13 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Inaugural Invitation Goes Out

  1. Just an odd question, but I never really thought about it until now… with the merged government, is his title really “Mayor of the City of Louisville?”

    To me, that makes it sound more like an annexation than a merger. Though I’m not sure if there’s a difference.

  2. If you take the election numbers seriously, he is the mayor of the City but not of the Metro–what a stupid mistake on the part of his people. Nothing like accenting the split community!

  3. The “City of Louisville” is still around, & they are taxed at a higher rate than the citizen of the”Old County”.

  4. The “City of Louisville” is still around

    So is he only mayor of the higher taxed region? While this might seem a trivial point, it’s somewhat interesting and not so trivial to some people as blowin’ pointed out.

    On the city’s Metro’s website calls Jerry Mayor of the Louisville Metro Government. To me, that sounds closer to the correct title.

  5. I just checked Wikipedia, which I would take points off of my students for using as a resource, but it lists his title as Metro Mayor or Mayor of Louisville Metro, for whatever that’s worth.

  6. Mr Fish needs to fix this problem of his identity. blowin’ in … has it right. He won the election by the city of Louisville residents.
    Why not change “Jefferson County” Public Schools to match too? What about the Fire departments, Sherrif’s office and lots of other county depts?

  7. BT…We have not been splitting hairs, simply pointing out that such a stupid mistake only emphasizes more the split in the community. Unless Fischer realizes and responds to this split in a positive way he will be total failure as mayor. The march to the cathedral and long session there, even billed as “interfaith”, also undermines his credibility as someone who will bring the community together. Even the mayor of Boston wouldn’t pull a stunt like that!

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