13 thoughts on “Ugh, Mandy, Really? Why Do This?

  1. Jake, I admire your strength. To me, it wouldn’t be worth it to follow such a person, but you strive on. That’ remarkable. And yeah, if you’ve actually never been to a project, you don’t really have any right to talk about what goes on at the pjs. She’s a racist, elitist hack.

  2. Mandy is against civility because then she wouldn’t have a job. There is a strange combination of ego and self loathing that drives these radio hatemongers. Clear Channel continues its 20 plus year descent into the mire.

  3. Face it Jake, she’s not Francine. That ship sailed and Clear Channel decided it would further debase its once great station.

  4. No one could replace Francene.

    But I wasn’t hoping for or looking for a replacement.

    Having given Mandy an opportunity in the past not to make a race-baiting mistake again, I’m super-disappointed in this latest mess.

  5. Just further proof that the tea bagger types come from a very messed up mindset. Then again, everyone should have seen that coming with Aqua Buddha man.

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