2011 Derby City Film Fest Nominees Named

The 2011 Derby City Film Festival has announced the 11 films named finalists in three categories along with five actor and actress nominees.


  • “Almost Nothing Good Happens”, Kentucky – Directed by Tom Whitus
  • “Hell is Full”, Kentucky – Directed by Steve Hudgins
  • “Hitting the Nuts”, Ohio – Directed by Joe Boyd


  • “Miracle on 42nd Street, New York New York”, California – Directed by Jerri Sher
  • “The Very Worst Thing”, Kentucky – Directed by Michael Crisp
  • “Our House”, New York – Directed by Greg King


  • “K”, Kentucky – Directed by Nate Morguelan
  • “Meth”, Ohio – Directed by Michael Maney
  • “Red Princess Blues”, California – Directed by Alex Ferrari
  • “The Escape”, Switzerland – Directed by Rajko Jazbec
  • “Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns”, Canada – Directed by Pardis Parker

Best Actor

  • Scott Davis – “Almost Nothing Good Happens”, Kentucky
  • Dan Davidson – “Meth”, Ohio
  • Larry Strauss – “White Knuckles”, California
  • Richard Tyson – “Red Princess Blues”, California
  • Nicholas Levonte Roberson – “The Singer”, Illinois

Best Actress

  • Martie Ashworth – “White Knuckles”, California
  • Ariel Rose – “Marble Rye”, Missouri
  • Tabitha Morella – “Red Princess Blues”, California
  • Sebrina Siegel – “Remaindered”, California
  • Stephanie Brait – “Meth”, Ohio

41 films will be screened during the three-day festival, which takes place February 18 through 20 at the Clifton Center. Tickets are cheap. GO! If you are a movie nerd or like fun.