Spending Money On NBA Instead Of Necessities

Whaaaat? Louisville is finally leading Nashville with something cool? You don’t say. Nashville might be able to count. But Louisville counted first!  Suck on that, Stephen George! [HuffPo]

Have you given a few dollars to The Healing Place in Louisville? Hope has a name and it needs your help to change lives. [Click Here To Help]

Despite the only thing anyone is saying – no to tolls – the Bridges “Authority” approved tolls to fund the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. Everyone can roll their eyes in unison. [WHAS11]

Something tells me Google isn’t gonna select Louisville to be its 1Gbps fiber test community. [Engadget]

Louisville is apparently the destination of the week for some folks. And, let’s face it, any article that opens with “With a unique blend of East Coast, Midwestern and Southern culture and a pleasant, progressive vibe, Louisville, Ky., is a surprisingly exciting year-round destination.” automatically wins high praise from us all. Though, they definitely only scratch the surface on the food front. [Mother Nature Network]

Congressman John Yarmuth on the Bush tax cut nightmare: “The long-term costs of this bill are far more damaging to our nation than the short-term gains. Borrowing money to give tax cuts to the rich – tax cuts that are more than most families make in a year – is unconscionable. Economics shows this is a dead-end. History proves it would be disastrous. And basic morality dictates that our priorities should focus on making our economy work for everyone – not just the wealthy few.” [Press Release]

With Churchill Downs completing its $138 million purchase of Harlow’s Casino Resort and Hotel in Mississippi, there’s no question they’re ready for full-scale gambling in Kentucky. [H-L]

You can get soup. Delivered to you by bicycle. Really. The few lazy bones (don’t worry, there are 203 non-lazy ones) in our bodies are interested. [Consuming Louisville]

Going to the Nutcracker? The Louisville Orchestra won’t be there and the Ballet says you aren’t getting your money back. This is truly Possibility City. [WAVE3]

We all want Louisville to succeed. But we’ve already spent $60,000 trying to lure an NBA team to town. Now another $29,000? What are you thinking, Metro Councilcritters? There are thousands of hungry kids out there! And have you ever driven on our streets? WTF? [FOX41]

3 thoughts on “Spending Money On NBA Instead Of Necessities

  1. Hopefully, with Churchill getting into the casino business, they’ll learn something about customer service. Right now, they haven’t a clue.

  2. John Yarmuth continues to show he has the guts to speak the truth. I admire this guy.
    Its one thing to pop off about balancing the budget. It is another to try and do it. Giving a huge tax cut to wealtest 39,000 families in America as you give a tax raise to those people making less than 20,000 a year and families making less than 40,000 a year is simply stupid.

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