisville,

As an employee of Metro Animal Services – one of many who have come forward in the last week – I want to take this opportunity to address you and answer a key question that has been raised.

Many of you have asked why it has taken us “so long” to come forward; I feel the truth needs to be available to those who seek it. The truth is we have been coming forward, for over a year now, to our supervisors, managers, department Director, Metro Council members, members of Greg Fischer’s campaign team and, now, his administration. Despite those consistent efforts, we have gotten nowhere. Our requests have fallen on what would seem to be deaf ears.

We first began by bringing our concerns to Metro Animal Services supervisors and managers. When those individuals refused to hear our concerns, or otherwise dismissed them as overreactions, we went to our Director. At first, he listened patiently, even at times agreeing with our assessment of inadequacies and inconsistencies in policies and employee behavior. However, despite promises of action, no action was ever taken. This did not deter us from returning again and again to him, many times with the same concerns left unaddressed from previous meetings. His reactions changed from patient listening and understanding to hostility and criticism. Our concerns were met with statements such as: “how dare you criticize your fellow employees; their jobs are so hard. You have no idea what they go through; you are not to question them.” It was clear that we had to go elsewhere.

So, we went to Metro Council. Several council members, and one in particular, have met with us on multiple occasions. We have recounted our experiences, brought forth evidence of euthanasia, adoption, and rescue numbers. I believe that at least one council member is completely dedicated to seeing change made at Animal Services; however, for whatever reason (political or otherwise), action by Metro Council to affect that much needed change has been slow in coming.

Once the mayoral candidates were decided in May’s primary, we began approaching both candidates to tell our story. We told them what has happened under the current “leadership” of our agency and presented a detailed plan to improve it. Both candidates were receptive, making promises of change at Animal Services. We anxiously awaited November’s general election.

When it was decided that Greg Fischer would become Louisville’s 50th mayor, we immediately moved to schedule meetings with members of his transition team. We presented our evidence again, along with more in-depth statistical analysis of the numbers. We were promised change was afoot.

In light of news that Mayor Greg Fischer has called for a complete review at LMAS, I think you’ll want to read the rest of this exclusive letter after the jump…

Throughout this process, the atrocities never stopped. Each new meeting we scheduled with Metro Council or Mayor Fischer’s team involved new evidence. We became more and more desperate; it seemed no matter the actions occurring at the shelter – no matter how disgusting, how painful to witness, how illegal – no action was ever taken to correct the wrongdoings or to punish those at fault.

So last week, when we decided to come forward with our evidence to the media, it was not out of spite. It was not because we wanted anonymous fame. It was not because we hadn’t already tried every other possible outlet we could think of.

Rather, it is because we are at the end of our ropes. It is because, collectively, we have reached a point where we can no longer sleep at night, knowing what is happening at the shelter, knowing we haven’t totally exhausted ourselves trying to right the situation. We feel as though telling our story to the media is a last resort. We have reached our breaking point.

Every single one of us fears for our jobs. We fear retaliation, harassment, and belittling from management. Perhaps most of all, we fear not being able to help the animals – if we lose our jobs, not only would we lose our income and health care benefits, but (most importantly for some) we would lose the little access we have to help some of the animals. We are dedicated animal lovers; we put the animals above ourselves everyday – the ones in our homes and the ones in the shelter. We took this step, fully knowing what we risk in doing so, for the animals in the shelter. The ones who look death in the face every day, for reasons like “too hyper,” “too lazy,” “barks too much,” “doesn’t seek affection,” “fearful,” and a whole host of others. (We are not arguing that no animal should be euthanized; by all means, any animal truly dangerous to the public should be removed from the public. Our argument, among many, is that animals are being euthanized for the wrong reasons – while countless volunteers and rescues beg for access to save them and are denied.)

Thank you to those who have stepped up in support of our efforts; and more so, thank you to all of you who act to help animals in Louisville. We can see positive change happen if we act as a unified front.

53 thoughts on “A Metro Animal Services Employee’s Letter To You

  1. Thank you for what you and others have done. I had the opportunity to adopt a perfect dog a few months back. He has been a present fron god. The volunteer told me he was to be put down and there wasn’t a single thing wrong with him. I appreciate for not backing down. It’s a shame many defenseless animals lost their lives because a few played politics for months. I’m appalled at the behavior of those who knew and didn’t do anything to help. Maybe we should crate those bastards and let the animals run the place. Again, I appreciate what you have done and continue to do. Please hold the Mayor and his staff’s feet to the fire. don’t rest until changes are made. Keep at it!

  2. I may not have any money to offer, and very little time…but whatever you do please know..I ,as well as thousands of others,am backing you up.

  3. I was so heart broken when all of this stuff about MAS kept hitting the news, not because I liked the place, but because it’s really depressing to know that we as humans are letting our supposed best friends down by abusing, starving, hurting them both physically and mentally, as well as euthanizing them due to the mere fact we can’t stop over breeding them.

  4. Good for you and thank you for letting this community know what is happening. What you are doing is difficult and scary. Please know that there are may thousands here who support you.

  5. Thank you so much for writing this much needed letter. We need a new Director for Metro Animal Services. What about Jackie Gulbe? She’s great! She loves the animals and understands them. –

    This facility has been left without any work or change for too many years. It’s time to wake up and do something Mayor!

    Thank you for bringing it to the news tonight and last night. – God Bless You for working for these precious creatures.

  6. Thanks to each and every animal caregiver at LMAS. What each and everyone one of you do each day giving your heart and soul to take care of all the animals is priceless. Thank You for speaking up for those who do not have a voice, and are victims of irresponsible owners, and soulness, non-caring corrupt politicians. It is inexcusable the way the City of Louisville takes care of it’s homeless animals. Keep up the fight, and know there are thousands of animal lovers who stand behind and support you.

  7. I am behind you guys all the way. It took a lot of guts to come foward to let the community know whats happening. Anyone who can hurt an animal should be punished by doing the same thing that was done to that poor, defenseless animal. I will volunteer for the first payback to you useless bastards who have hurt these creatures.

  8. I would like to applaud the courage of all that came forward. I suspect that more employees share the same concerns but feared retaliation. Thank you for being the voice for the animals, but equally important, thank you for doing what was right. All that came forward are heroes!!!

  9. I am just wondering why going to the media was the last resort? It’s pretty obvious that once a situation is brought forward in the local news, things start to happen! Why take so long to do this???

  10. Sad thing is LMAS is no different than other departments. Everyone seems to be like this. Unfortunately innocent animals died @LMAS.

  11. The administrative staff of this office are pathetic, money hunger, souless pieces of crap. I commend those that have come forward for the animals – it must be more than difficult to watch and ask for help and receive none. Let’s see what our new mayor has or doesn’t have to offer. Will he be worth the money we spend to put his name on the “Welcome to Louisville” signs??? Let’s hope so! Let’s also hope and pray for change for the animals. We are among the lowest ranking in the US when it comes to animal rights. Are we really that backwoods here? I know I’m not.

  12. jake is right.. if you look back over the last 5 years (at least) of print media and lvlle websites, you will find any number of reports of mismanagement at this institution. the fact is, nobody really cared, because animal services didn’t directly affect anyone, or their constituencies. none of the employees who were brave enough to complain are around any longer. they left defeated, exhausted, and demoralized. no surprises there. this shelter belongs to the city and until city hall is embarrassed badly enough by what goes on there, it will always be last on the totem pole of things that need fixing if there is any money left. we all know that how the least able to care for themselves are treated is indicative of the morality of an institution. so the question is, how do we make this issue so visible that turning away is impossible. a giant billboard that totes up the number of animals killed each week (like those death on Ky higways signs?) a daily line up on city hall steps of the animals that came in the night before? a constant barrage of photos of the ones who have been euthanized and the reasons given for doing so? blown up poster size? displayed prominently as they leave work every day? you tell me. a new administration brings hope for change. but the change will never happen unless we all keep the fire burning. and very hot.

  13. I have to think with all that’s gone on, and with her position, that unless Jackie Gulbe is one of the anonymous LMAS letter writers, she is complicit in the deeds of Zelinski and Meloche.

    Everybody loves animals. Some might even do what they can to protect them.

    I also love run-on sentences.

  14. Thanks to all the heros who came forward now and in the past and told the truth so that the citizens know what has and is actually going on under the reign of Meloche and Zelinsky. Believe it or not there are shelters and Animal Service Directors (sheltering, licensing, and enforcement) who are loved by their communities. The kennels are spotless, they place and rehome adoptable animals, they have more food, toys and blankets then they can use. They have training programs, food bank programs, education programs, behavior hotlines, low cost and no cost veterinary programs etc. Their mission as public servants is to keep animals in their homes and only when necessary to remove or rehome them. They use fosters and trainers and transports. Those directors realize that an animal kept in the community or in any community generates income and jobs – veterinarians, food stored, toys, clothes, training, boarding kennels, groomers etc. Think of how much money we spend on our beloved live pets? Killing them generates nothing. We need to not only kill less and place more we must also be cognizant not to take animals from their homes for no reason or because LMAS thinks that they can charge exorbitant fees which aren’t standardized and if the citizen cannot pay then they can sell the dog. The sheltering, enforcement and licensing arms of LMAS are abysmal and shameful. We need to hire a Director with a progressive track record who has proven that they can manage a staff to ensure that the animals are healthy and placed. We need a Director who understands what resources are necessary to run a successful animal care and control program. Those people, are nationally recognized, and their communities sing their praises. They are recognized as experts in their states and by their peers. We desperately need a proven leader. I have great faith that Mayor Fischer will seek such a person and we will, thanks to the many who have fought for the past five years, finally have an animal services that provides service that this community can be proud of. None of the upper management who has been complicit or participated in this nightmare can remain.

  15. I can count on one hand the number of “good” workers that are LMAS. These few people really do go above and beyond to try and help the animals. A couple are employees and the rest are volunteers. THANK YOU. To the rest of the staff…SHAME ON YOU. I recall one story of a lady that was fostering a dog for LMAS, she had him since a pup. At the time he was supposed to be altered, she was battling breast cancer and missed his appointment. Because of this LMAS took the dog away from this wonderful family, even after they asked to adopt him, willing to make a large donation and was still refused the dog. They do not treat the public any different than the animals. Kick ’em while their down. Good luck to you and the animal of LMAS!

  16. Jackie Gulbe is GREAT?!?! Who on Earth believes that? She is at the heart of the Meloche/Zelinsky spin machine. She should be run out of town on a rail. I guess people just aren’t getting it, so I will reiterate my position. Holly Hood, Rebbecca Riggs, Wayne Zelinsky, Jackie Gulbe, and a few others (the mayor knows who you are), need to be terminated with all haste. Far from being “one of the anonymous LMAS letter writers”, Jackie is COMPLETELY complicit in the goings on at LMAS. How funny is it that, after the news of the investigation hit, all Holly could think to do was explode and scream “Who the F*** is going to the news?!?!” Same with the rest. They are not even remotely concerned that they are now under the spotlight of an internal integrity investigation, with the Mayor’s office, and the LMPD. It doesn’t bother them that there have been THOUSANDS of pleas to fix this situation, to no avail. They know they have been killing adoptable animals in droves just so that they can shirk their responsibilities and sit around all day doing nothing (or in Holly’s case so that she can play grab-ass with Wayne). Nope…None of these things has them concerned. What is their most important priority? To find out who “told” on them, so that they can immediately avenge themselves on whoever it was. This is the response you would expect from school children. Zelinsky should have done the honorable thing and stepped down, but you know that he wont. He has long felt untouchable either legally or politically. This is going to make it necessary to step on his neck, and drag him out of his hole by force. So be it. But it is also insufficient to deal with this Hydra by cutting off the one head. Get rid of Wayne alone, and Jackie, Holly, or some other idiot will just pop up in their stead. I think that after the Mayor is finished, Wayne will be not only dismissed, but perhaps even criminally charged. Holly needs to return to her illustrious career of opening beer bottles. Rebbecca needs to be relegated to cleaning cages if she wishes to remain at LMAS, and if not, she needs to go back to handing people various fried foods in a bag. As to Jackie Gulbe? How much of her $100,000 per year salary has she earned? Is it merely her job to paint a smiley face on the deeds of LMAS management, no matter what those deeds are? She is supposed to act as a liaison between that department and the public, but she has seemed to function more like the propaganda minister of Zelinskystan. Perhaps it would be wiser to forgo someone with a vacuous degree in communications/media, and find someone who ACTUALLY LIKES THE ANIMALS to be the spokesperson of LMAS. Not someone who collects an enormous salary for dragging one dog and cat a month down to the TV station, hates animals, and totters out to tell Wayne’s most recent whoppers to the public. The only action that will correct what is going on at this beleaguered Metro agency is to cut out the ENTIRE clique that props up Wayne, Holly, Rebbecca etc. Treat it like the malignancy it is. Cut it all out and deep. Just follow the paper trail, and you’ll see who deserves the axe. “HH” and “RR” on an animal’s paperwork might as well stand for “Head Hunter” and “Rail-Roaded”, and I will guarantee that there are THOUSANDS of such documents. Poor stray animals (and occasionally people’s lost pets), killed because these two just couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs and find homes for them or return them to their owners. Rebbecca kicks cages and pulls dog’s tails to purposefully get a negative reaction so that she can initial off on them. Holly comes in screaming about her cheating husband, and takes it out on the animals. They see nothing wrong with this. When Rebbecca was screaming that she would “Just do the entire 100 building.” that’s what she meant. She was going to kill the entire kennel full of dogs. Well, at least she was going to sign off on them. She and Holly don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do the actual killing. They will shove that odious task off on some poor subordinate. 8 people now have the “golden signature” to sign off on animals to kill them, but only 2 have the “training” to behavior assess for adoption. That’s a 75% ratio in favor of killing everything. It’s shameful, and it is a big black eye to the City of Louisville. It’s these kind of activities that make the rest of the country look upon our fair and cultured city as yet another deep-south den of uneducated dipshits. Just Google “Louisville” and “Animals” and look at all of that bad press. And not just one article, but hundreds. Over years and years this has been going on, and it has created a culture of deceit under Meloche, and now Wayne. So Rebecca, want to know who “told” on you? We did. We the people who pay your salary. We told on you, and now we are gunning for your job. Do yourself a favor and quit before we are forced to publicly humiliate you. Holly, you don’t like it when you get accused of infidelity with Wayne? Here’s a little tip. Don’t SLEEP with Wayne. It makes charges of impropriety less likely. Jackie, you want to keep your job at LMAS? Perhaps you need to loosen your ever-present ugly scarf collection and let some blood trickle into that HUGE melon you call a head. Your removal will be second in sweetness only to that of that balding, slack-jawed, pop-eyed, lecherous, cretin you call “Captain”. And finally to Wayne. You are responsible for this entire mess. While you DID inherit problems from Meloche, you have done nothing in your tenure to improve the situation. You take credit for the rescue efforts of others, skew your numbers to fit your current pack of lies, and defraud the public of their money, trust, and peace of mind. You are a dishonorable, wicked, and despicable person. Since you are reluctant to walk away while you might still be able to salvage some of your sagging reputation, I suppose it will be required to forcibly remove you, and then try to prevent you from ever having such a position again. Ever heard the expression, “Couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher?” It isn’t an aphorism of praise, and yet it sums up your entire life’s work. What kind of person can sit around on their ass all day and manage to become the most hated man in Louisville? Somehow you managed it. Congratulations. Mister Fischer? You may fire when ready!
    “There were many ways of not burdening one’s conscience, of shunning responsibility, looking away, keeping mum. When the unspeakable truth of the Holocaust then became known at the end of the war, all too many of us claimed that they had not known anything about it or even suspected anything.” – Richard von Weizsaecker

  17. The LMAS workers are in the middle of hell,
    “looking death in the face,” right next to all the animals. And the ones who have the power over others’ lives give the appearance of not telling the
    truth or not being sufficiently invested to be aware of all the facts.
    Probably both.
    An old story. But it breaks your heart anew.

  18. Its so hard to voice and register complaints without suffering retalliation ,retribution and hatered nowdays, ESPECIALLY in anything that is related to the Mayors office, Metro Council,IPL,anything political it’s sickening.
    Jerry has demonstrated that anyone that spoke out in disagreement with anything in his administration was minamized & chastized. Just look at the Cordish situation. The local business that was vocal against the inequities,was also communicating to their Metro Councilman ,”David Tandy”,blowing the whistle of coruption & Foul! That was the same Councilman Abramson sent to cover up the whole deal by going on a fact finding mission & signing a Non-Disclosure! There’s a perfect Example of what these employees and saying,Local business was complaining to there respective Councilman & he was in Cohoots with the Mayor, to surpress the very thing the whistle blower was trying to bring to attention!They cover up to cover each others ass!
    The local print media the C-J, has been so leveraged, controlled and influenced by the past administration, they never reported things in the correct context.
    It’s amazing in this day and age that the system can be so corrupt. It’ll be interesting to see how & what happens to these people who have abused the trust of the public.
    Also it’ll be a good barometer of Fischers guts to do whats “Right”. The Clock is running and this should be handled swiftly, if not ?….it’ll be a Huge point of non-confidence that’ll cause people to loose faith in the New Administration!

  19. AceHat is right on point. Look at what they did to the guy in IPL who tried to do the right thing, fired him and then refused to rehire him (when ordered) until HE went through a psych eval. Abramson simply could not take any criticism at all, and once he locked only to someone as a buddy, he was absolutely blind to their faults.

  20. Just want to say that, as someone who has worked for eight years trying to get our fiscal court to allow our organization more access to the county shelter to do more work and facilitate more adoptions — and to never get anywhere with them, I totally understand the plight of these shelter workers and volunteers.
    People don’t want to SEE what’s happening. And if they don’t see it, they can believe it isn’t as bad as it really is. For some reason, there are people in authority who don’t want the truth out because it will hurt THEIR reputations.
    What they don’t seem to consider is that to do otherwise would take their reputations to the highest level of respect among a majority of their constituents.
    Instead, they have a shelter because they are required by law to provide SOMETHING. And the state laws pretty much leave it at that.
    If they were to spend any more money for programs or needs, or appear that they empathize with mere dumb ANIMALS, then they might be jeered by their friends and not re-elected. God forbid.
    It’s the most frustrating thing in the world, to be trying to do the right thing when no one who can really help you cares about your cause.
    And there are plenty of people out there who thank us for what we do, then turn around and say, “Oh, I couldn’t do it. It’s too depressing” to be in a shelter where animals may be euthanized. And THAT’S just as frustrating.

  21. LMAS is wired for sound. We hear every whisper. We are always watching. The words that condemn you and lead to your downfall will be your own. Paranoid yet? Just you wait. It’s awfully hard to blame the volunteers and employees when you are telling on yourselves. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Nos mos!

  22. Want to know why nothing has been done before? Two words: Jerry. Abramson.

    As long as the Dowager Queen remained in power, nobody in this town *could* lift a finger to change anything at LMAS–especially if they were Republican.

    Why? Because while you may believe you live in a democracy, in fact you’ve been living in the People’s Republic of Louisville run by one man, and one man only.

    Jerry not only controlled the editorial content of the C-J, nobody in government could lift a finger without his knowledge & permission. Politicians in town knew if they dared to defy him, there would be retribution.

    He takes care of his favorites (those willing to do his bidding), and punishes those who dare to defy or challenge him.

    LMAS has been run the way this town has been run, and I for one applaud the workers there for continuing to give a voice to the voiceless in their care, and to the Fischer administration for taking action during his first week in office.

    I know many people on Metro Council who’ve been involved in this saga for the last six years and are as angry, frustrated and disheartened as the LMAS workers coming forward. While nothing was done to change things, it’s not because they refused to help, but because they literally COULDN’T do anything as long as Jerry remained in power.

    This is the same story that’s been going on over there since July of 2005 when Jerry hired Dr. Disgusto as Director. Now it’s Meloche’s own creature, Cap’n Wayne, carrying on the “family tradition” of abusing animals, employees and the public.

    Let’s all pray that times they really are a’ changing and now that Mayor Fischer has been sworn in and is able to take action, things will finally improve.

  23. Liberty Justice, you are my hero for telling it all! I wish a copy of your opinion could be mailed to every taxpayer in Jefferson County. The truth needs to get out there!

  24. This may well be one of the most significant set of posts ever put on this site. What AceHat, JTT and Eden Springs are saying is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. In my opinion, the new mayor’s examination needs to go FAR BEYOND the LMAS. To be sure that situation needs to be corrected. As I have earlier said – that shouldn’t take more than a week or two to resolve, because the salient facts are ALL KNOWN.

    The far bigger question is WHY this crap AND ALL THE OTHER CRAP THAT WENT ON UNDER HAPPY PANTS’ ADMINISTRATION was allowed to continue, unabated. I don’t know how the new mayor intends to accomplish this aspect of the investigation, since he’s re-annointed many of the blokes who were members who were involved.

    I don’t see how the new mayor can EVER be effective without a lot of Lysol and a mop and broom.

  25. Thank you so much for coming forward to speak up for what’s happening to our citites homeless animals. I know it’s at a risk to yourselves and your jobs. Your dedication and courage is to be alpplauded and myself and many others stand beside you you in the fight to make LMAS a second chance stop for adoptable animals and not a last stop slaughter house.

  26. Having been barred from posting comments on the LEO articles, I am posting this here instead. I guess Wayne has friends who are into the suppression of the truth. Well, it’s comforting to know that the belligerent will follow their “feelings” rather than facts. I am sure that Sherri and Judy are hearkening back to the days when adoptions seemed to run alright, and the animals that they wanted were provided to them with little hassle. It might be worthwhile to point out that nobody else seems to have received such courtesy. Taking it even further, these missives are an obvious attempt to salvage the reputations of Wayne, his paramour Holly, and the rest of the obstructionists at LMAS. Admit it, this has NOTHING to do with NKL, and the letters you have written as personal attacks on Jessica have no merit, nor indeed any basis in fact. None of this rhetoric is aimed at saving animals, and apparently has turned into a battle of egos. Nice job…Bet that will save LOTS of animals. Anyone who thinks that Wayne is “Decent” or somehow wrongly maligned is either deceived, willfully ignorant, or just plain stupid. He has carried on the traditions of Meloche even down to the inappropriate sexual contact with employees. He has been named as a party in 2 sexual harassment lawsuits. Doesn’t that make at least a small case for his immediate censure and expulsion? If it weren’t for the dedicated few at Metro who work tirelessly to rescue and re-home the animals, there would be no rescue at all from LMAS. Zelinsky didn’t just “Decide” to quit NKL, he was run off of the board. He was only given a place there to further amity between NKL and LMAS, and when it was apparent that he wasn’t going to be part of the solution, he became one of the biggest problems. I am unsure how you think a city and police investigation into Wayne and LMAS is going to somehow implicate Jessica Reid or NKL in any sort of malfeasance. In fact, it’s just not going to happen. What WILL happen is that Wayne, Holly, Rebbecca, Jackie, and a few others will not only be fired, but some of them could be facing criminal charges for their treatment of animals, misappropriation of funds, as well as possible ethics violations. Suffice it to say that NONE of them will be able to work in animal rescue again (unless hired by their erstwhile cheerleaders writing all of this drivel). So I am afraid that your poorly written (and badly spelled) tirades will have little or any effect on what really happens at LMAS in the coming future. This is supposed to be about animal rescue, remember the animals? It was never intended to be a “My Rescue is Better Than Yours” pissing contest. As to whether the people who came forward are cowards? Well, that IS stupid. They saw the problems and came forth with their information ONLY after being thwarted and threatened by Wayne, Holly, ect. What were they supposed to do? Stand up and get fired immediately? Then where would the animals be? Right into Wayne’s new incinerator, that’s where. And to those of you who don’t work there, you wouldn’t know the difference. You would just go and pick up the sad few who remain to be rescued, while the others blow up the smokestack and into the wind like a day at Auschwitz. You don’t even have to know about those, and if you ask your “decent” director, he will lie, falsify documents to support his lie, and make you believe it. Those of you on the outside who are trying to soothe the conscience of your favorite abusers and killers of animals need to take a step back, and start utilizing some critical thinking. Stop trying to save Holly and Wayne. It isn’t going to happen. The Mayor is going to clean house, and those two are at the top of his list. Nothing you can do to avert it. And rightly so. We will never have an opportunity to save the animals that can be saved, while they are still in their positions. All of the deception, lies, waste, fraud and abuse has been noted, cataloged, and dropped on Greg Fischer’s desk. As soon as he is finished looking at the THOUSANDS of times that Zelinsky has allowed Holly and Rebbecca to kill animals for no reason, destroy people’s pets, and turn a county agency into their own little social club, then heads will roll. Someone wrote that they should do the decent thing and just quit or request transfer to a different department, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. Because they AREN’T decent. Shame on any rescue group that tries to prop up these miscreants as caring people who have a passion for animal rescue. Ask Rebbecca, and she will tell you. She says that shelter animals are “Fucked Up” (her words not mine), and that none of them should be adopted. And she is in charge of adoptions. Does THAT jive well with your rescue philosophy? What about Holly systematically killing every dog she has ever adopted? They chew? Kill them. They poop? Kill them. They bark? Ditto. Why are you so opposed to getting a new director and a new plan to make Louisville No Kill? I would have thought the rescue people would be cheering from the rooftops, not back-biting and grumbling amongst themselves. I know you like the way you have been personally treated by this bunch, but do not try to invalidate the negative experiences of others just so that you can toot your own horn. Act like responsible adults, and see it for what it is. Dog’s and cats are dying in droves right now. Right this second. Are you going to rescue them? Or are you going to mud-sling to save Wayne, Holly, and the others who are responsible? You should just get used to the idea that they are already gone, since the Mayor is going to make that a reality very quickly. Be a part of the solution, or get out of the way. Oh yes…And go to Hell Leo Weekly. Your milquetoast approach to this just another part of the problem. I have a few friends working on proxies to get us back in, and at that point you will have to ban ALL comments, because you will be inundated with them. You and WAVE-3 should get a room together.

  27. I am shocked at LEO banning comments. It is so not in the tradition of its founder, John Yarmuth. Cudos to you Liberty Justice. It is ABOUT saving lives. Read Nathan Winograd’s New Year’s message- he describes this shelter completely. It all starts with the Director -one who should be compassionate, understanding a great manager and one who understands what resources are needed to keep animals in their homes and to serve the community. Thank God for NKL who seems to quietly pick up the pieces of this train wreck. No food bank- too hard, too much work, excuse, excuse- NKL picks up the ball. LMAS going to eradicate the 100 building- rescues and NKL members rush to save lives. I could go on and on. We desperately need to unite as a community and clean house and put a Director into LMAS who WILL change the culture there and not stand for this destructive behavior. We are not dealing with egos and inanimate objects but lives. LMAS and their antics including fraud and corruption- remember AAA- have been a disgrace to this community since Meloche failed to disclose an accurate account of his past on his employment application.

  28. Dear Liberty Justice:

    First off, you already know I adore you, right?

    That said, No-Kill Louisville did not “run” Wayne off the board. He resigned all on his own.

    Not that he ever got with the program in the first place. Or showed up at many meetings. Or understood how simple the philosophy is. Or admitted to his staff he was ON the board. Or actually did anything to help save animals under his care.

    His participation (if you can call it that) was all about one thing: putting a little bling on his resume’ so Fischer would see him as being progressive/different than Meloche and keep handing him a paycheck.

    The No-Kill idea works, but only if your committed to doing what’s best for the animals. If, instead, you’re committed to keeping your job at the expense of the animals then…not so much.

    As for why some rescue groups would try to trash No-Kill, you’ll find the answer to that question in the ground-breaking book “Redemption” (www.nathanwinograd.com). Nathan’s one of the guys who has been a major inspiration for shelter reform all around the country.

    He even came to the Bluegrass last spring to celebrate Shelby County’s one year anniversary as a No-Kill shelter. (And, believe it or not, Cap’n Wayne was in the audience. With his arms crossed over his chest, looking bored by the whole thing. )

    Why do shelters, rescues and even some mega-sized national animal groups fight so hard against No-Kill? Why, last year, did two major national groups work very hard behind the scene to defeat legislation that would have REQUIRED shelters to release animals to rescue groups that would take them rather than have them killed? I hate to ruin the ending of the book, so you’ll have to read it yourself to discover the reason.

    But it’s the same reason that one of those giant agencies worked very hard to defeat last summer’s No-Kill Resolution which was passed by Metro Council.

    While I sincerely feel your pain over getting banned from LEO’s site, I have to say two things:

    1. LEO was the first (and for a long while, the ONLY) media that took on the mess at MAS story and have continued to report on it when most other media (present site excepted) quit after Meloche’s resignation. They have been good and true friends to the animals and animal owners of this burg for many years.

    2. As for the spew posted there, everyone can see it for exactly what it is. Don’t waste your considerable talent having a battle of wits with unarmed persons.

    Besides, do you have any idea what the dry cleaning bill is to get gutter dirt out of your Caped Crusader outfit? Sheesh!

  29. Dear ‘Liberty Justice’,

    In my history working at LEO Weekly (May 2008), no one has ever been “banned” from posting comments to our website.

    I’ve checked with our editor, our IT guru and longtime staffers. Sorry, that is categorical lie.

  30. Yowza, Liberty Justice.

    Nobody’s banned from leaving comments on LEO’s website. Nobody. So whatever technical difficulty you may be having is on your end of things, not ours, and you should consult your computer’s operating manual in the event of further difficulties. To put it another way: We’re not even tech savvy enough to successfully weed out spam comments, let alone whatever you or other human beings might have to say, good or ill, so quit spreading baseless hate and work up the courage to troll the very website you impugn.

    LEO has been out in front of this MAS issue with only a mere handful of other media outlets (including VV), none of which include the city’s so-called paper-of-record. Just look at our coverage, which goes back to 2006 and includes stories printed when the TV peeps were busy looking elsewhere.

    Oh, and for the record: I have REPEATEDLY tried to get a room with WAVE-3, but they never return my calls… 🙁

  31. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted in support of us, we really appreciate it! Perhaps when we all get fired for being honest, some of you will have jobs for us!! :-/

    And not to get in the middle of all the LEO stuff, but… Jonathan/Phillip, I created an account this AM for LEO to be able to post a reply to some of the comments left there by Sherri/Judy (devils incarnate?) – and I’ve done all the check email/confirm account/change password/login business, but every time I try to post a comment it says I’m not allowed access to the page 🙁 Maybe that’s the same problem Liberty Justice is having?

    I want to make sure your readers have access to our side as well, instead of having to read through Sherri/Judy’s bullshit in the comments. Not that LEO readers are dumb enough to be spoon fed ignorance like theirs… thankfully.

  32. I would like to see the media investigate why the Department of Public Works did not and does not respond to work order requests for repair and upkeep at Metro Animal Services.

  33. I honestly believe that none of this whole situation will be resolved with LMAS as long as it is kept in-state. We need someone outside of Kentucky, who has no political connections, to come in here and start from the very bottom and go to however high up this investigation should find its way. Seems to me from only just a few months of learning about all of this (I know some of you have been onto this for a number of years) that this will not ever be fixed unless “the truth, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth” is fully disclosed in a court of law. The bickering back and forth at least lets the people vent but until someone comes in and steps up to the plate, A BIG PLATE, will matters ever be resolved to help these animals who are caught right in the middle of God only knows what. Seems like there are so many people out there with their own stories desperately wishing to be told–stories perhaps where only one side is getting told. The TRUTH always prevails and right is still right and wrong is still wrong . So wherever you may happen to fall into all of this if you are telling the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth, you have your integrity, HOPE & FAITH, and no one can take that away from you, irregardless of who THEY are, think THEY are, or who THEY may be aspiring to become. Also, one further comment–seems like from some of these posts, the kool-aid has already been drunk–so sad, you should have kept THIRSTY and seeking only the truth.

  34. Public Works has it’s problems and is always behind but to fail to respond to a no heat problem is probably Wayne’s fault.

    I’ve sent emails to Pullen before and told him I have a real problem and they have always responded promptly. Zelinsky should have been on the phone from day 1.

  35. On December 23rd, I took 9 brand new dog beds and 160 pounds of dog food to Metro Animal Control on Manslick. These items were purchased by me through donations made when my brother passed away and requested donations to Metro Animal Control. I took two large bags of dog treats with me and I asked if I could go through and give each of the dogs a treat. They asked me if I had ever been there before and I said yes and was told to go ahead and go back. After going to 100 and 102, I was coming down the hallway and overheard a male worker telling another male worker that “he gets to do six today” and was laughing about it, and when he saw me he shut up. I presume he was talking about killing the dogs. I returned right after Christmas and did not see any of the beds I had purchased and given to them. I requested that they be put in with the smaller dogs who all seemed to be shivering when I was there previously. Workers said they would make sure the got them. Apparently they did not. This is disgraceful for this city. I hope the pressure stays on. I think there are good people working out there who care for the people, but I think there are some who could care less about what happens and actually seem to enjoy killing the animals. I hope The Ville Voice keeps this front and center. You are doing a great job so far.s

  36. Re: Public Works, once again we have an issue that goes back to the Gillesassic era perpetuated by his ‘Mini-Me’.

    Something not working? Put in a service request. But Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone that it’s critical! Drains plugged up? Heat not working? Don’t worry–the Fearless Leader’s ass is covered because he can wave around a piece of paper and claim “But look! I put in a work order! I can’t help it if Public Works is slow!”

    However, if you’re an LMAS employee and you pick up the phone to call P.W. and tell them its an emergency, then you are berated for “breaching protocol”, “ignoring the chain of command” and “exceeding your authority”.

    Never mind that animals drown, freeze and die in the meantime. Showing fealty to an imbecile with an ego the size of Jerry Abramson’s head is much more important, don’t ya know?

    Advice: Keep your eye on the center of the shiz-storm to avoid having your attention misdirected at a critical moment.

    Just sayin….

  37. Liberty Justice I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU
    You DO know what is going on.
    What does Holly do there now?
    You are so right about the social club clique

  38. Hold on, just a minute here. The hysteria expressed in this thread, as well as articles in, and (invariably anonymous) letters to the LEO have left me absolutely incredulous.

    I’m a recent transplant to Louisville, highly-interested in learning the goings-on of my new town — and a huge dog lover, to boot.

    Earlier this year I visited LMAS’s Manslick Road location and was duly disturbed at the conditions that the facility inflicts on both LMAS staff and the animals it attempts to serve. The facility is truly a scandal in a town that wishes to claim itself “world class”.

    What I observed there was a small but dedicated team of employees, along with volunteers, scrambling to make due with the pathetic resources available to them. Cramped, chaotic interiors, depressing trailer out-buildings, dingy, outdated public spaces. How is this possible? And how can any rational observer, any critic with even passing experience of management or the workings of government expect pie-in-the-sky results from LMAS employees so under-funded and over-extended? These struggling people are at THE EFFECT of their circumstances, not THE CAUSE of them.

    I may get myself in trouble here, but I’ll say it anyway: much of what I read from a few disgruntled (and, again, invariably anonymous) LMAS underlings, as well as “concerned citizens” from No-kill Louisville and elsewhere, dances along the edges of what many popularly-recognize as “crazy dog/cat person” raving. Much of the criticism is notably inarticulate, with supposed quotations from LMAS officials written in absurdly stilted and artificial language.

    I witnessed first-hand the sad emotional melt-down of one such stalwart before the assembled crowd at last year’s Million Mutt March, and pitied — even at that time — anyone forced to defend him/herself against such unhinged vitriol.

    May our new mayor, with his significant managerial and real-world experience, take an cool headed, rational, look at the LMAS team. I believe he’ll come away with a view far-saner than the loudest we’re hearing here and in the media.

  39. Thanks for all of the love from my friends in Animal Rescue, (and to you too Mr. Meador I love your articles, and hope to comment on them again in the future! Keep up the good work!). Since I kept getting the message that I was not “allowed” to have access to post comments, I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that I had been blocked from the site. I notice that ALL of my comments have been stricken from the stories that I had posted on. So I am not sure how to take it…I can comment, but then LEO will just erase what I said? What’s the difference? Suffice it to say, that if it is out of your hands, then I am sorry for wrongly accusing you of taking down my comments. But what I wrote is no longer there, so what can I say? Any ideas? Was it the IT guys? Also, sorry that you weren’t having any luck with WAVE-3, judging from their coverage of these events, it looks like Wayne beat you to the punch, and has them in some sleazy hotel on 31-W. Next, I would like to thank Eden Springs for the straight dope on the NKL/Zelinsky debacle. He never should have been placed on the board, did nothing while he was there, and slunk away in the night like the mangy cur that he is. Surely Wayne, Holly, Rebbecca, and Jackie are only here with us today to serve as a new modicum for shame, infamy and disgusting behavior. I hear that Wayne and the gang are scouring e-mails, messages, these groups, and the rumor mill to try to flush me out of hiding so that they can exact their revenge. Here’s something about me you might want to know before you go to all of that trouble. (During business hours when we are paying your salary to take care of the animals.) And please don’t “take care” of them Dirty Harry style. You have enough innocent blood on your hands. First and foremost, I don’t work for you. Not now, not ever. If I HAD ever had the odious honor of finding myself in your wretched employ, I would have seen you ousted and criminally charged LONG ago. So while you may be unhappy that I am completely out of your reach, think of it as a blessing. So you can take your pipe dream of dragging me into your office for a chew-out session and brutal firing, and cram it wherever your species traditionally crams things. If FOX-41 points out to you that over ten percent of your own workforce and volunteers have gone to the media with evidence of serious wrong-doing at your Department, then you must know that the percentage of people who are telling it like it really is, is probably higher. Perhaps even those that you know, love, and trust? Are you SURE they are on your side? Who sides with a lame-duck boss who is not only going to be dismissed, but dismissed under shameful circumstances. You’re a sinking ship, Wayne. Don’t look to others to save you. They are all too busy trying to distance themselves from you, while at the same time trying to look “loyal” enough to not get fired in your flailing about. I think we should go to Florida and look up your old police service record. Who KNOWS what we would find there? You are surrounded on all sides by people who want to see all of you out of there for a whole clutch of reasons. Animal slaughter being chief among those. Abuse, fraud, waste, inappropriate sexual contact, the lawsuits that will cost the city even more money, also made the list, but I don’t suppose I need tell you. You already know the shenanigans that you and that lot get up to when nobody is looking. I just hope that the recent review and subsequent police investigation happen quickly. I’ll bet the Mayor is just itching to make heads roll over on Manslick, let’s all pray that he gets his chance soon. I am going to return to my posts on the LEO (provided that they get those shields down).

  40. Wow, Liberty Justice.

    You truly are a piece of work. First off lets point out the real issues with the shelter.

    Issue 1: The city of Louisville doesn’t know how to take care of their animals.

    Issue 2: The people who do “love animals” are so freakin petty that they would rather bitch about a dog dying rather than praise the staff for saving the thousands that they do. If they spent half their time bitching and put that into energy to help raise money for a larger shelter with better facilities, more spaces, better clinic space, and all in all top quality tools, than the shelter COULD be a no-kill shelter by now.

    Issue 3: They don’t educate anyone on what they actually do. They say they’ve hired someone to be an education coordinator, but until that person actually does their job I have yet to believe them. They should be on here posting when an animal gets saved, when workers come in on their time off to have emergency surgery, when the workers go above and beyond their “job description” each day. That’s the job of EDUCATION COORDINATOR. So lets throw them under the bus while we’re bitching about the rest of the staff.

    Issue 4: They’re outdated in EVERYTHING. Have you seen their website??? I guarantee the person in charge of it hasn’t seen it in atleast a year.

    Issue 5: LOUISVILLE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR ANIMALS. (*on here twice b/c it’s the biggest issue)

    So lets sum this up. If Louisville cared for their animals (got them spayed/neutered, didn’t purchase puppies off a whim and drop them at the shelter when they don’t like their dog, didn’t beat them or train them to fight, etc…) the list could go on and on, then the shelter could eventually run out of work and we’d all be happy (since you obviously want people there to lose their job, lets start with not giving them work!) 🙂

    As far as bashing those individuals by name (W.Z., J.G., H.H., R.R., etc), you obviously have been burnt by them, so I can’t say anything to help change your mind, but for those who haven’t met them, I find it unfair to jade their opinion based off your past experiences. I’ve never known anyone that works in the animal field who “HATES” animals. The people you’re mentioning have to deal with the crap thrown at them, and they’re doing it to the best of their ability.

    Until an MAS employee actually drops off an animal at the shelter from THEIR house due to neglect, unwant, etc., it’s not THEIR fault for the euthanasia that happens.

    I saw your post on MAS euthanasia for “dumb” reasons. Well as a vet, I’ve seen people drop their animals off for stupid reasons (it’s vicious, when in actuality it’s a puppy who just bites b/c its the only thing that puppy knows how to do… or it’s too energetic, when if they knew the breed they wouldn’t have gotten the flippin dog in the first place). I know its hard to kill an animal when the animal didn’t do anything wrong, but your view point of getting mad at the people who are doing the more humane thing (let me put you into a 10×10 room with 4, 5, or 6 other roommates fighting over food, not sleeping, walking in each other’s fecal matter). JUST BECAUSE ITS ALIVE DOESN’T MEAN IT IS TRULY LIVING. Look up the person who dropped of that awesome animal. Kick them. Look for the person who doesn’t care enough about their animal to search every day at the shelter for their dog. Mock them. Look for anyone who FORCED that animal to go there, and hurt them, not the employees who are just trying to help.

    I’m tired of people blaming shelters for wrong doings when those people are fighting at the front line every day. It is hard sticking a needle into an animal that you have NO REASON to kill except that you have to (and there’s only a few of us in that crappy club). If that makes you have a shitty day, well than so be it, but until you know that pain, don’t bash those who are making an honest buck doing their job, and doing it well.

    I hope the mayor does focus on MAS for a bit. They need help and too often they’re ignored. This isn’t about saving one puppy thats at the shelter right now, this is about educating the public so that puppy doesn’t end up at the shelter.

    (ps: if you’re reading this then you probably do care about animals, so I’m preaching to the choir, but your focus shouldn’t be on the employees who’re making minimum wage doing a job that 90% of you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, but rather focus on teaching the public so we don’t have these issues. Who knows, maybe the education coordinator will pay ya to do their job, since they obviously don’t care to do it)

    pss: sorry this is so long

  41. NEWSFLASH, “Jen,” the people bitching are the very people who work at LMAS saving those lives.

    And I’m pretty sure the quality of the LMAS website has jack to do with their operations.

    Discussing facts is hardly bashing anyone.

  42. Jen, I have to agree with Jake. The poor employees who make minimum wage are the folks coming forward. The higher paid people like Wayne and Holly aren’t some “poor long-suffering” employees, they are the perpetrators of a huge injustice to the animals they were hired to protect, and the public they are here to serve. The City of Louisville has adopted a “No Kill” resolution, and yet Wayne keeps steering the shelter to the “Kill Everything” part of the board. Holly, Rebbecca and the gang don’t have to be the ones to put down animals. They have to initial a piece of paper, and the animals die. 2 people’s initials, that’s all it takes. And Wayne just added three more people to the list of those that can sign off on animals, bringing the number of those with the power to sign a death warrant to NINE. Whereas the number of those who can decide if a dog is “worthy” enough to live is a dismal TWO. If he were making ANY effort to move toward a low or no kill shelter, then I could see your point. He isn’t, so I can’t. I am not pointing these people out because I have been “burned” by them. I am pointing them out because I believe that No Kill is feasible, and they are trying every way possible to keep it from happening. It isn’t because they “hate the animals”, it’s because SAVING the animals requires work, caring, and dedication. Killing them takes a quick two initials. They aren’t there to work, they are there to collect a paycheck and do as little as possible. Why doesn’t Adoptions contact rescue? Why does it take an emergency scramble of rescue groups to stop them carrying out mass killings of animals? Why isn’t there anyone whose sole job it is to contact rescues? Why does Wayne feel that it is necessary to lie to the media, the public, and skew his euthanasia figures? Why is he selling his boat on Craigslist during what are BUSINESS hours? He would fire someone point blank if he caught them doing that, but it’s okay for Cap’N Loser? Stop making excuses for these weak links in the animal rescue chain. They fabricate enough on their own.

  43. Charles Ray (not Ray Charles): ‘Cuz you’re new to town, you could easily take a look at the dump over there on Manslick and think, “These folks have nothing to work with!”

    But, if you knew the back story, you’d be singin’ a whole ‘nuther tune.

    First, all that’s happened for the last several years is Metro Council throwing giant sums of money at these folks. Their budget used to be under $1 million; now it’s over $3 million.

    Here’s the $2 million question: WTF did they do with the money?

    Did they improve the shelter?
    Did they upgrade their equipment?
    Did they do anything to help the animals?


    They steal supplies out the back door
    They built ‘Animal House’ so folks would THINK things had improved
    The bought a big-ass new incinerator

    They have the money and resources to change things, but they don’t give a crap.

    And yes, there ARE a handful of very dedicated employees and volunteers out there, but they are far outnumbered by those who are lazy, apathetic and deliberately try to sabotage the ones doing (or attempting to do) their jobs.

    Those responsible had more than a year to show they were even interested in ATTEMPTING to change things. Instead, it was all talk and no action.

    That hole they’re in? They dug it themselves.

    Pity the fool, but not the psychopath, dude.

  44. Too true, Eden…And now what’s Wayne’s main focus on company time? Finding out who is airing his dirty laundry. Hours and hours spent talking about it, searching EVERYONE’S computers, offices, and online posts to find out who keeps airing their nefarious misdeeds to the public. (Maybe he should scan for listening devices, how much would that cost?) 3 million dollars is just part of it (and thanks again Eden), there are also donations of money, food, supplies, beds, cat litter, and other sundry items. Where does it go? Donate some dog beds, and they don’t go to the animals. They complain about the $40,000+ annual food budget, but don’t avail themselves of charitable contributions because they are too lazy to even go pick them up. What is that? It’s all because Wayne does NOTHING to justify his salary. Show me paperwork that he has signed, work he has done, or any proof at all that he isn’t just showing up to work, surfing the net all day and getting paid. Looking at the Animal House logo, you can see what their horrible plan truly is. There is no mention of the City of Louisville, nor LMAS, or any identifier that tells the public that this is the same outfit as the Manslick facility. Also shockingly absent are the phone numbers for Manlick, adoption hours, etc. Basically what Jackie, Rebbecca and Wayne have cooked up is a “Happy Face” mask to use to hide Manslick. They are trying to use Manslick as a “Killing Field”, so that the public never need know what’s really going on. I even heard from the Mayor’s office that a couple of rescue groups, (friends of Wayne and Holly), have written letters to the Mayor in support of these two. As if the Mayor weren’t able to see it with his own eyes. The man created a multi-million dollar company, and became mayor of a Major city. Do you think he is as foolish as you are? The rescue groups that have come out in support are considered to be “pains in the ass” by Wayne, so he lets them have what they want. They in turn assume that he is their “golden boy”, and that everyone who goes there gets the same treatment that they receive. Not so… Holly even has some kind of internal switch that she “flips” when dealing with these folks…After she’s done, the vitriol goes right back into overdrive again. It’s sickening to watch. Show me someone who isn’t currying special favor from those two, who thinks they are doing a good job. Few and far between…A smattering of praise, and a deluge of complaints, falsified documents, and hard evidence of multiple scandals. Who would you believe? Cast them out Mr. Fischer. It will help remove this grievous stain from our beautiful city, that is LMAS. We are supposed to be a “World Class” city, and yet we have a serious image problem. We can’t get the animal overpopulation problem under control, and the person that we have hired to make that happen does NOTHING all day long. You can dig and dig, but you will find no evidence of his actually producing work, because he never has. He “goes to meetings”, and “takes lunch” most of the day. How can you be the Dog Catcher, and NEVER even go in the kennels? Not that I am complaining, mind you. From all accounts, the few times he’s gone into the kennels, he’s had some poor animals put to death. Once because he took his daughter to the kennel, and a dog barked at her and she got scared. Wayne had that dog killed with a quickness. He doesn’t want to look like the Dog Catcher, he wants to be a big business suit politico. Well he’s just an empty suit as far as I can see. What is with that hackneyed cheap suit all about? Did you miss the part where you have an office in a building full of dog poop? Do you fancy yourself as a successful manipulator of Machiavellian (or Orwellian) intrigue? You are a buffoon. A Joke. A laughing stock. Nobody thinks of you as a great boss, or even a decent human being. We will always think ill of you and your pitiful little band until you have been removed and replaced, and then we will think on you no more. Jackie Gulbe too…All salary, no substance. What are we paying this woman for? Apparently it is to lie to the public about animal control measures. She and Wayne are attending a lot of meetings on how a kennel should be run, but they aren’t implementing ANY of it. They think the best kennel is an empty one, so they have redoubled their efforts to kill off the animals. And if the public are slowly cut off from what’s happening at Manslick Road, (which is their plan), then they can present “Animal House” as the face of Louisville’s humane animal shelter, and murder most of the strays that come in. A man with a massive incinerator means to USE it my friends. Wait and see, they will try to cut Manslick Road out as an adoption center, and use it to hide their dirty secrets. Secrets like Jackie Gulbe’s secret shed. This woman picks over the donations to LMAS, takes the choicest bits, and hides them under lock and key at the Manslick Road facility. She never gives these things to the animals, but insists that they “can sell” the items for money. Brilliant. What has been the benefit of her theft and diversion of donations? I’ll tell you. Nothing. ZERO. Not one thin dime. She DOES however have an office full of boxes of Dog Biscuits that are 6+ years out-of-date, and a shed full of stale and ruined items that she kept from being used until they were rotten, stale, and (like Jackie herself), useless. She wouldn’t give them to their intended recipients, and now they are of no use to anyone. Perhaps she is eating them? She still insists that they can sell, raffle, or profit on these items in some way. Check the dates on all that crap they are selling at Animal House, they are probably WAY past prime, and stolen out of our charitable donations. Jackie seems to think that these items were donated to HER for HER use. Also, who thought of trying to sell cat/dog items at the new facility? Are we really trying to compete with pet stores, Feeder Supply, and the like? Aren’t they supposed to be benefactors of shelter animals? Doesn’t that step on their toes? Again, another weak plan by an uncaring and self-centered management staff at LMAS. Jackie, Wayne, Holly, Rebbecca…With one fell swoop Mr. Fischer could stop this calamitous farce once and for all. We gave you our votes, Sir. Now please give us yours.

  45. “What is with that hackneyed cheap suit all about? Did you miss the part where you have an office in a building full of dog poop?”

    ROTFLMAO, my friend!

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