What Questions Do You Have For State Legislators?

If you love the Louisville Palace, this story about its rich history is terrific. [LEO Weekly]

The Ali Center is celebrating an important milestone. [FOX 41]

How many accidents have to happen in a single mine before Steve Beshear’s administration will take action? How many people have to die? Yet all you Democrats in Louisville fawn over him like he’s the second coming when Mayor McCheese is with him. [H-L]

Dining Out For Life will take place on December 1. Restaurants donating the most: Cozza, Captain’s Quarters, Simply Thai [DINE OUT]

Hundreds of hours have been put into the search for Andrew Compton’s body. That family must be devastated. [WAVE3]

There’s a benefit concert being held on December 4 at 8:00 P.M. So if you like music and want to help in the situation, here’s your chance. [Compton’s Brother]

The University of Louisville should be applauded for going completely smoke-free. [WHAS11]

It’s time for an Ask Your Legislator update. Here’s your chance to ask state legislators anything you want. [Page One]

Are you registered to vote? Having difficulty remembering? You’ve got no excuse. Check here. If you’re not registered, do so today. [Click Here]

8 thoughts on “What Questions Do You Have For State Legislators?

  1. “No Cigs to Lend in Card Land”

    Hooray for UofL’s total non-smoking policy. In one of the smokiest cities in the nation, where people hang out on sidewalks to poof away, it is praiseworthy that the Belknap and downtown campuses will no longer cough up cancer-inducing fumes on its greenery or pavements.

  2. I’ll be impressed by UofL’s smoking ban when it actually has some teeth to it. Last I checked there was no fine or anything outside of peer pressure to shame smokers off campus.

  3. “Card Camouflage Again?”

    Interesting, Bill–thanks for enlightening us. Given your news, I am sorry to have praised what looks like yet another UofL PR stunt.

  4. Metro council meeting tonight at 6 pm hearing on insight and other stuff. Someone on courier journal last week said comcast is trying to buy insight is this true?

  5. Only competition for cable in most markets is satellite TV. Myself, I watch a lot of programs via the Internet and do not have cable or satellite TV

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