Will You Miss Mayor McCheese Or Cheer Him Off?

Basically, you need to enter to win this terrific new book filled with Louisville history. Crossings will really float your boat. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The Bridges Debacle Authority will meet tomorrow at the International Convention Center. 10:00 A.M. to Noon. You gonna go holler like a bitter old lady to tell those folks they need to stop sucking at the teat of failure? [Press Release]

Turns out Michelle wasn’t abducted. We saw her last night at 21C. [Consuming Louisville]

Yesterday Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson was honored for something or other in Warshington. [WAVE3]

Jim James and My Morning Jacket will perform in Washington, D.C. as part of the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. [Press Release]

True, the U.S. school system is failing our country. But we’re also failing our school system with complacency. [HuffPo]

The Transit Authority of Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government will receive $8,780,000 in “State of Good Repair” grant funds to construct and rehab an administration and maintenance facility. Transit Authority of River City will receive $2,543,892 to replace its fare collection system. [Press Release]

Metro Councilcritter Judy Green won’t face criminal charges for being unethical and unprofessional with her little jobs program. So she can get back to talking about how people sagging their pants is the end of the world and must be outlawed. [FOX 41]

Didn’t link to this last week and for that we apologize. Go read this piece about Louisville’s craft beer scene. MMMMMMMM. [LEO Weekly]

Greg Fischer isn’t telling anybody who he is hiring and who he is firing. But you should check out these tidbits from his fancy letters program. [WHAS11]

3 thoughts on “Will You Miss Mayor McCheese Or Cheer Him Off?

  1. So good to see you last night!

    I’m going to miss Mayor McCheese. I’ve yet to see an acceptably entertaining graphic to represent the Mayor-elect.

  2. Not a going away party for him, but a GO AWAY party.
    I expect that he would drop in, make some sort of speech based on some sort of alternate reality, and directed at some unseen people located about a foot or so over the heads of the audience, then leave. He may even announce a project or two that has absolutely no hope of ever coming to fruition – just for old times sake. And the CJ will shed a sentimental tear, dreaming wistfully of future vice-guvner fluff pieces.

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