Metro Animal Services Will NEVER Improve

So don’t hold your damn breath. Yes, I’m serious. Both Wayne Zelinsky and Jackie Gulbe wrote… uh… these letters, like every other Metro employee, to Greg Fischer begging for their jobs.

I just… wow.

No wonder things are so jacked up.

  • Click here (Warning: PDF Link) to review Wayne’s letter and resume – with personal information redacted.
  • Click here (Warning: PDF Link) to review Jackie’s letter and resume.

Neither are horrible. They’re nice people when dealing with the public. But. Uh. Take a look at those messes. Same or similar references. The Abramson good old boys. Lots of hype about changes that never occurred. And they’re the final hangers-on of the regime that’s caused so many problems at MAS. Both lied like Steve Henry in front of a dozen television cameras or in the court of law. Big time. All through their letters.

I’m not suggesting either be fired. Nothing of the sort. But no one will convince me there aren’t people with better qualifications, better compassion and better abilities to care for this city’s unwanted animals. Just one of the many Metro agencies that is in desperate need of real change.

Yeah, I’m getting somewhat personal here. But I’m tired of watching hundreds of animals be flushed like human excrement while these people waltz around the city like they’re making a difference. They’re doing nothing of the sort. I thought this shiz was supposed to end when Meloche got the boot? Why are MAS people coming to me non-stop to complain?

Don’t believe me? Go talk to the Metro Animal Services employees and volunteers. You’ll change your mind really quickly. Gilles Meloche was not the only problem.

4 thoughts on “Metro Animal Services Will NEVER Improve

  1. For the past several years Ms. Gulbe exudes an aura of BOREDOM, and seems more like an automaton than an active, interested, compassionate human who actually works for her salary.

  2. Has anyone checked with employees of the Charlotte and Largo PDs and figured out why his tenure was so short at these two places in a career where job hopping is very unusual? And how did he cram all that experience into such a short career when most of the police-related jobs he lists necessarily require time and experience? I’m not even including time as a deputy because you can sometimes throw out the rulebook on politically appointed positions like that.

    Oh well. It’s written on paper, so it must be legit.

  3. Metro Animal Services will never change until a thorough house cleaning is conducted. MAS management is THE problem and no amount of lip service or lying can whitewash the shame and misery that is MAS.
    Homeless animals are being exploited. Because of their perceived “adoptability” in the eyes of MAS, animals are treated like an over the counter inanimate commodity. Reuniting lost animals with their families is not a priority. Placing animals in a new home as soon as possible is not a priority and animals are dying needlessly.
    If things are to change, as they must, in the interest of moving Louisville forward to a No Kill Community; Mayor Elect Fischer should make MAS a priority to prove to this community that he is serious. Those in the know are watching to see how he handles this fiasco. What happens at LMAS will be a bellwether for other departments.
    When the leadership of Louisville Metro improves, so will MAS.

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