You Fighting The Green Dragon, For Jesus, Maybe?

Will our state legislators end abuse of the elderly and vulnerable? Will Democrats be able to work with Republicans? Here’s hoping. [Page One]

On December 9, anti-mountaintop removal activist Mary Love will speak about the devastating effects of the practice at the University of Louisville. Ekstrom Library, room W-104. 6:00 P.M. Light refreshments will be served after the talk. [Go To It]

No one in their right mind wants to pay ridiculous tolls to cross a bridge into our out of Kentucky. [WHAS11]

But the U.S. Department of Transportation isn’t going to listen to 10,000 citizens. They’d rather listen to a handful of the super-rich who live in the East End. [FatLip]

The University of Louisville is working to combat child abuse. Good things do happen at UofL. [WAVE3]

We don’t know the girl. And maybe she was acting worse than the average drunk. But we can’t figure out why it’s important news for days and days and days that a police officer was arrested while acting like an intoxicated psycho. At least WDRB does a good job with the story and has a great photo of the officer’s sister. [FOX 41]

Get the sense that Michelle is or has been abducted? Yeah, us too. [Consuming Louisville]

Because Branden Klayko was abducted again and hasn’t been heard from in nearly a month. [Broken Sidwealk]

Graeter’s is closing its four stores in Lexington and four others in Northern Kentucky. Here’s hoping nothing in the Louisville area closes, right??? Coconut Chip is very important stuff. [H-L]

Need something hilarious to start your morning? Well, ladies and ladydudes, put down your coffee. Some right-wing mouth-breathing “Christians” have produced a film aimed at fighting the “Green Dragon.” That’s right – pals of Jim Gooch and the Family Fauxndation are protecting our white women from scary people who don’t want to murder the environment 24/7. [Wonkette]

SHOCKER! The Pentagon says gays could serve in the military with no harm. Can you believe that? Gays? In the military? Imagine that. [HuffPo]

6 thoughts on “You Fighting The Green Dragon, For Jesus, Maybe?

  1. “Care Package from UofL”

    Good for UofL in battling child abuse, an horrendous category in which KY leads the nation. Perhaps a lot less biblical injunctions (“spare the rod, spoil the child”) and a lot more caring are called for. Same for spousal abuse (sorry, St. Paul, but women are not property either.)

  2. OK Jake, how do we pay for the bridges? You know, they do cost something. You can just have a world of unicorns and rainbows where good things don’t actually cost something.

    Tolls suck. They are also necessary to pay for the bridges.

    It’s like saying I really hate stop lights because they slow me down, but they are necessary to prevent accidents.

  3. So $3-$6 for rolling back and forth to Indiana is the answer?

    You can’t hop up on here and act like we haven’t been talking about this issue for a while and presenting valid arguments against high tolls.

    Nice to see some Clear Channel folks supporting exorbitant and unaffordable daily taxes on the working class. Makes tons of sense.

  4. OK Jake, how do we pay for the bridges?

    I’m confused… when the Kennedy bridge was first built, did it have tolls? Did I-65 have tolls every 10 miles when Eisenhower built it? Why does my gas station put up little stickers on the pump that says that for every $1 I spend on gas, $0.43 of that goes to the federal highway taxes? What happens to that money?

    It seems to me the need for the new bridge is that there are more people driving. And more people driving means more gas being used. And more gas being used means more taxes raised for highways. What’s the point of the gas tax if it isn’t used to build and repair roads?

  5. Derrick, why on earth do we need most of what is proposed in the Ohio River Bridges Project? A lot of us think this is a two-bridges boondoggle, and we only need the East End Bridge and minor changes to Spaghetti Junction. Tolling (taxing) us to pay for bridges we’ve already paid for to pay for a humongous project almost none of us wants is stupid. Really stupid.

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