David James Sworn In As Councilcritter Yesterday

David James was sworn in as the newest Metro Councilperson yesterday at the Conrad Compton House by Judge Susan Gibson:

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the people of the District and I look forward to joining the other 25 members of the Council as we help a new administration move this Metro Government forward,” said James.

Here’s hoping he serves the sixth district well.

John Timmons Again Begging For Help

ear X-tacy owner John Timmons has released yet another video plea for help:

I love the store. I buy merchandise there on occasion. But until ear X and other retailers have a product that’s as simple to use as iTunes, I don’t know many of my friends who will shop there. Sure, you can buy MP3s from ear X-tacy. But next to no one knows about it.

Hope it succeeds. Just not sure it’s possible to lure people away from a more convenient and cheaper option on the internet, sadly.

What Questions Do You Have For State Legislators?

If you love the Louisville Palace, this story about its rich history is terrific. [LEO Weekly]

The Ali Center is celebrating an important milestone. [FOX 41]

How many accidents have to happen in a single mine before Steve Beshear’s administration will take action? How many people have to die? Yet all you Democrats in Louisville fawn over him like he’s the second coming when Mayor McCheese is with him. [H-L]

Dining Out For Life will take place on December 1. Restaurants donating the most: Cozza, Captain’s Quarters, Simply Thai [DINE OUT]

Hundreds of hours have been put into the search for Andrew Compton’s body. That family must be devastated. [WAVE3]

There’s a benefit concert being held on December 4 at 8:00 P.M. So if you like music and want to help in the situation, here’s your chance. [Compton’s Brother]

The University of Louisville should be applauded for going completely smoke-free. [WHAS11]

It’s time for an Ask Your Legislator update. Here’s your chance to ask state legislators anything you want. [Page One]

Are you registered to vote? Having difficulty remembering? You’ve got no excuse. Check here. If you’re not registered, do so today. [Click Here]

Is This The Guy You Want Leading On Bridges?


Is Steve Schultz the guy you want leading on the Ohio River Bridges Debacle? He’s currently the executive director of the bridges “authority” but has, ahem, a problem or two.

He was vice president and general counsel of Irwin Union Bank when it went belly-up, costing taxpayers $850 million.


Columbus-based Irwin Financial Corp. (NYSE: IFC) has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. The move comes after federal and state regulators took control of Irwin Financial Union Bank and Trust Co. and sold the assets to First Financial. The Ohio-based bank says customers with deposits at Irwin will not lose any money as it takes over the accounts.

On September 18, 2009, the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions (the “DFI”) closed Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company (“IUBT”), the state chartered bank subsidiary of Irwin Financial Corporation (the “Corporation”), pursuant to Section 28-1-3.1-2(a)(6) of the Indiana Code, and appointed the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation (the “FDIC”) as receiver of IUBT


The collapse of Irwin’s two units marks the 93rd and 94th failures this year of U.S. federally insured banks. The FDIC took on Irwin’s riskiest assets and expects to book an $850 million charge to its insurance fund in connection to the failure.

Irwin Financial had been in financial decline for more than a year, in part because of steep losses on home equity loans. Over the last six quarters, Irwin posted losses totaling more than $450 million. Founded in 1871, it was one of the state’s oldest banks.

Here (Warning: External PDF Link):

On September 15, 2009, Irwin Financial Corporation (the “Corporation”) and its principal depository institution subsidiary, Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company (“IUBT”), entered into a Cease and Desist Order (the “Order”) with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (the “Federal Reserve”) and the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions (the “DFI”).

Date: September 16, 2009 By: /s/ Steven R. Schultz
First Vice President and General Counsel

Totally the guy we need making a $4-$5 BILLION decision for us.