Something’s Gotta Be In The Water In Indiana

Andrew Compton’s father spoke to FOX 41 in a super-sad interview. I can’t think of a more depressing and screwed up story. Absolutely horrifying. If you’ve got some extra cash, maybe you’ll consider contributing to the Andrew Compton Memorial Fund at any PNC Bank location – to help pay for burial and funeral expenses. [FOX 41]

Newly-elected Metro Councilcritter David James could take office this year, according to the County Attorney. [FatLip]

Musicians with the Louisville Orchestra have broken their silence over ongoing contract negotiations. The ensemble needs $2 million. [WFPL]

Here’s a one-on-one interview with Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Sheldon Berman that may or may not make your skin crawl. [FOX 41]

Thornton’s has pledged to give 21st Century Parks a million bucks for creating the Floyds Fork park. [WAVE3]

Was the Vice-Presidential airplane spotted in Louisville a couple days ago? A reader says he saw the plane. [We Get Emails]

The Herald-Leader editorial board recognizes there’s a problem with payday loan sharks. It’s a shame the other big paper in Kentucky tends to ignore the issue. [H-L]

A dentist from Southern Indiana killed a lady and essentially got away with it. Wow. Remember the guy who was drunk in a trash can?  He’s involved in the story, too. [WHAS11]

Everybody is still faux-excited over the push to lure an NBA team to Louisville. We’re left wondering why Louisvillians can never be satisfied with what they’ve got here in their great city. Kinda frustrating that people don’t get this excited over light rail or repairing pot holes. [Broken Sidewalk]

KET Tackles Teen Suicide Prevention Tonight

Tonight at 9:00 P.M. Eastern, KET will air Before It’s Too Late: Preventing Teen Suicide.

From KET:

On the program, family members who have been directly impacted by teen suicide share their stories, and experts provide advice for those who fear a teen they know may be considering suicide. Before It’s Too Late explores cyberbullying, depression, the warning signs of suicide and new legislation designed to prevent teen suicide. The program also visits an innovative suicide prevention workshop at Mercer County High School.

Guests on the program include David Marshall, director of secondary education for the Bullitt County Public School System; Sheila Stanton, co-founder of Make a Difference for Kids Inc., which promotes awareness and prevention of cyberbullying and suicide; Jan Ulrich, youth suicide prevention marketing specialist for the Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health; and Michael McFarland, licensed marriage and family therapist and former Kentucky state suicide prevention coordinator. Stanton and Ulrich also represent family members who have lost a loved one to suicide.

The program will also be streamed live on KET’s website.

At a time when 15.1% of Kentucky high schoolers say they’ve seriously considered suicide, you’ve got no excuse for missing it.

Have You Ever Been Barefoot In The Park?

It’s time to give away more tickets to an Actors Theatre show! It’s the perfect way to ease your way into the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Barefoot In The Park — a light-hearted romantic by Neil Simon — should be the perfect date night situation. You know, in case you’ve got a date to take out to a show. Here’s what ATL has to say about the production: One of the sweetest odes to young love and commitment ever written for the theatre. In this winsome comedy, newlyweds Corie and Paul negotiate their first apartment, eccentric neighbors and a meddling mother. This Neil Simon hit sparkles with lively wordplay and laughs as well as charming characters who find joy amid inspired lunacy.

The show runs November 16 through December 18. So you’ve gotta enter to win TODAY so we can draw winners this evening.

Two winners will each receive a voucher for two tickets (an $88 value). I’ll mail them out tomorrow. To enter: leave a comment on this post, send me an email or message me on Twitter. Tell us how your perfect date will go. Winners will be selected at random, so begging doesn’t matter. But one of you will also win dinner (complete with a bottle of my favorite wine) for two at a terrific local restaurant.

Tickets will be valid November 16 through November 28, for use Sunday through Thursday or during Saturday matinees.

Not a winner? Click here to buy tickets to the show.

Andrew Compton Search Resumes Again Today

Andrew Compton’s body still hasn’t been located. Saturday marked the fifth day of searching a Southern Indiana landfill. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say I can’t wait for this to come to an end so the public can learn the details of what really happened. [FOX 41]

Compton’s brother wrote on his website Saturday that we shouldn’t believe everything the media tells us, expressing frustration. I know I speak for everyone when I saw our thoughts are with the Compton Family. [Andrew Compton is Missing]

Where are WHAS11 teevee folks from 1980 at today? This flashback is sure to give you laughs. [WHAS11]

Paoli’s town square burned down. What a horrible sight to see. [WAVE3]

Will anything ever change with Passport? With the University of Louisville officials controlling the board have to answer for their lack of oversight? Will Larry Cook’s behavior with our tax dollars become the new standard for screwing the poor over? At least one newspaper in Kentucky takes this seriously. [H-L]

Jackie Green apparently thinks he’s still running for mayor. He sent out an email blast on Saturday complaining about TARC’s new development plans. [Now He’s Irrelevant?]

The Lexington Art League does does for domestic violence victims and healing. Anything similar like this going on in Louisville? [Page One]

Here’s hoping John Boel’s inpatient treatment at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is going well. [FatLip]

The Louisville Zoo is hosting Santa’s Safari on December 11 & 12 and 18 & 19. Kids get a scary photo with Santa and families get to visit ten safari stations to interact with animals and educators. [Louisville Zoo]

Millionaire college presidents are definitely on the rise. And not just at Kentucky’s top two state schools. [WaPo]

Judicial Race Recanvass Results Are In

Waiting like a cat in heat for the judicial race recanvass results?

Yeah, us neither. But here (Warning: External PDF Link) they are:

Circuit Judge – 30th Circuit, Division 11

  • Vandertoll Certified: 97,071
  • Vandertoll Recanvass: 97,071
  • Edwards Certified: 97,739
  • Edwards Recanvass: 97,741

30th District, Division 17

  • Williams Certified: 92,058
  • Williams Recanvass: 92,058
  • Ward Certified: 91,457
  • Ward Recanvass: 91,457

Back to your regularly scheduled Friday time wasting…

Jerry’s Gubmint Costs Us Lots Of Money AGAIN

I hear through the gayvine that Bennie Ivory sent out a new memo telling folks at A Kentucky Newspaper that they’re no longer allowed to comment on other websites. Wonder why? [Deep Newspaper Thoughts]

It really is a shame no one bothered to show up to offer their thoughts on Insight’s monopoly. There’s another hearing next week, so be sure to make note. [FatLip]

Several hundred homeless veterans are living in Louisville. THAT is how we repay our most honored. With homelessness. Maybe along with a new VA hospital we can focus on homeless vets? [FOX 41 & More]

Apparently, Jerry Abramson says he’s got accomplishments. Do you? Go listen to his speech. [WFPL]

Satan was in Louisville the other day. Did you know? Satan. From hell. []

With the University of Kentucky partnering with Norton Healthcare and the University of Louisville and Jewish Hospital joining forces, what’s next? Will anyone ever be able to afford care? [Joe Arnold]

Ever wanted to ask a state legislator something and get a straight answer? Here’s your chance. [Page One]

Metro Government will pay Wayside $145,000 to settle that old housing complaint. Can you believe it? Jerry McCheese’s administration screwed ANOTHER simple thing up and it’s costing US tons of money. [WAVE3]

UPDATE: The settlement reached actually settled all claims, including those from the Coalition for the Homeless – not just Wayside’s HUD complaint. Story was a bit incorrect.

On November 24, Zen Garden will host the 10th Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner. The event is free and open to the public. The big deal? 100% of proceeds go to charity. [Consuming Louisville]

The Spirit of Jefferson will host a number of events over the coming weeks. Thanksgiving Lunch, Light Up Louisville, Lunch with Santa, New Year’s Eve, et al. Not exactly cheap, but could be interesting. [Belle of Louisville]