Important City Hall Historical Nerd Moment

The main entrance for City Hall reopened this morning and here are a few photos, courtesy Metro Council:

“We have seen a resurgence of economic development on Main Street Downtown. There have been many restorations of Metro Hall (formerly the Jefferson County Courthouse), it was time to take care of this historic structure,” said Owen. “Restoring this unique building adds to the resurgence of our downtown.”

Here’s Owen making the first trip through the entrance:

Thank you for this nerd moment.

3 thoughts on “Important City Hall Historical Nerd Moment

  1. That’s so exciting to see. Such a great building… it was a shame to make people enter through those awful basement entrances for so long.

  2. The funny thing is – that technically isn’t even the mail entrance, if you go by the address. But I’m very, very happy that you no longer have to walk past the trash cans to get into the building.

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