That Stripper Must’ve Been Really Upset

Oh, wait for this one, kids: a stripper was charged with arson after setting another stripper’s lingerie on fire. BEST. STORY. EVER. [WAVE3]

The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency’s transportation division has released its winter newsletter. [External PDF Link]

Instant horsie racing passed in Kentucky, in case you were wondering. This is a good thing. [Paulick Report & Amanda Van Benschoten]

Louisville artist Stephen Irwin died a few days ago after suffering a heart condition. Irwin, many know, is one of the top artists in the city (and one of the top in the country, with a New York gallery, even) and is well-known throughout the national gay and lesbian community. [Sad Thoughts]

Here’s a fancy rumor for ya: We hear through the grapevine that the, ahem, infamous husband of Madonna Flood could be coming out of “retirement” to once again run the Property Maintenance Division of Codes and Regulations. [Fancy Rumors]

Dear Angie Fenton: There’s nothing new about this face. Also, which bridge? Wow. Why did we even bother reading this? [Angie Fenton]

Steve Wiser takes a look back at local architectural design for 2010. Interesting read. [External PDF Link]

A judge says the Louisville Orchestra has to stick to its contract. Because, wait for it: that’s how contracts work. [FOX 41]

Basically, you need to go to this New Year’s Even party at Headliners with THE PASS. Do it. It’s $10. [Backseat Sandbar]

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  1. You have to love it when the stripper Chablis pours Courvoisier on Cognac’s lingerie and sets it on fire in the Champagne Room. Great stuff.

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