Convenient Jerry Airport Terminal Whitewashing

On Thursday, I said I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Mayor McCheese Jerry Abramson’s name on the airport forever.

That hasn’t changed. If anything, all the hype has caused me to have dry heaves. Gag gag gag.

But there’s something interesting. A convenient, specious at best omission by A Kentucky Newspaper in its December 15 story about the terminal naming.

This: Current Airport Authority chairman (appointed by Jerry), Phil Lynch, who took credit for the idea to name the terminal for McCheese, was Jerry’s first spokescritter when he took over as king a quarter century ago.

Convenient how that bit of information didn’t make it into the story, eh?

Just one hand washing the other.

9 thoughts on “Convenient Jerry Airport Terminal Whitewashing

  1. How about calling or writing all of your elected officals and ask them to sponsor a bill to prevent public property from being named after someone while they are alive and require a ‘dead’-period of say 2 years.

    This would solve the problem that occurred at E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park when a portion of our park was named after then Lt. Governor Steve Henry. You know, Steve Henry the admitted double felon. Drive by the radio airplane area of the park on the West side on North Hourstborne Parkway and check out the sign.

    In Mr. Henry’s case, the very time he was Lt. Gov. he was bilking both the state for travel expenses he was not entitled to and later the federal gov. for surgery work he never did.

    Recall that Jerry gave a sweetheart deal to the Cordish group not to mention fould play at the old Naval Ordinance Station.

    Jerry is gone and he was our mayor for too long. He could have made more money in the private sector so we owe him some respect but all this glad-handing is rediculous. Plus what if he drives home drunk, kills someone only to have the family fly into SDF and see their killer honored. Don’t laugh it has alrady happened once in KY.

    Call you leaders and demand a dead-period before allowing renaming, statues, etc.

  2. I think that it is okay to honor someone while they are still alive, but at the very least they should be retired from politics, like Gene Snyder was, or else it is free advertising [name recognition] paid for by the government.
    The most blatant example of this is the Hal Rogers Parkway.
    In Fort Worth, Texas, they had the Jim Wright Freeway that had to be renamed after he was forced to resign in an ethics violation.

  3. So, you don’t believe that Abramson deserves the honor? Why so? Like him or not, the man has been a wildly successful politician in this town. He was instrumental in the expansion of said airport which, in turn, led to UPS locating here. I don’t think you could honestly think that is a bad thing, could you? I mean, you had to think that, at some point, they would name something after him. I think the airport terminal is at least appropriate.

    Also, the Mayor McCheese thing was pretty amusing at first. Now you’ve kind of run it into the ground.

  4. Did I say he didn’t deserve the honor, Mr. Anonymous at FOX41? Or is this, “Let’s make shit up and pretend Jake said it in order to act like this is even an argument” Day?

    Reality is, no, I don’t think Jerry deserves the honor. Feel free to search this site and Page One for material over the past four years that covers Jerry. That’s why.

    Naming shit after people who are still alive is hilarious.

    Also, the Mayor McCheese thing hasn’t been used since early 2008. Now that the disgrace of a mayor is leaving office, people asked that I start using it. So I’m using it.

    Deal with it or don’t read it – it’s pretty simple. But I’m betting that’s a tough pill for you to swallow working where you work. Making sure necessary facts are in a story isn’t exactly your station’s strong suit.

  5. Mayor Happy Pants’ quarter of a century reign was marginal, at best. The economic/business/job losses around here have been an abomination — which may well be one of the two or three most important things that a mayor is charged to handle. He’s a past master at taking credit for what others accomplish. For example, UPS being in Louisville has NOTHING TO DO w/Pants. The initial forays were made by JYB,Jr., Gene Smith and Bruce Lunsford and were carried forward to a conclusion by Martha L. Collins’ Admin. There’s been minimal regional cooperation. The Cordish arrangement (most particularly the giveaway of an entire city block) is a nightmare and should have been investigated by the Commonwealth’s Attorney in a Grand Jury. The school system has become a disaster (for which the mayor has a bully-pulpit, if not THE responsibility). GLI has done a miserable job. The Luallen Audit should have been enough cannon-fodder to end instead of continue Pants’ political career. So – even though I could go on — enough is enough. The Kentucky Newspaper has MADE this guy by totally avoiding any significant criticism. Why? Because he’s checked with them on EVERYTHING HE’S DONE FOR A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. He’s little more than a mouthpiece for their editorial page. Meanwhile, Louisville grows to be little more than the largest city in a 3rd world country called Kentucky.

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