Yet Another Metro Animal Services Mess Surfaces

Yet ANOTHER Metro Animal Services scandal to round out the year. Apparently, there was major concern among MAS employees that adoptable animals were going to be killed. And you wonder why I’m so adamant about changes taking place in management of that mess. [WAVE3]

The city is almost ready for Greg Fischer’s coronation. Just imagine how many mouths all that money could feed. [FOX 41 & WFPL]

Greg Fischer and Jim Gray have made a little bet over the UK-UofL game today. It involves stuffed animals. [Press Release & More FOX 41]

Wonder if that interview with him will be all puppies and rainbows? Don’t hold your breath. [Tom Eblen]

The Healing Place is in the midst of a very important fundraising campaign and you should consider giving back. Metro Council gave the organization a $30,000 grant, with the current total at $473,200. Today HP will be at Prime before and after the UK-UofL game and they may also be at 310 Bistro. So go give! [Hope Has A Name]

Turns out the destructive and environment-killing practice of mountaintop removal doesn’t do much when it comes to creating flat land for business. The Associated Press did a pretty big investigative piece on the matter. [Page One]

Much praise goes to LMPD for arresting Alex Phelps, the guy accused of torturing and killing cats. [WHAS11]

Could this be how America messed up its kids? And maybe how we can fix them? [HuffPo]

How do you feel about today’s game between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky? Should be crazy. [LEO Weekly]

Just a reminder that you should consider celebrating New Year’s Eve with THE PASS at Headliners. [Backseat Sandbar]

1 thought on “Yet Another Metro Animal Services Mess Surfaces

  1. LMAS is continues to be shameful. A rescuer who rescued 15 cats yesterday practically had to kidnap a Siamese cat who was slated for euthanasia because LMAS has a stupid rule that once slated for et no adoption or rescue. This adopter has been a well respected cat person for many years and said the cat was very friendly. Fortunately, since the WAVE and WLKY trucks were there at the time she was there they let her take the cat. Simply unbelievable. WLKY also ran a story about the dog that died there from blunt force trauma. Insiders say the dog was kicked to death. And then there is the little dog who was laying there with a broken leg for several days with no treatment only a few antibiotics- rescued yesterday and taken to a veterinarian- and we the taxpayers pay for one full time and several part time veterinarians at LMAS . We hope that they fix the lack of heat in the cat facility before it freezes again. And the mess goes on. Keep up the good work, Jake.

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