What A Difference A Year Makes In Louisville

You know how just over a year ago Jim King was running for mayor and proposing the restoration of LMPD’s gang squad/street crimes unit?

At a press conference in the West End this morning, Jim King – part of his mayoral campaign – will announce plans to restore LMPD’s gang unit, revitalize the street crimes unit and identify more funding for the Metro Narcotics Unit. Joining him at the presser will be former FOP President David James, community activist Mattie Jones, Councilman George Unseld, et al.

Yeah. A Kentucky Newspaper and everyone under the sun was on the attack, claiming the idea was ignorant and short-sighted. Then, bam, it front page yesterday:

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Particularly because the paper’s editorial board used that very issue as a springboard for calling on King to exit the mayoral race.

And check this from WDRB:

“It creates stress,” he says, “but it’s what I would call good stress.” Chief White believes the stress and changes ultimately help reduce violent crime — but how? He says, “Because now everybody has to raise…their level of responsibility, and the level of aggressiveness because they don’t want to fail.”

Despite the decrease in violent crime, Chief White admits they have seen an increase in another areas such as home and car break-ins: “This year, we’re going to probably have a 9 to 10 percent increase in property crimes.” But the chief says the changes will help address that increase.

What was that, again, about the idea being a bad one a year ago? I mean, now that the new crew coming in is doing exactly what they criticized.

Talk about coming full circle.

8 thoughts on “What A Difference A Year Makes In Louisville

  1. Great move for LMPD. I have an employee living in Beecher Terrace and the stories of selective policing are nothing less than astounding. The harassment and daily violation of civil rights of lawful residents and the blind eye to the real bad guys. According to the employee, it is a matter of the bad guys being so bad that the current policy is to ignore so as not to get shot. Here is hoping that when the swat come in it is not to throw some elderly man to the sidewalk waiting for a bus. If anyone thinks this is bs, I have made the mistake of driving while white in Beecher Terrace to pick up my employee in the morning who came out in his new coat his grandmother had bought him only to have two marked and one unmarked cars circle us with guns drawn…

  2. Here’s a suggestion – make a DOWNTOWN District – like we used to have – so that we can have some dedicated coverage in the downtown area. As it is, the First Division is wayyyyy too spread out – and spread too thin.

    And how are they going to add 32 MORE officers when they aren’t up to authorized strength? Lots of agencies across the U.S. have had to pay back those kinds of funds for that reason – the money is for “over and above” – not to make up to where you should already be.

  3. The Kentucky Newspaper is a long-time advocate of the old saying “Consistency is the hobgobblin of small minds.” They’re NEVER consistent, when their personal favorites are involved. Jim King was not a personal favorite, because he was NOT controllable by the Ky. N’paper. Jerry Jr. WAS/and WILL BE controllable — so that’s their fav. and they had to demolish the candidate whom they could not control. It’s been going on since Harvey Sloane was Mayor in 1973. Nothing new.

  4. Abramson has consistently budgeted for authorized strength since his early days as mayor of Louisville. He has also consistently reduced the number of actual police officers, while ‘banking’ the unused credits. Who in the hell knows what he has done with the ‘credits’? It seems just another way of circumventing the aldermen and council by having them budget money he had no intention of spending, so that he could move the money someplace else after it left the oversight of the aldermen and council.

    Do an open records of authorized strength, then an open records of paychecks to sworn personnel at any given time. It may not be exactly illegal, but it is deceitful as hell. It’s probably another one of those things that Crit Luallen would probably term outside of “generally accepted accounting practices”, which was a refrain repeated often in the news whenever she released an audit involving these two.

    My guess? Not that Driskell and Abramson aren’t there, somebody might finally have some explaining to do.

    Is even marginally honest government too much to ask for?

  5. In todays time and political climate it is almost amusing to hear people claim to want more police protection, but no one wants to pay for it in taxes. It is easy to blame politicians, but politicians who try to pay for things while in office many times are punished at the polls. Seems like a good time for Louisville to determine priorities.
    Communities become what people want.

  6. You missed the REAL headline-within-the-headline! Chief White admitted duh-ville has GANGS! OMG!

    Apparently, his policy of ‘say a thing often enough and it will become true’ didn’t pass the Semi-Automatic Weapon test trial.


  7. Earl, and I have to wonder how long it will be that we hear that Metro has to pay back some of that federal money they are getting to hire 32 MORE officers, the feds are getting hard core about it. They could easily, within a month, fill every single authorized slot and have officers on the street by one single, simple expedient, hire currently certified Kentucky officers. There are plenty of guys in the area that would love to come to LMPD, but find it ridiculous and a waste of time to be treated like a newbie by going through 6 months of training they’ve already had. Let’s see if the new Training Command is willing to bite the bullet (pun intended) and do just that.

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