Support Dare To Care By Giving Back Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the 41st anniversary of the death of Bobby Ellis. Ellis, a nine-year-old boy at the time, died on the eve of Thanksgiving 1969 from hunger. It was his death that sparked the Dare to Care movement we all support today.

In honor of Bobby, Dare to Care and Interfaith Paths to Peace will host a hunger awareness vigil tomorrow at 7:00 P.M. at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, 1701 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. A three-block candlelight walk will take place to mark remembrance of his death.

Bobby, who weighed less than 30 pounds at the time of his death, gives us all reason to help those in need. There are still hungry kids in this very community.

I hope you’ll give back this Thanksgiving and hope you’ll continue giving back throughout the year. You’ve literally got no excuse. Not even when it comes to money. Because this entire year I’ve obtained free items to donate. Either via buy one, get one free offers at Kroger, manufacturer’s coupons combined with discounts or freebie coupons in circulars and junk mail.

You CAN do it. You SHOULD do it.

The people I hope to see there: Greg Fischer and his family, all of his prominent supporters, Jerry Abramson, Hal Heiner, Jim King, Tyler Allen, the Brown Family, Anne Northup, Frank Simon, John Schnatter, Bruce Lunsford, Craig Greenberg, Steve Poe, Gill Holland, a representative from Ambassador Matthew Barzun, Dave Armstrong, Cathy Bailey, John Yarmuth’s folks, everyone else with money in this city. All of these people need to support this organization and they need to show up. That’d be almost as good as writing a check and would send a strong message to the community. But I’m not holding my breath.

State Senate President On Berman’s JCPS Ouster

Rather than say something substantive and to encourage Jefferson County Public Schools, here’s what Republican State Senate President David Williams had to say:

“This is an opportunity for the school system to put bad ideas in the past and move forward with new leadership whose primary concern is improving the quality of the education that children get in every part of Jefferson County. The next superintendent would be wise to distance himself from a self-serving public employee union that has proven time and again it cares more about its political agenda than improving public education. We look forward to working with a new administration to ensure that every Jefferson County family has access to a neighborhood school that provides a quality education.”

David L. Williams

That’s right – continuing to take the stupid advice from a couple Bush folks that trashing unions in liberal Louisville is a good thing. Because that’s obviously going to help move JCPS forward, right?

Message to David: Listen to the smart people around you telling you to temper your message.

Some Fancy New Sharing Features For You

Last week we unveiled new sharing features at Page One and we’re doing the same here.

Beginning today you’ll see these fancy new sharing features at the bottom of each post for Twitter and Facebook, just like this:

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Like with, hope this change makes things easier for you in the long run.

Sheldon Berman Is All Anyone Can Talk About

Suez Water tried to sue the movie FLOW and lost in court. The truth wins again. [F&WW]

In case you needed a reason to avoid downtown on February 11? Kid Rock. [FOX 41]

Now that Sheldon Berman is out as superintending of Jefferson County Public Schools, it’s time to think about the future. Who will replace him? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Apparently, some folks think State Rep. Charlie Miller should be the next head of Jefferson County Public Schools. But that’s not gonna happen. We only bring in out-of-state folks who pal around with people like Robert Felner. [Facebook]

After WLKY ran a story last night declaring that the board of education had taken no action on Sheldon Berman, every other station in town ran a story that was factual. Like this one. [WAVE3]

And this story, too. Seems most people realize that being first isn’t the best way to operate in the news world. [WHAS11]

Attorney William Wilson – the guy who went “missing” in September has just as mysteriously resurfaced in the Louisville area. [FOX 41]

Really? Mitch McConnell revitalized Louisville over the past three years? This is the most hilarious story ever written. [WaPo]

We’re all just gonna play pat-a-cake over environmental issues. Because that’s what the rest of the world does. Makes sense. [NY Times]

Time For A Trip Down Berman’s Memory Lane

Since Sheldon Berman may or may not lose his job as superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools today, let’s take a trip down the Shelly B Wormhole.

From The ‘Ville Voice

From Page One

Reading all these old Berman corruption stories is enough to make a man sick. Jesus H.