University of Louisville’s Campus Climate Survey

Have you seen this? The University of Louisville conducted a campus climate survey that’s dropped a ton of information for us to devour.

Here are some highlights:

  • Only 40% say they feel valued by UofL’s administration
  • Just 42% of full-time faculty and 34% of staff believe they’re fairly compensated
  • 71% of full-time faculty, 84% of part-time faculty and 83% of staff said they are proud to be part of UofL
  • 50% of full-time faculty, 64% of part-time faculty and 75% of staff would want family or friends to attend UofL
  • 36% of full-time faculty, 38% of part-time faculty and 35% of staff feel working conditions have improved over the past five years
  • 72% of faculty and 78% of students feel UofL has done a good job supporting diversity. 5% disagree.
  • 7% of faculty and 16% of students agreed that they have been targets of racial/ethnic stereotyping.
  • 35% of staff feel they have a voice in the direction of UofL

Interesting tidbits. Check them all out.


10 thoughts on “University of Louisville’s Campus Climate Survey

  1. “Funeral Time at Belknap”

    The UofL surveys continue to show a high level of dissatisfaction with the institution. That pattern needs to cease, especially if taxpayers are to believe they are obtaining anywhere near their money’s worth. It is indeed sad that students, faculty, and staff feel that way, but it is easily understandable and lilely reflects a fairly accurate picture of what goes on at Belknap. The myriad of scandals the past several years have only exacerbated long-standing problems. I fear that horrid state of affairs will go unabated until a number of leading hochos finally give up the ghost. That would be a service to the entire campus community.

  2. A.) Those dissatisfied with their compensation are those who KNOW what Ramsey & the athletic bunch are pulling down.
    B.) I thought immediate family members could attend UofL for FREE, so seems that would be a no-brainer for “family” attendance.

  3. Any university that would ‘look the other way’ when confronted with the publicly explored extracurricular activity of the local university’s head basketball coach simply cannot define itself as an institution of higher learning with any sense of responsibility or moral fiber. Even the football-crazed U. of Alabama fired a football coach for consorting with a prostitute along the Gulf Shores of Fla. When you add this travesty to Feltner, Passport and all the other outrageous ‘tone deaf’ actions/inactions involving the place — the Board of Trustees badly needs to ‘clean house.’ I have little or no hope of that happening for the simple reason that the members are political appointees — most of whom have no academic or career-success reason for being in such a substantial position.

  4. Blah-blah-blah

    So it’s the economy that had a negative impact on the survey findings.

    I have HSC /management meeting notes that I previously shared on Pageone, where the merits and importance of ’employee satisfaction’ were being discussed. Ultimately, what was at issue was whether or not it mattered.

    Truly, they don’t care.

  5. Blah-blah-blah — what the hell does that mean? What’s HSC/management? If this is all an inside joke it doesn’t help much, because the ‘inside’ might well be a joke, itself.

  6. No joke, Highlander.

    A meeting took place at the Health Sciences Campus three and a half years ago (or so) in which part of the discussion was devoted to whether employee satisfaction was something the
    University ought to consider. I doubt that it was
    supposed to be included in the minutes.

    My point is, lost in there somewhere, amid (their) usual fanfare (and blah and blah) not only do they
    not care what anyone thinks, the very people who
    are in charge work against the best interests of the place everyday. And the ones at the top brazenly defend their ‘right’ to do so.

    A stranger place I’ve never seen.

  7. Thanks for the explain, Marie. Got it, now. Sounds like the noblesse oblige syndrome that affects Louisville quite a bit. You know — “We know what’s best for the great unwashed” vis-a-vis the Kentucky Newspaper.

  8. “Student Waitress Views”

    For more anecdotal evidence of UofL’s low status among students, please note that I get a typical response from student waitresses at restaurants when I mention UofL: “Ugh.”

  9. The year I participated in the campus climate survey, university administration assured everyone that the responses weren’t being tracked.
    When the materials arrived, each piece had a matching barcode.
    Rocket scientists, all.

  10. It occurs to me that Bellarmine has displaced the local athletic club as the premier local institution of higher learning and is moving toward challenging Centre for the #1 spot in the state. In a short 50+ years Bellarmine has done a magnificent job in creating a marvelous reputation for collegiate academics at the undergraduate level and an academically- appropriate attention to extracurricular activities such as athletics.

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