Peeping Todd Lally’s Final Scare Tactic

Here’s Peeping Todd Lally’s latest scare tactic ad – complete with ominous voiceover:

It’s a shame John Yarmuth didn’t start running an actual campaign until a few weeks ago. Otherwise Toddy would be an afterthought. At least the Republican Party of Kentucky is essentially ignoring him.

2 thoughts on “Peeping Todd Lally’s Final Scare Tactic

  1. Wow, just wow.
    If this Lally nutcase gets in office, I am going to have to move. Being from Louisville and having as your national perception of representation being Greg Fischer, Todd Lally, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, and Mountain Top Removal.

    Tomorrow night Mr. Beam and I may be screaming at each other by 3am with the polling i’m seeing.

  2. Glad to see Lally didn’t get in. Its too bad the Bowling Green Aqua Buddha didn’t get sent back to Texas where he belongs.

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