A Metro Animal Services Employee’s Letter To You

You know I’ve been foaming at the mouth about the nightmare that this glorious city faces at Metro Animal Services.

But it’s time to let the employees at good people at LMAS have the floor.

Please read this open and heartfelt letter from a Metro Animal Services employee. I have agreed to conceal their identity.

To the people and pet owners of Louisville,

As an employee of Metro Animal Services – one of many who have come forward in the last week – I want to take this opportunity to address you and answer a key question that has been raised.

Many of you have asked why it has taken us “so long” to come forward; I feel the truth needs to be available to those who seek it. The truth is we have been coming forward, for over a year now, to our supervisors, managers, department Director, Metro Council members, members of Greg Fischer’s campaign team and, now, his administration. Despite those consistent efforts, we have gotten nowhere. Our requests have fallen on what would seem to be deaf ears.

We first began by bringing our concerns to Metro Animal Services supervisors and managers. When those individuals refused to hear our concerns, or otherwise dismissed them as overreactions, we went to our Director. At first, he listened patiently, even at times agreeing with our assessment of inadequacies and inconsistencies in policies and employee behavior. However, despite promises of action, no action was ever taken. This did not deter us from returning again and again to him, many times with the same concerns left unaddressed from previous meetings. His reactions changed from patient listening and understanding to hostility and criticism. Our concerns were met with statements such as: “how dare you criticize your fellow employees; their jobs are so hard. You have no idea what they go through; you are not to question them.” It was clear that we had to go elsewhere.

So, we went to Metro Council. Several council members, and one in particular, have met with us on multiple occasions. We have recounted our experiences, brought forth evidence of euthanasia, adoption, and rescue numbers. I believe that at least one council member is completely dedicated to seeing change made at Animal Services; however, for whatever reason (political or otherwise), action by Metro Council to affect that much needed change has been slow in coming.

Once the mayoral candidates were decided in May’s primary, we began approaching both candidates to tell our story. We told them what has happened under the current “leadership” of our agency and presented a detailed plan to improve it. Both candidates were receptive, making promises of change at Animal Services. We anxiously awaited November’s general election.

When it was decided that Greg Fischer would become Louisville’s 50th mayor, we immediately moved to schedule meetings with members of his transition team. We presented our evidence again, along with more in-depth statistical analysis of the numbers. We were promised change was afoot.

In light of news that Mayor Greg Fischer has called for a complete review at LMAS, I think you’ll want to read the rest of this exclusive letter after the jump…

Throughout this process, the atrocities never stopped. Each new meeting we scheduled with Metro Council or Mayor Fischer’s team involved new evidence. We became more and more desperate; it seemed no matter the actions occurring at the shelter – no matter how disgusting, how painful to witness, how illegal – no action was ever taken to correct the wrongdoings or to punish those at fault.

So last week, when we decided to come forward with our evidence to the media, it was not out of spite. It was not because we wanted anonymous fame. It was not because we hadn’t already tried every other possible outlet we could think of.

Rather, it is because we are at the end of our ropes. It is because, collectively, we have reached a point where we can no longer sleep at night, knowing what is happening at the shelter, knowing we haven’t totally exhausted ourselves trying to right the situation. We feel as though telling our story to the media is a last resort. We have reached our breaking point.

Every single one of us fears for our jobs. We fear retaliation, harassment, and belittling from management. Perhaps most of all, we fear not being able to help the animals – if we lose our jobs, not only would we lose our income and health care benefits, but (most importantly for some) we would lose the little access we have to help some of the animals. We are dedicated animal lovers; we put the animals above ourselves everyday – the ones in our homes and the ones in the shelter. We took this step, fully knowing what we risk in doing so, for the animals in the shelter. The ones who look death in the face every day, for reasons like “too hyper,” “too lazy,” “barks too much,” “doesn’t seek affection,” “fearful,” and a whole host of others. (We are not arguing that no animal should be euthanized; by all means, any animal truly dangerous to the public should be removed from the public. Our argument, among many, is that animals are being euthanized for the wrong reasons – while countless volunteers and rescues beg for access to save them and are denied.)

Thank you to those who have stepped up in support of our efforts; and more so, thank you to all of you who act to help animals in Louisville. We can see positive change happen if we act as a unified front.

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  1. Too true, Eden…And now what’s Wayne’s main focus on company time? Finding out who is airing his dirty laundry. Hours and hours spent talking about it, searching EVERYONE’S computers, offices, and online posts to find out who keeps airing their nefarious misdeeds to the public. (Maybe he should scan for listening devices, how much would that cost?) 3 million dollars is just part of it (and thanks again Eden), there are also donations of money, food, supplies, beds, cat litter, and other sundry items. Where does it go? Donate some dog beds, and they don’t go to the animals. They complain about the $40,000+ annual food budget, but don’t avail themselves of charitable contributions because they are too lazy to even go pick them up. What is that? It’s all because Wayne does NOTHING to justify his salary. Show me paperwork that he has signed, work he has done, or any proof at all that he isn’t just showing up to work, surfing the net all day and getting paid. Looking at the Animal House logo, you can see what their horrible plan truly is. There is no mention of the City of Louisville, nor LMAS, or any identifier that tells the public that this is the same outfit as the Manslick facility. Also shockingly absent are the phone numbers for Manlick, adoption hours, etc. Basically what Jackie, Rebbecca and Wayne have cooked up is a “Happy Face” mask to use to hide Manslick. They are trying to use Manslick as a “Killing Field”, so that the public never need know what’s really going on. I even heard from the Mayor’s office that a couple of rescue groups, (friends of Wayne and Holly), have written letters to the Mayor in support of these two. As if the Mayor weren’t able to see it with his own eyes. The man created a multi-million dollar company, and became mayor of a Major city. Do you think he is as foolish as you are? The rescue groups that have come out in support are considered to be “pains in the ass” by Wayne, so he lets them have what they want. They in turn assume that he is their “golden boy”, and that everyone who goes there gets the same treatment that they receive. Not so… Holly even has some kind of internal switch that she “flips” when dealing with these folks…After she’s done, the vitriol goes right back into overdrive again. It’s sickening to watch. Show me someone who isn’t currying special favor from those two, who thinks they are doing a good job. Few and far between…A smattering of praise, and a deluge of complaints, falsified documents, and hard evidence of multiple scandals. Who would you believe? Cast them out Mr. Fischer. It will help remove this grievous stain from our beautiful city, that is LMAS. We are supposed to be a “World Class” city, and yet we have a serious image problem. We can’t get the animal overpopulation problem under control, and the person that we have hired to make that happen does NOTHING all day long. You can dig and dig, but you will find no evidence of his actually producing work, because he never has. He “goes to meetings”, and “takes lunch” most of the day. How can you be the Dog Catcher, and NEVER even go in the kennels? Not that I am complaining, mind you. From all accounts, the few times he’s gone into the kennels, he’s had some poor animals put to death. Once because he took his daughter to the kennel, and a dog barked at her and she got scared. Wayne had that dog killed with a quickness. He doesn’t want to look like the Dog Catcher, he wants to be a big business suit politico. Well he’s just an empty suit as far as I can see. What is with that hackneyed cheap suit all about? Did you miss the part where you have an office in a building full of dog poop? Do you fancy yourself as a successful manipulator of Machiavellian (or Orwellian) intrigue? You are a buffoon. A Joke. A laughing stock. Nobody thinks of you as a great boss, or even a decent human being. We will always think ill of you and your pitiful little band until you have been removed and replaced, and then we will think on you no more. Jackie Gulbe too…All salary, no substance. What are we paying this woman for? Apparently it is to lie to the public about animal control measures. She and Wayne are attending a lot of meetings on how a kennel should be run, but they aren’t implementing ANY of it. They think the best kennel is an empty one, so they have redoubled their efforts to kill off the animals. And if the public are slowly cut off from what’s happening at Manslick Road, (which is their plan), then they can present “Animal House” as the face of Louisville’s humane animal shelter, and murder most of the strays that come in. A man with a massive incinerator means to USE it my friends. Wait and see, they will try to cut Manslick Road out as an adoption center, and use it to hide their dirty secrets. Secrets like Jackie Gulbe’s secret shed. This woman picks over the donations to LMAS, takes the choicest bits, and hides them under lock and key at the Manslick Road facility. She never gives these things to the animals, but insists that they “can sell” the items for money. Brilliant. What has been the benefit of her theft and diversion of donations? I’ll tell you. Nothing. ZERO. Not one thin dime. She DOES however have an office full of boxes of Dog Biscuits that are 6+ years out-of-date, and a shed full of stale and ruined items that she kept from being used until they were rotten, stale, and (like Jackie herself), useless. She wouldn’t give them to their intended recipients, and now they are of no use to anyone. Perhaps she is eating them? She still insists that they can sell, raffle, or profit on these items in some way. Check the dates on all that crap they are selling at Animal House, they are probably WAY past prime, and stolen out of our charitable donations. Jackie seems to think that these items were donated to HER for HER use. Also, who thought of trying to sell cat/dog items at the new facility? Are we really trying to compete with pet stores, Feeder Supply, and the like? Aren’t they supposed to be benefactors of shelter animals? Doesn’t that step on their toes? Again, another weak plan by an uncaring and self-centered management staff at LMAS. Jackie, Wayne, Holly, Rebbecca…With one fell swoop Mr. Fischer could stop this calamitous farce once and for all. We gave you our votes, Sir. Now please give us yours.

  2. “What is with that hackneyed cheap suit all about? Did you miss the part where you have an office in a building full of dog poop?”

    ROTFLMAO, my friend!

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