Monday Morning Department Of Negative News

Today at 12:30, Mayor-elect Greg Fischer will ring a Salvation Army bell at Gay Kroger (Highlands location). Maybe he ask why the Salvation Army it likes discriminating against the very people who use that Kroger store on a regular basis. (Yes, I’m grasping at straws. No, I’m not kidding about the organization’s homophobia.) [Press Release]

Here’s another damn plaque for Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson. This one was placed outside the arena downtown. [WFPL]

Have you seen this missing woman? If so, please contact the LMPD. [FOX 41]

Is it good or bad for Greg Fischer when the mainstream media run with headlines like, “Many agency heads to stay under new mayor”? Does it inspire any confidence at all? [WAVE3]

This Desserts First thing in late January sounds loosely dangerous. [Consuming Louisville]

Gruesome child killer Cecil New wills pend the rest of his life in prison without the option of parole. There is justice in this world. [More FOX 41]

Fired LMPD officer Jackie Hollingsworth sat down with Renee Murphy for an interview. It’s pretty interesting. [WHAS11]

If you missed it: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell made it through the U.S. Senate and will be repealed. The homophobes are coming out of the woodwork in the comments, of course. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Louisville isn’t the only city in Kentucky that has to deal with gun deaths. Seems Lexington has a bit of a problem, too. [H-L]

Newspapers are still in a downward death spiral. Folks in Louisville have been aware of this for quite some time. A Kentucky Newspaper isn’t even in the top 25 papers in circulation in the country these days. [The Wrap]

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Department Of Negative News

  1. They should also leave a plaque of mayor Jerry outside the new animal shelter on Newburg Road. I am sure all the animals that suffered and died under his watch due to his appointments would appreciate it.
    Or are they saving this one for our new mayor Fischer?

  2. Great comment flipper273 The new “shelter” is only an adoption center. Manslick Road still exists with all its filth and disease. Only now, there is no reason for the public to see what is going on- animals stapled without anesthesia, animals sick and dying, poor morale, poor sanitation, and the mess continues. BTW, I understand there are no outdoor runs or outside fencing to exercise the animals at the new puppy palace. Whoops, I guess that reflects on the vast experience and prior success of the interim director.

  3. Abramson only cared about adding more bars and arenas. I wonder if this will continue in the name of “jobs jobs jobs”?

  4. Of course, it will continue. Until enough people pack up and start leaving by any means possible and getting jobs and businesses started elsewhere. As stupid as the local politicos are, they’re fixated on this idea of downtown only and a few more bars. They don’t realize that productive industries, businesses, etc is what makes a city grow. Jerry never knew because he did nothing but be a shill for the Upper East End crowd

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