Tonight’s General Election Results Thingy!

We’ll update this throughout the night with various results as they’re available. Local races will mostly be called by 6:00 P.M. U.S. Senate by 7:00 P.M.

Feel free to use the post as a free for all!

Just keep it semi-clean and FUNNY. No Debbie Downer stuff tonight, kids.


  • Hal Heiner – 124,995 – 49%
  • Greg Fischer – 131,136 – 51%

Wow. I thought Fischer was gonna win by at least a couple points. Closer than anyone could have imagined.

U.S. Senate

  • Rand Paul – with 90% reporting – 688,842 – 56%
  • Jack Conway – 552,020 – 44%

3rd District U.S. Congress

  • Todd Lally – 112,469 – 44%
  • John Yarmuth – 138,992 – 55%
  • Michael Hansen – 1,329 – 0.52%
  • Ed Martin – 2,026 – 0.8%

What was that, again, about Todd Lally winning? I hate to rub salt in the wound, but, TOLD YA SO.

District Judge – 30th District, 16th Division

  • Katie King – with 99% of precincts reporting – 110,297 – 55%
  • Jim Green – 90,799 – 45%

6th Metro Council District

  • Candace Jaworski – 657 – 16%
  • David James – likely winner – 3,070 – 74%
  • Deonte Hollowell – 398 – 9%
  • Ken Herndon – ?

25th Metro Council District

  • Doug Hawkins – 4,605 – 48%
  • David Yates wins!  No mas, Dougie! – 4,851 – 51%

Please visit Page One for information on other important state-level races.

Just a heads-up: Lexington’s new mayor is Jim Gray, Kentucky’s first (openly, anyway) gay mayor. Big news for the Bluegrass!

46 thoughts on “Tonight’s General Election Results Thingy!

  1. I sure Hope the Voters of this community get in line with Hal!….I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation….I think the GOP will prevail tonight.

  2. Where are the results? I’m in Paris on a shitty internet connection, and not seeing any precinct reporting anywhere I can get to load.

  3. @ Steve – if those last two are of a similar number as the rest then Dougie would need to take something like 75% of the vote in those two precincts

  4. futureman – early precincts had Hawkins way in the lead… that’s why I’m slightly nervous. I want to see one more precinct before I can call it for Yates. And believe me, I want to call it for him.

  5. Has Doug Hawkins made a concession speech yet? Or is he demanding a recount of all voters whose names end in -ez or -es?

  6. Well, it looks like the majority of Louisville refuses to turn on the lights and let the cockroaches scatter. I’m not acting like a child such as my in-laws were acting when Heiner was in the lead in the polls though. I hope that all of Louisville holds Fischer accountable for all he says he will do. If he does then good job for him.

  7. I am stuck in Taiwan but even from here I can see that Hell is roasting hot again. Looks like Louisville made a deal with Mr. D. himself. Now we all will get Fischer’s ice and beverage dispenser when we need it the least, when its freezing cold outside.

  8. Phil, the alternative media is stronger than ever. Whoever was going to be mayor was and is going to face the most strident, probing, independent news media a mayor of Louisville has ever faced.

  9. Steve: The results posted were current as of midnight. They wavered throughout the night, much like many names were bold and then not.

    But will update.

  10. What is the statistical probability of two different precincts at the same polling location having the same exact vote counts? I’d say statistically impossible – especially if you told me 554 people were in each sample size (precinct).

    But that’s exactly what happened in two west end precincts – N104 and N106. Fischer got 536 votes to Heiner’s 18.

    These are not the only west end precincts with statistical abnormalities. When you couple improbable statistical coincidences with normal patterns of human voting behavior, it seems the result should be highly suspect.

    Additionally, when these results occur in precincts where Democratic challengers were allowed at the 11th hour by judicial declaration late Monday afternoon (and without satisfying state statutory requirements), it does not enhance the appearance of integrity in the voting process.

  11. It’s suspect, sure, as anything like that in voting should be examined.

    But I’d say it’s highly likely since precincts are similarly sized.

  12. In Re Curious –

    Several months ago I had made predictions for every precinct in the county – predictions based on past results dating back to 1998 – something I do both vocationally and avocationally.

    For N104, my prediction was 452-74 in Mayor-elect Fischer’s favor.

    For N106, it was 456-62 in Mayor-elect Fischer’s favor.

    My point being that, based on previous results, I fully expected them to be the close to the same.

    While my numbers were obviously wrong, these two precincts, irrespective of their identical results, demonstrate a single-event trend amongst African-American precincts in that most overperformed for the Mayor-elect, and this overperformance, which reverses a trend in place since the late 1990s, played a noticeable role in his victory.


  13. I heard a great joke at the party of newly elected David James of Old Louisville: I want to thank all of the bloggers closely associated with Ken H for helping to raise so much money for my campaign. Lesson: Ken’s “best friends” turned into worse friends by maligning and slandering single mom’s who work as clerks and supported David James. How foolish can a campaign that is so undisciplined get? Ken try to be nice and get rid of the mean. David James won because he is nice and willining to listen to you, me and others.

  14. So did Debbie Wesslund in Brent McKim’s failed attempt to bring a carpet bagger into the district.

  15. The primary problem with West End precincts is the overwhelmingly tendency to vote straight ticket.

    As for GF, can someone explain, anyone, why he considers White untouchable? He has cost the city millions by his lax supervision and refusal to take prompt and appropriate actions against officers and will continue to do so since he’s now been validated by GF. I’d love to see just how much the City has paid out in lawsuits over the last 4 years.

  16. I’m just glad I can watch TV or listen to the radio without the nasty commericals for at least six months!

  17. If GF dosen’t clean house and implement fresh people, in police, economic develepment, housing and other critical spots, the current smucks will be running him & not him running the city. He thinks it ain’t Broke! and it’ll be eaiser to just accept the Status Quo as is!

  18. We’ve gone several days now with plenty of time for post-election analysis, and I have yet to see any discussion of the effect of Green’s withdrawal on Fischer’s victory. Historically, “Other” has carried 2-3%. Fischer won by 2% or 6,141 votes. And despite his lackluster campaign, Jackie (aka “Other”) would have easily carried this amount – most likely more.

    Given the close outcome, Green’s candidacy (or lack thereof) certainly had an impact on the results. This raises the stakes on a full, fair and adequate investigation by the Kentucky State Police into the deal that was made by Green and Fischer.

    Also, it appears that there are now 124,995 citizens of Jefferson County who have standing to bring a civil suit under the statute. That could get interesting because the last time the KY Supreme Court ruled on KRS whatever (121.055) the court voided the election and vacated the office.

  19. Oh, and Jeff, based on previous results, I concede that the results could be close to the same but that is very different from being exactly the same – which is what N104 and N106 were.

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