What Will Happen To Supe Sheldon Berman?

Where is Andrew Compton’s body? The search of the Southern Indiana landfill was called off on Friday. Where did O’Bryan allegedly kill and dispose of Andrew?  Here’s hoping the LMPD is able to give the Compton Family some answers soon. [FOX 41]

The Louisville Zoo has until January 1 to raise $820,000 for the Kresge Foundation match. So far, it’s raised $6.88 million of the $7.7 million required for the organization to match. Let’s make this thing happen, Louisville. [H-L]

Today through January 31 you can take a canned food item to the zoo and get $5 admission. The food goes to Dare to Care, the discount goes in your pocket. So go do it. It’s worth it. [Deep Zoo Thoughts]

The Insight Communications power-grab in Louisville is heading back to committee at the Metro Council. This shiz is insane. Councilcritters MUST add additional commentary periods (at times when people can show up) if they take their constituents seriously. And there needs to be a better job done to get the word out. [FatLip]

Greg Fischer’s mayoral team is “reviewing” employees and budgets. [WFPL]

There’s gonna be a fancy artist market at 21C on the 26th that will serve as a terrific Black Friday alternative. Will anyone be able to afford any of the merch? [Consuming Louisville]

What will happen tonight? The Jefferson County Board of Education will hold a meeting this evening to discuss Superintendent Sheldon Berman’s future. Will they let him ride til the end of his contract and left him move along to bilk $300K out of some other unsuspecting school district? Make your predictions now. [WAVE3]


Everyone freaks out when I say the TSA measures are no big deal. I mean, it gives closet pervs the chance to get seen kinda naked and menopausal meemaws the chance to get a little felt up. It’s a win-win. [WHAS11]

7 thoughts on “What Will Happen To Supe Sheldon Berman?

  1. Bye, bye to the Shellster. Michelle Rhee, are you still looking for a job? We need someone who will come in and get rid of the incompetent policies, procedures, and people that Daeschner and Berman left behind. We need someone who doesn’t begin every conversation with how poor and minority children are impossible to teach.

  2. Rumor has it that Michelle Rhee is going to work for Arne Duncan at DOE. There are other good people out there who understand how to work with poor and disadvantaged kinds and also know that dumping one new program after another is NOT the way to do it. We can only hope that the Board puts the interest of kids before those of adults.

  3. He’ll be re-installed. The community leadership (nee: top pols and GLI bus. leaders) are too dedicated to mediocrity to change this mistake (and most of their kids go to cathol. or pvte schools) and average Louisville citizens are too lazy to demonstrate and demand improvement.
    By blaming ‘it all’ on poor tests and a national educ. malaise, Berman’s proven is his own lack of education — because we’re WAY BELOW THE NATIONAL AVERAGE, and ‘average’ can ONLY be gleaned (academically) by averaging ALL the nation’s scores. SO, somewhere there’s a No. 1 and somewhere there’s a No. 10,000. We’re far closer to the No. 10,000. SO, IF ITS TRULY A NATIONAL PROBLEM, then the No. 1 is way below the world’s average and we’re nothing more than a 3rd world country (in education). WHAT A DISASTER.

  4. We live in a different world than we did 15 years ago. To be safe, you have to give up some freedoms. The TSA measures don’t bother me. If they both you, DON’T FLY!!!!

  5. You anti-TSAers, if you don’t want a pat-down, just walk through the scanner and don’t be such friggin’ wimps. Nobody can tell who you are and the scans aren’t saved anyway. It’s the way of the world these days. Take the bus if you don’t want to fly.

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