Support Dare To Care By Giving Back Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the 41st anniversary of the death of Bobby Ellis. Ellis, a nine-year-old boy at the time, died on the eve of Thanksgiving 1969 from hunger. It was his death that sparked the Dare to Care movement we all support today.

In honor of Bobby, Dare to Care and Interfaith Paths to Peace will host a hunger awareness vigil tomorrow at 7:00 P.M. at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, 1701 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. A three-block candlelight walk will take place to mark remembrance of his death.

Bobby, who weighed less than 30 pounds at the time of his death, gives us all reason to help those in need. There are still hungry kids in this very community.

I hope you’ll give back this Thanksgiving and hope you’ll continue giving back throughout the year. You’ve literally got no excuse. Not even when it comes to money. Because this entire year I’ve obtained free items to donate. Either via buy one, get one free offers at Kroger, manufacturer’s coupons combined with discounts or freebie coupons in circulars and junk mail.

You CAN do it. You SHOULD do it.

The people I hope to see there: Greg Fischer and his family, all of his prominent supporters, Jerry Abramson, Hal Heiner, Jim King, Tyler Allen, the Brown Family, Anne Northup, Frank Simon, John Schnatter, Bruce Lunsford, Craig Greenberg, Steve Poe, Gill Holland, a representative from Ambassador Matthew Barzun, Dave Armstrong, Cathy Bailey, John Yarmuth’s folks, everyone else with money in this city. All of these people need to support this organization and they need to show up. That’d be almost as good as writing a check and would send a strong message to the community. But I’m not holding my breath.

2 thoughts on “Support Dare To Care By Giving Back Tomorrow

  1. I hope that this is a big success! I know it would be great if all those prominent citizens would show up, but even if they don’t, the rest of us need to make sure that we do our part!

  2. David Armstrong with ‘money.’ He’s never held a job other than one on the taxpayers tit and he didn’t inherit any either. Mayor Dave gets a pass on this one!!!!!!! (like most others).

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