Time For A Trip Down Berman’s Memory Lane

Since Sheldon Berman may or may not lose his job as superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools today, let’s take a trip down the Shelly B Wormhole.

From The ‘Ville Voice

From Page One

Reading all these old Berman corruption stories is enough to make a man sick. Jesus H.

2 thoughts on “Time For A Trip Down Berman’s Memory Lane

  1. “Once Sheldon Goes, Who Will Replace Him?”

    If he does go (and that would appear to be a good move, indeed), please do not replace him with someone who knows nothing about education nor has been in the school trenches. Across the nation we see military colonels, politicians, lawyers, businessmen, newspaper publishers, etc., becoming big-city school superintendents. In most cases, they have been phenomenal failures. Indeed, it is highly disrespectful of educators to have them leading professionals in the field. To say nothing of the distinct possibility that they know little about children.

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