Press Will Miss McCheese. The Rest, Not So Much

Here’s an odd interview with Jerry Abramson from the day before Thanksgiving. [WHAS11]

News of the Louisville Orchestra weighing bankruptcy has hit the Associated Press wire and has spread all over. We love the orchestra. Hopefully folks will show up for performances. Seems like this happens frequently, though. [H-L]

All I’m saying is that filling up these food deserts is a terrific flipping thing to behold. [LEO Weekly]

Are you disgusted that Mitch McConnell wants to continue the discrimination of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? If not, you should be. [LA Times]

A dog was shot multiple times and folks need help caring for it. [WAVE3]

Go to Light Up Louisville this year? How was it? Super-exciting? Over-the-top? Wasteful? Pretty? Nice? Just okay? [FOX 41]

The entire world is in a fury over the latest documents leaked by WikiLeaks. All kinds of details about secret diplomatic work by the United States. [NY Times]

Suburban poverty is a growing symptom of the recession. And it’s becoming more and more common here in Louisville. [LEO Weekly]

And this editorial about the cycle of prison and poverty in Kentucky examines another area of the problem. [H-L]

Remember the financial scandal involving the Mint Jubilee? Apparently, we’re all just supposed to forget all that happened. With millions of dollars not going to charity. [More WHAS11]

A Thanksgiving Gabe Bullard Caption Contest

It’s a very special Thanksgiving Gabe Bullard Caption Contest time!

Here you go:


Please make it hilarious and as family-friendly as possible, as we are respectable pseudo adults here on this website.

Mr. WFPL is well-known for assaulting people with the radio wand. Very few are aware, however, that he is this fancy Kanye guy who sings that “Monster” song during Thanksgiving dinner.

Let Me Be Biased For A Few Minutes Today

Check this bit from Phillip Bailey’s latest in LEO:

NuLu is a movement that embodies the message of sustainable living, and the district’s crown jewel is the Green Building.

Originally built in 1891, the building was renovated by local filmmaker and businessman Gill Holland, along with his wife, Augusta. The couple transformed the structure, making it an environmentally conscious building that includes 732 Social, office space, a record label and multiple event rooms. In an interview with LEO last week, Holland confirmed that they have received LEED Platinum Certification, making the Green Building the first commercial building in Kentucky to achieve that goal.

The business leader believes the area is now primed to pick up where it left off before the recession.

“A lot of things didn’t go as fast as they could or would have, but things are moving methodically forward,” Holland says. “I feel this was the one area of town that kept momentum during the last two years. Maybe it wasn’t full speed ahead, but it was still speeding ahead.”

Holland notes that the euphoria in the district is due to more than just his award-winning renovation project, and he credits the businesses and neighborhood association’s strength as a group. Successful networking has educated people about the importance of supporting local and family-owned businesses.

Click here to read the entire story. And note the bits about how housing is really out of reach for most Louisvillians when it comes to dowtown.

But that’s MAJOR news on the green front. MAJOR.

Louisville’s Coming Unglued Over Sheldon Berman

Will any of these super-wealthy and prominent folks show up to support Dare to Care this evening? Or are we just holding our breath? It’s the 41st anniversary of the death of Bobby Ellis, a nine-year-old boy who died of hunger. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Metro United Way will wrap up its 2010 fundraising season with an event at the Salvation Army Male campus on December 1. Greg Fischer will speak at the event. [MUW]

A memorial service for Andrew Compton has been planned for next Monday in Indiana. His family has returned to their home. So flipping sad. So frustrating not to know where Andrew’s body is.  [FOX 59 & His Brother’s Site]

The simple fact that Jerry Abramson and Greg Fischer had to pledge to say out of the search for a new superintendent is hilarious. [WFPL]

Just because it’s way too hilarious/insane, go watch the latest interview with Sylvia Lovely interview again. Our crazy-o-meter is going off as we watch the former ringleader of the Kentucky League of Cities downfall rant on and on about hookers and blow or whatever. [Page One]

The search for a new Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent is getting started. Who will it be? [WHAS11]

No one in their right mind thinks there needs to be a CVS on the property of Twig & Leaf. But should Twig & Leaf become a local (official) landmark? [WAVE3]

Imagine having new hands attached to your body… only to have your body reject them! Heart palps just thinking about it! [FOX 41]

LG&E and Kentucky Utilities are suing over faulty thermostats. The suit alleges Comverge energy-saving thermostats are a fire hazard. Everybody panic. [H-L]