Some Metro Animal Services Directorial Hypocrisy

Why is Louisville Metro Animal Services director Wayne Zelinsky operating an adult entertainment and security services business (in addition to pre-paid legal services?) while claiming to be focusing 100% of his attention on the nightmare at LMAS?

It’s called Derby City VIP, LLC and you should take a look at the goodies from the cached website, which he allowed to expire after criticism erupted within Metro Government:

My favorite bit is the part where he explains why you should use VIP:

Or feel free to take a look at the website for VIP, which we obtained from a cache file:


Isn’t that cute? All the while he allegedly tells a select few LMAS employees they’re not allowed to hold any sort of outside employment.

Do we really need the director of an entire Metro Government agency financially benefiting from the promotion of adult entertainment?

And you wonder why that place is a mess.

An Iron Quarter Agreement Has Been Reached

According to a press release, Metro Gubmint and Todd Blue have reached an agreement on the future of the historic Iron Quarter on Main Street.

Blue drops his suit, city helps preserve the facades.

More from the release:

According the agreement reached this morning, Blue has permission to demolish the buildings in 90 days because they pose a public safety hazard. During this 90-day period, Blue and the City will explore the best method of either preserving the existing facades or recreating facades with similar architectural appearance in any future development, to preserve the architectural fabric of Main Street.

Meanwhile, Mayor Greg Fischer will ask the Metro Council top appropriate a minimum of $450,000 in the upcoming budget to help cover the cost of recreating the facades, if Blue and the City agree that is the best route. If Blue and the City agree to preserve some or all of the existing facades, the City still may attempt to obtain additional funding from Metro Council.

“I believe this is the best outcome for both parties,” Fischer said. “This keeps taxpayers from further litigation but saves the facades for future generations.”

Fischer said the compromise is similar to what occurred with the historic Coleman building at 3rd and Jefferson Streets, where the façade was saved and incorporated into the downtown Marriott.

“It was incredibly refreshing working with Mayor Fischer and his new administration to start the process of resolving this very important opportunity for our community, which until now was road blocked,” Blue said. “Mayor Fischer’s pro-business attitude is already apparent and he’s less than 30 days into his administration.”

Blue added: “Our company has a history of preservation and a love for the heritage of this community; our projects have always exemplified this. It’s great to have someone in a position of leadership who has a desire to work with the business community instead of against it. The facts of this case were always based on our concern for the safety of the community and nothing else. With this settlement, we have agreed to work with the City in order to streamline the issues. Our goal is to create a pathway for all of us to commence what has the potential to be one of the finest public/private partnerships. This is a spectacular and critically important location. As some have said, this will be Louisville’s Times Square!”


You won’t hear me complaining. If we can squander fifty trillion dollars on a study to see if a study is feasible to study another study, then, uh, why not? Let’s at least preserve this city’s character while the rest of the world drips down the drain.

We Can Stop Meth Without Silly Legislation

We’ve made it quite clear where we stand on the matter of requiring prescriptions for over-the-counter allergy medication. Sure, there’s a meth problem, but even law enforcement officials say proposed legislation (HB 15 & SB 45) won’t cut down on the manufacturing of the drug.

Not only will the legislation make it more difficult for you to buy some allergy medications for your kid in the middle of the night – if you don’t have access to a 24-hour physician – as this letter writing initiative from the Consumer Health Products Association points out:


Full Disclosure: They’re an advertiser on our sites, which only came about on Friday, well after we’d made our editorial position known.

The legislation could also make it more difficult for law enforcement to track and pinpoint producers of meth.

And is that really progress? I don’t think so.

Seriously – click here to send a letter to your state legislator urging them to oppose these junk bills. It’s quick and easy to do. Should also probably have your Facebook and Twitter pals do the same.

You Know What’s Crazy, Dear Louisville?

What’s crazy is that Churchill Downs allegedly demanded the Kentucky Derby Festival stop using “Kentucky Derby” in its name (now the “Derby Festival,” of course).

Why? Because “Kentucky Derby” with the ubiquitous Kentucky Derby Festival “dilutes” the brand.

That is crazy.

I hope no one drops “Kentucky” when discussing the festival. We certainly won’t be doing so.

Yarmuth Donates Salary For 4th Straight Year

Congressman John Yarmuth is donating his entire congressional salary for the fourth year in a row.

Below are the organizations which will benefit from the funds:

  • Binet School
  • Boys Haven
  • Bridgehaven
  • Brooklawn
  • Carriage House Education Services
  • Center for Women & Families
  • Committee for Fairness and Individual Rights
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  • Easter Seals of Louisville
  • Elderserve
  • Family Scholar House
  • Home of the Innocents
  • International Contemporary Art Foundation
  • Jewish Community Louisville
  • Kentucky Commission on Women Foundation
  • Louisville Free Public Library Foundation
  • Louisville Fund for the Arts
  • Louisville Orchestra
  • Louisville Urban League
  • Louisville Zoo
  • Metro United Way of Louisville
  • NAACP – Louisville Branch
  • Simmons College of Kentucky
  • STAR Autism Treatment Program – UofL
  • The Jewish Community Center
  • Volunteers of America – Kentucky
  • WellSpring/Schizophrenia Foundation

“We are very fortunate to have so many charities and organizations dedicated to improving our city and supporting individuals and families in need,” said Congressman Yarmuth. “At a time when the programs that provide assistance to these groups are facing drastic funding cuts, I am proud to be able to offer some support to the organizations that play such a key role in strengthening our community.”

Ready For Another Week In Possibility City?

Joe Biden will visit the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville on February 11. [UofL]

So it’s pretty terrific that Biden reacted hilariously to the pieces The Onion has produced about him. [HuffPo]

HAHAHA! Why on earth would Jerry Abramson decline to talk about the immensely popular weight loss program he allegedly started here in Louisville? What the living hell is going on? Jerry? Declining to talk? [LA Times]

Has the paper fired all proofers? Here’s a headline from Sunday at 5PM: Ex-president Bush W. Bush to sign book at Fort Campbell. To think some of those folks give me crap for the occasional typo. [Oh, The Poor Newspaper]

Gabe Bullard at WFPL deserves a round of hushed applause this morning. Today marks his first day on the job as news director of Louisville’s own hippie news network. ALL YOUR NEWS ARE BELONG TO GABE. I know this is how he talks because he has a robot pencil sharpener. [Radio Thoughts]

Mitch McConnell might chart a new courts course in the U.S. Senate. Are your eyes bleeding out yet, folks? [H-L]

The Archdiocese retaliating against parishioners for daring to talk about the church hiding a priest accused of sexual abuse? Way to go, Louisville! This is obviously a scandal we need to have continue to happen. Because that’s how the faithful are supposed to treat everyone – with disdain and ignorance. [FOX41]

The Louisville Orchestra is getting the funds it needs to pay its musicians. What’s interesting to me about this story is that no media outlet is focusing on why this city’s arts are failing. Might it have something to do with the 34,000 corporate jobs the city’s leadership have let skip away over the past decade? [WAVE3]

Ever wondered about the difference between “teabagger” and “tea partier”? This may help. [Page One]

Last week we forgot to link to this thing where Radio Robot Gabe Bullard compares Jerry Abramson’s state of the city to that of Greg Fischer. Take a look. [WFPL]

Let’s End A Week With More LMAS Death

What, all the photos we posted yesterday weren’t enough? Never fear – here are dozens upon dozens more.

I’m particularly interested in these reasons for death. Forgive me for being suspicious that they’re, you know, almost always the same. But I don’t trust much coming from Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Here are a few:

429815 — behavior observed; tried to bite, growls on hard stare

429598 — behavior observed

429973 — behavior observed

429907 — medical; severe uri, et for humane reasons.

429932 — medical; severe uri, et for humane reasons

430030 — medical; severe uri, et for humane reasons

Greg Fischer may not be responsible for the majority of this nightmare. But every day it continues? He’s got quite a few animal bodies piling up on his watch. Stay tuned for some of the documents I’ll be releasing next week.

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Happy Friday!