Chase Cain Sighting On A Weird Reality Show

That Chase Cain. He’s a big-time actor these days.

We were vegging out over the weekend, just cold watching this bad teevee show. And BAM! Out pops Chase Cain acting (literally) like he was interested in Gene Simmons’ daughter at a milkshake shop.

Here’s photographic proof:

Talk about awkward. His milkshake brings all the…

You are welcome.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that it’s the “What Happens In Vegas…” episode on the A&E site.

ANOTHER UPDATE: What’s that? You want a clip?

Here’s your clip!

You can thank me with fancy gifts.

4 thoughts on “Chase Cain Sighting On A Weird Reality Show

  1. I don’t know anything about Chase Cain, but I think Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a pretty good show. Nick seems to be continually horrified by the things his parents do, although Sophie takes it all in stride. The season opener (the one in Amsterdam) was Emmy-worthy.

  2. Great work sniffing this one out Jake.
    In defense of Chase Cain he is following his dreams in a business that many fail. Everyone needs to start somewhere and this is how small bit no name actors get discovered.

  3. Like Richard, I enjoy Gene Simmons’ show. Shows the rocker in a different light.

    I’ve seen the ep in question a few weeks ago.

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