What Will Happen To Supe Sheldon Berman?

Where is Andrew Compton’s body? The search of the Southern Indiana landfill was called off on Friday. Where did O’Bryan allegedly kill and dispose of Andrew?  Here’s hoping the LMPD is able to give the Compton Family some answers soon. [FOX 41]

The Louisville Zoo has until January 1 to raise $820,000 for the Kresge Foundation match. So far, it’s raised $6.88 million of the $7.7 million required for the organization to match. Let’s make this thing happen, Louisville. [H-L]

Today through January 31 you can take a canned food item to the zoo and get $5 admission. The food goes to Dare to Care, the discount goes in your pocket. So go do it. It’s worth it. [Deep Zoo Thoughts]

The Insight Communications power-grab in Louisville is heading back to committee at the Metro Council. This shiz is insane. Councilcritters MUST add additional commentary periods (at times when people can show up) if they take their constituents seriously. And there needs to be a better job done to get the word out. [FatLip]

Greg Fischer’s mayoral team is “reviewing” employees and budgets. [WFPL]

There’s gonna be a fancy artist market at 21C on the 26th that will serve as a terrific Black Friday alternative. Will anyone be able to afford any of the merch? [Consuming Louisville]

What will happen tonight? The Jefferson County Board of Education will hold a meeting this evening to discuss Superintendent Sheldon Berman’s future. Will they let him ride til the end of his contract and left him move along to bilk $300K out of some other unsuspecting school district? Make your predictions now. [WAVE3]


Everyone freaks out when I say the TSA measures are no big deal. I mean, it gives closet pervs the chance to get seen kinda naked and menopausal meemaws the chance to get a little felt up. It’s a win-win. [WHAS11]

Heard It Through The Greg Fischer Gayvine

That sound you hear?

It’s none other than mayor-elect Greg Fischer allegedly telling Metro Government department heads that he will keep their application letters private if they re-apply for their current jobs.

What was that, again, about transparency?

Because I’m sure not seeing any.

And this – from a hugely credible Fischer supporter – doesn’t help in any way, shape or form.

Those letters should be open for public review.

Death Penalty In The Andrew Compton Case

Agree or disagree? WDRB says prosecutors are pushing for it.

My thoughts: No way, no how. How is dying – taking the easy way out – punishment for such a horrible crime?

Why shouldn’t this guy – if guilty and convicted – be forced to live his entire life tortured with the reality of what he’s done?

I get that some people think the death penalty is just cruel. I don’t think it’s cruel enough.

Anyone else on this same page?

Additional Thoughts On The ear X-tacy Issue

I posted it here in response to this, but figure I should share it on the front page of the site:

No other business gets to beg the public for help when it needs an influx of cash. They build a product, prove it works and can grow and then they go out to secure funding if they don’t have family money. It’s how I did it. It’s how everyone does it.

And sometimes businesses fail.

My understanding is that John’s wife is a physician – so they’re not exactly living the slum life. He’s known around the world. If he’s really serious, he’ll find a way to work his connections to make this thing work. But it’s not gonna happen by begging the public for sympathy dollars.

What are your thoughts on the fat of ear X-tacy? So far, the discussion has been pretty great. The latest comments are rather interesting.

I’m sure this city can come up with some sort of solution. So dig in. Offer your ideas.

Just please stop sending me ridiculous emails telling me what a “right-wing hater” I am for “wanting ear X to fail” because that’s not the case. I just don’t feel sorry for a business – though I love it – when it doesn’t find ways to adapt to the marketplace.

Cyclists Use The Same Road You Use, Folks

Interesting and terrific news came out of Winchester/Clark County, Kentucky yesterday. The EKPC coal-fired power plant will not be built. [Page One]

U.S. Ambassador to Sweeden Matthew Barzun has the right idea on energy. It makes no sense to wait. [Twitter]

This lady nearly bit off a woman’s finger? Shoo! And I thought sword guy from a couple months ago was insane. [WHAS11]

Passport CEO Larry Cook is stepping down from his job. The spending scandal really shook the Medicaid ground, it seems. [Bluegrass Politics]

Here’s what Governor Steve Beshear had to say: “While a new interim CEO is important, it is also essential to have a top to bottom change in management and a total reorganization in the governing structure of Passport.” [Press Release]

Need a college scholarship? Here’s your way to get $20,000 from KFC via Twitter. [84WHAS]

It may be an accident, but it seems like there are more and more of these cyclist accidents in Louisville these days. Especially ones involving death. Sure, it’s because of increased cycling. But it seems a bit too frequent for comfort. [FOX 41]

Because idiots like this continue to hit cyclists and haul ass away from the scene. How can you hit someone on a bike and then just drive away? [WFPL]

It burns! Make it stop! Prosecutors in the Karen Sypher – Rick Pitino sexytime scandal don’t want the judge in the trial to be disqualified. This story is apparently never going to end. [H-L]

David James Sworn In As Councilcritter Yesterday

David James was sworn in as the newest Metro Councilperson yesterday at the Conrad Compton House by Judge Susan Gibson:

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the people of the District and I look forward to joining the other 25 members of the Council as we help a new administration move this Metro Government forward,” said James.

Here’s hoping he serves the sixth district well.