Real Change Has Finally Come To Jeffersontown

Okay, let’s just say it: change has come to Jeffersontown.

Bill Dieruf is J-town’s new mayor.

He beat Clay Foreman 60.79% (5,734) to 39.21% (3,699).

In the interest of history (without even considering the worst stories about girlfriends and drug allegations), let’s take this little trip down memory lane:

I think this is terrific news for J-town.


1 thought on “Real Change Has Finally Come To Jeffersontown

  1. As one of the countless workers who commute into the Bluegrass Industrial Park (yes, I know it has a new moniker, but I don’t remember what the name was adjusted to so it could “attract” new business) every day, I’m reserving any positive reaction until I see relief for those of us who are taxed without representation.

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