Your Timely Metro Animal Services Update

Last week I took an unbelievable amount of flack for these there stories about Metro Animal Services, the climate there and current director Wayne Zelinsky. People got in my face, threatened me, left nasty comments, sent some of the worst emails our staff have ever seen.

And whattya know?

Looks like I was spot-on regarding everything I said:

“With the new facility, the focus on adoptions will in fact be the focus here,” said Wayne Zelinsky, interim director of LMAS, who acknowledged that six of the agency’s seven adoption counselors would be deployed at the Newburg site. Although adoptions will continue at the Manslick shelter with only one adoption counselor, Zelinsky does not think that lopsided figure will place any extra burden on staff.


Yet as much as Animal House symbolizes a step forward for the beleaguered city agency, some employees and sources familiar with the shelter contend that despite the much-publicized (and much-needed) unveiling of a new adoption center, working conditions at LMAS have not improved since the departure of former full-time director Dr. Gilles Meloche, and that a serious housecleaning is needed before any real positive change can ever take place.

“Honestly, I’m not sure if it ever got better (once Zelinsky took over),” said a current high-level LMAS employee who spoke with LEO Weekly on the condition of anonymity. “There are a lot of people who consider it worse now than when Meloche was there.”


“As far as directly comparing Wayne and Meloche, you know, at least Dr. Meloche would get up and walk through the kennels, and he had somewhat of an idea of what went on day-to-day,” the source said. “Wayne’s never in the kennels. Part of it is, I think, for the last few months now, he’s been pretty sure that he’s going to lose his job. So he’s been even more apathetic, and just doesn’t even give a shit.”

If you care about Metro Animal Services, I’m positive you’ll want to read the entire story from Jonathan Meador.

I contend that nothing at LMAS will change until all of those folks who don’t really give two flips about animals are kicked to the curb. Greg Fischer needs to make a big move, fast, to clean that place up. It’ll do him well and his critics would be hard pressed to complain over positive changes in that government agency.

9 thoughts on “Your Timely Metro Animal Services Update

  1. “People got in my face, threatened me, left nasty comments, sent some of the worst emails our staff have ever seen.”

    The hit dog always yelps. Looks like you may have been hitting a lot of “dogs”.

  2. The animals and the humans who care about them owe you, Jake, and Leo a huge debt of gratitude. Without your dogged efforts to shed light on this horrible mess where animals are treated without anesthesia, or treated with the same drug no matter what, where citizens are threatened and punished for tying out their dog to potty at 5:48 rather than 6:00 and so on….. none of this would have come under public scrutiny. Just when we think that it can’t get worse Capt. Wayne ensures that it does. Hopefully, Mayor-elect Fischer will act quickly once he is sworn in and we can get a first class director which the animals, citizens and our new Mayor deserve. The community, even registered Democrats, like myself, will never forgive Jerry for the mess he allowed to fester and grow and for the thousands of people and animals that suffered under this regime.

  3. Yes, he does, specially in light of the fact he stated as much repeatedly to different groups. Its a matter of record. It needs to be acted on, immediately. Most people have no idea what its really like for animals and some of the employees at Metro. Continue to shed light on it, it matters. I will never vote for Jerry again no matter what office he runs for, to leave this mess festering for as long as he has when he had the power to do something to change it speaks volumns on how he would conduct future business. Greg Fischer has a opportunity to turn this around and has the support of animal groups behind him. Hope he sees the light and soon.

  4. You could get the Volunteers from the Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts who’d have more consideration and respect for the animals, do a better job and run the place better then Zelinsky!

  5. You buttheads need a clue. I work with wayne and he is with out a doubt a skilled, highly competant and caring administrator who cares deeply about the animals and equally about his whining cry baby workers. It is shameful the way this rag and other rags like it treat this man. You all should me ashmed and go suck a gas pipe in your own right!!!b

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