Connie Marshall Talks Sexytime Before Council

On Friday I shared the news of electromagnet microwave lady Connie Marshall discussing her crazy sexytime adventures in front of the Metro Council.

If you don’t remember her, read this and then read this craziness she left here on the site.

And then?

Well, uh, go ahead and put down any beverages and watch it in all of its glory (be sure to crank the volume up):

You are welcome.

13 thoughts on “Connie Marshall Talks Sexytime Before Council

  1. x-D

    lololololol….can they invite her every week? that’s good shit right there.

    (did any camera angles catch the faces of councilmembers?)

    And from now on I’m going to start every conversion with “My name is…my website is…my email is…”

  2. I haven’t seen Mr Wells address the council in quite some time. I hope he is doing OK. Such a nice man.

    He has been doing tin foil hat addresses to the council/alderman for at least 20 years.

  3. But what if Barack Obama and Joe Biden really are making her butt jump?

    Let’s get her and Karen Sypher to join forces.

  4. Jeff, its been going on for some time but I think all the weirdos are coming out of the woodwork. That and a lot of people lack basic education to know better which is even worse.

  5. Sorry. I thought there was a limit of how many crazy bat sh!t people can be on camera at one time. Was dougie thinking “Man, I may sound normal after her!”

  6. That’s exactly what Dougie thought!

    I’m feeling sorry for the kid who served as the page that night. Bet they walked away thinking everyone in government is batshiz.

  7. This women is telling the truth. she is very brave. I applaude her. And for the sheep who mock her because they are to lazy to research shame on all of you.

  8. To find out the truth, go to my website at
    Did you know that you have an Electromagnetic Office located at Louisville Gas and Electric? All of this information is on my website. Did you know that Ray Charles Jr. (son of the blind singer Ray Charles) is also a victim of this crime? All of this info. is on my website. There you will find a link to the audio interview with Ray Charles, Jr.
    By the Way, I have also decided to run for Governor as a write in in the General Election.
    Thanks for the Exposure
    Connie Marshall

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