1 thought on “President Obama’s Weekly Video Address

  1. Amazing! I was in Seoul last week when President Obama was there for the G20 meeting. News Flash. The others of the G20 or more specfically the G19 did not buy Obama’s plan to flood the US economy with $600 billion dollars of newly minted money and thus devalue the G19’s own currencies.

    Now he wants a New Start Treaty to be signed by our other leaders, the US Senate. While in Seoul just killometers away from the DMZ and one of the world’s greatest tyrants Kim Jong Il was busy giving tours of his new centrifuges.

    Obama wants a treaty to remove advanced weapon systems while lunatics like Mr. Il are working to buld a better bomb. I’m afraid our guy has lost it. The world knows Kim Jong Il is a nut and now they see Obama acting nutty. No wonder the G19 gave Obama such a cold shoulder. Could be worse though, it could have been Jimmy Carter.

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