Sheldon Berman Is All Anyone Can Talk About

Suez Water tried to sue the movie FLOW and lost in court. The truth wins again. [F&WW]

In case you needed a reason to avoid downtown on February 11? Kid Rock. [FOX 41]

Now that Sheldon Berman is out as superintending of Jefferson County Public Schools, it’s time to think about the future. Who will replace him? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Apparently, some folks think State Rep. Charlie Miller should be the next head of Jefferson County Public Schools. But that’s not gonna happen. We only bring in out-of-state folks who pal around with people like Robert Felner. [Facebook]

After WLKY ran a story last night declaring that the board of education had taken no action on Sheldon Berman, every other station in town ran a story that was factual. Like this one. [WAVE3]

And this story, too. Seems most people realize that being first isn’t the best way to operate in the news world. [WHAS11]

Attorney William Wilson – the guy who went “missing” in September has just as mysteriously resurfaced in the Louisville area. [FOX 41]

Really? Mitch McConnell revitalized Louisville over the past three years? This is the most hilarious story ever written. [WaPo]

We’re all just gonna play pat-a-cake over environmental issues. Because that’s what the rest of the world does. Makes sense. [NY Times]

2 thoughts on “Sheldon Berman Is All Anyone Can Talk About

  1. Charlie Miller is a great guy and was a super principal–he needs to remain in Frankfort. Which is not to say that there may not be a local person who is the right one for this time in Louisville’s life.

  2. A good person to promote from within would be James Jury of Ballard High School. He knows how to run a school, and even has experience as a superintendent in Crittenden County (he was run out of that backwards town by a board of education that didn’t like him, in other words, he was effective and demanded accountability).

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