Orwellian Bridge Tolling Authority Adventures

This piece from Roger Baylor about Monday’s Bridges/Tolling meeting is worth another look:

The Tolling Authority staged a meticulously choreographed mini-rally this afternoon. In a bit of biting irony that surely escaped most of the tolling authoritarians present for duty, it took place at the Muhammad Ali Center, an edifice celebrating democratic empowerment, which was not at all on the menu of this “public input” session.

The best line of the night: “This isn’t a public input session. This is a groundbreaking ceremony.”

Somehow, I lasted the whole three hours, and spoke with most of the tolling authoritarians present, at least one of whom forbade me from ever using his name again in print. However, flattery will get him (and them) nowhere.

Let’s just say that in all conceivable respects, the gathering was thoroughly Orwellian. After the first hour, the logic became so circuitous that I feared having been drawn into an Escher drawing.

Click here to read the entire thing.

You catch that? The bridge folks are so afraid of criticism that they demand their names not get mentioned.

Can’t tell me this isn’t a flustercuck. Because that’s what it is. I’ll never know how any of you can feel secure with what those folks inside that “authority” decide.

7 thoughts on “Orwellian Bridge Tolling Authority Adventures

  1. I’m starting to think that protesting at these “public meetings” (in quotes because they don’t really seem to be those at all) isn’t going to work. These guys don’t care what you think. They are smarter than everyone else, there’s video of them saying that.

    And so, perhaps it’s time to start pressuring others. Start finding conflicts of interest. Complain to the people who appointed these guys about the conflicts and about how they are ignoring the public. I don’t know if it will do any good, but it can’t do any less than what’s going on now with the protests.

  2. Municipal and county governments in the region have seats on KIPDA committees. In Indiana at least, the state legislature is involved. Both have to sign off on whatever the Stemlerites puke up. Those folks have to face voters.

  3. Follow the money and stop the flow. The next step after the resolutions against tolls is to cut funding to toll supporters and enablers. New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, cut flows to 1Southern IN. Metro Council cut funding to GLI. Boycott businesses who are in the toll coalition.

  4. tbrauch is exactly correct , these people are there to execute their Mission, they have no consideration for what you or anyone else thinks. They are the smartest ones in the room!.If you don’t believe me ,just ask them?

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