Remembering The Big Stories From The Past Year

2010’s been a crazy year here at The ‘Ville Voice & Page One. Thought it’d be a good idea to take a look back at the most-read stories of from the past 12 months.

  • Dear John Boel: Please Let Us Get You Help & John Boel Is Finally Out At WLKY [November 8 & November 10]
  • John Belski Out At WAVE3, Too [August 18]
  • Real Story Behind The Mint Jubilee Mess [February 17]
  • Bobby Jack Gone from WAMZ Radio [October 2]
  • UofL: Land Of The Appearance Of Impropriety [October 25]
  • My Beloved Francene Cucinello [January 15]
  • Local TeeVee News People Rumor Fun [March 19]
  • The Entire Metro Government Audit Is Here [March 24]
  • Garson & Ivory Sink To Nasty New Low [October 28]
  • Dan Spangler Sues Station for Discrimination [January 21]

An honorable mention for what sparked a year of begging from local shoppers: ear X-tacy Faces Closure, Owner Speaks Out [February 9]

Thank you for sticking with us for so long – particularly to those who disagree with us most but still continue to read and contribute. I (Jake) don’t get too personal here on a regular basis, but… much love to you.

Hope you and yours have a happy new year!

Yet Another Metro Animal Services Mess Surfaces

Yet ANOTHER Metro Animal Services scandal to round out the year. Apparently, there was major concern among MAS employees that adoptable animals were going to be killed. And you wonder why I’m so adamant about changes taking place in management of that mess. [WAVE3]

The city is almost ready for Greg Fischer’s coronation. Just imagine how many mouths all that money could feed. [FOX 41 & WFPL]

Greg Fischer and Jim Gray have made a little bet over the UK-UofL game today. It involves stuffed animals. [Press Release & More FOX 41]

Wonder if that interview with him will be all puppies and rainbows? Don’t hold your breath. [Tom Eblen]

The Healing Place is in the midst of a very important fundraising campaign and you should consider giving back. Metro Council gave the organization a $30,000 grant, with the current total at $473,200. Today HP will be at Prime before and after the UK-UofL game and they may also be at 310 Bistro. So go give! [Hope Has A Name]

Turns out the destructive and environment-killing practice of mountaintop removal doesn’t do much when it comes to creating flat land for business. The Associated Press did a pretty big investigative piece on the matter. [Page One]

Much praise goes to LMPD for arresting Alex Phelps, the guy accused of torturing and killing cats. [WHAS11]

Could this be how America messed up its kids? And maybe how we can fix them? [HuffPo]

How do you feel about today’s game between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky? Should be crazy. [LEO Weekly]

Just a reminder that you should consider celebrating New Year’s Eve with THE PASS at Headliners. [Backseat Sandbar]

That Stripper Must’ve Been Really Upset

Oh, wait for this one, kids: a stripper was charged with arson after setting another stripper’s lingerie on fire. BEST. STORY. EVER. [WAVE3]

The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency’s transportation division has released its winter newsletter. [External PDF Link]

Instant horsie racing passed in Kentucky, in case you were wondering. This is a good thing. [Paulick Report & Amanda Van Benschoten]

Louisville artist Stephen Irwin died a few days ago after suffering a heart condition. Irwin, many know, is one of the top artists in the city (and one of the top in the country, with a New York gallery, even) and is well-known throughout the national gay and lesbian community. [Sad Thoughts]

Here’s a fancy rumor for ya: We hear through the grapevine that the, ahem, infamous husband of Madonna Flood could be coming out of “retirement” to once again run the Property Maintenance Division of Codes and Regulations. [Fancy Rumors]

Dear Angie Fenton: There’s nothing new about this face. Also, which bridge? Wow. Why did we even bother reading this? [Angie Fenton]

Steve Wiser takes a look back at local architectural design for 2010. Interesting read. [External PDF Link]

A judge says the Louisville Orchestra has to stick to its contract. Because, wait for it: that’s how contracts work. [FOX 41]

Basically, you need to go to this New Year’s Even party at Headliners with THE PASS. Do it. It’s $10. [Backseat Sandbar]

What A Difference A Year Makes In Louisville

You know how just over a year ago Jim King was running for mayor and proposing the restoration of LMPD’s gang squad/street crimes unit?

At a press conference in the West End this morning, Jim King – part of his mayoral campaign – will announce plans to restore LMPD’s gang unit, revitalize the street crimes unit and identify more funding for the Metro Narcotics Unit. Joining him at the presser will be former FOP President David James, community activist Mattie Jones, Councilman George Unseld, et al.

Yeah. A Kentucky Newspaper and everyone under the sun was on the attack, claiming the idea was ignorant and short-sighted. Then, bam, it front page yesterday:

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Particularly because the paper’s editorial board used that very issue as a springboard for calling on King to exit the mayoral race.

And check this from WDRB:

“It creates stress,” he says, “but it’s what I would call good stress.” Chief White believes the stress and changes ultimately help reduce violent crime — but how? He says, “Because now everybody has to raise…their level of responsibility, and the level of aggressiveness because they don’t want to fail.”

Despite the decrease in violent crime, Chief White admits they have seen an increase in another areas such as home and car break-ins: “This year, we’re going to probably have a 9 to 10 percent increase in property crimes.” But the chief says the changes will help address that increase.

What was that, again, about the idea being a bad one a year ago? I mean, now that the new crew coming in is doing exactly what they criticized.

Talk about coming full circle.

Let’s Just Toll Every Louisville Road Forever, Amen

The Louisville Orchestra bankruptcy saga sucks for Louisville. Just plain sucks, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan. [FOX 41]

LMPD is collecting evidence to find out who tortured and mutilated cats. Our money’s on Bill Frist of Tennessee. [WAVE3]

Everyone knows Ralph Long is one smart cracker. We’re glad he’s foaming at the mouth on the internets again! He’s taking a look at the corruption at the Kentucky Retirement Systems these days. And he’s spot-on. [Ralph Long]

Kentuckian George Clooney, Google and the United Nations are teaming up to watch the Sudanese border with satellites in the fight against genocide. [HuffPo]

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels wants to downsize the East End bridge. Imagine that. [FatLip]

Republican State Rep. Addia Wuchner has pre-filed legislation in Frankfort for the upcoming legislative session focusing on education and combating childhood obesity. What’s your take? [Page One]

Own a business in Louisville? Then you should probably get to know this business. [WHAS11]

In Lexington, the newspaper of record sees opportunity on the economic front with a new mayor coming into office. [H-L]

Spaghetti Junction tolling on its way? That could be super-exciting for area residents. We should just toll all roads in Louisville, everywhere, forever. [Curt Morrison]

80% of all antibiotics in the United States are given to farm animals. Does that give you any pause at all? Just a little bit? [Tree Hugger]

Chase Cain Sighting On A Weird Reality Show

That Chase Cain. He’s a big-time actor these days.

We were vegging out over the weekend, just cold watching this bad teevee show. And BAM! Out pops Chase Cain acting (literally) like he was interested in Gene Simmons’ daughter at a milkshake shop.

Here’s photographic proof:

Talk about awkward. His milkshake brings all the…

You are welcome.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that it’s the “What Happens In Vegas…” episode on the A&E site.

ANOTHER UPDATE: What’s that? You want a clip?

Here’s your clip!

You can thank me with fancy gifts.

Hope You’re Enjoying Your Holiday Fun Week

No more paper subpoenas for police officers. Louisville will start sending them electronically. [H-L]

Louisville homicides were down in 2010 but 22 cases remain unsolved. Four murders in the past week. [WAVE3]

The former Colgate plant in Southern Indiana could have a new life. What will it be? And, no, I don’t think Brown-Forma bought it, so folks can stop emailing me about that bit. [FOX 41]

The number of Americans lacking medical coverage now exceeds the entire population of Spain. [HuffPo]

Lines formed early at the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Partnership. Tons of folks need help paying their heating bills. [More FOX 41]

If you missed it last week, here’s a taste of the ignorance you can expect in the upcoming legislative session in Frankfort. [Page One]

It’s official. Michelle Jones has been abducted. No word on who or what abducted her. [Consuming Louisville]

Has your family driven you crazy? Do you need a reason to drink? It’s NYE week, so it’s acceptable to drink before noon. [Bar Belle]

400,000-year-old human remains found in a cave in Israel? Ruh ro, dineysore ark park people! [AP]

So much for the separation of church and state. At least this means a few more tax dollars for Kentucky, I guess. After the $37 million in tax breaks, that is. [B&P]