New Speed School Billboard Is Kinda Hilarious

Yesterday was awesome. If any of you readers saw me puking into a trash can at the airport, please accept this as my apology. And if anyone caught it on tape, I will pay you hush money. [Deep Airport Thoughts]

Can you believe it? Aaron Ramey, the oft-detested former news director at WHAS11 has found a job in South Bend, Indiana. No wonder he was begging everyone under the sun to remove every mention of him from their websites, ever, just a few months ago. Here’s betting that Jeff Guy of WBND doesn’t really know much about Ramey’s management style. [TV News Check]

University of Louisville physicians have turned to ads to attack Humana. This fight is getting dirty! [FOX 41]

The state is seeking repayment from Passport for all of that crazy spending. No wonder Passport officials freaked out in our comments section for an entire week. [H-L]

Please take a restroom break before clicking on this link. Seriously. It is wholly pee/barf-worthy. Promise. [WHAS11]

The Kentucky Association of Counties conference is in town through Friday at the Galt House. Steve Beshear and David Williams are scheduled to speak. So you can bet 95% of the entire conference will be nothing but a political campaign. [WFPL]

Jack Conway, not content with losing the U.S. Senate campaign, is once again flip-flopping on the issues and sending out email blasts about it. This time it’s Social Security. He’s trying his best to mimic Rand Paul. [Page One]

Why is everyone freaking out about this University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering billboard? More than 10,000 people have signed the petition not to kill Waterfront Park. So what’s the deal? Without engineers, the bridge could never be built. Even if we knew where to put it. Nearly everyone I talk to thinks it’s a terrific ad campaign. Only the River Fields folks take issue with it. [WAVE3]

8 thoughts on “New Speed School Billboard Is Kinda Hilarious

  1. The reason you where puking at the airport yesterday was you heard the new name the boaed wanted to give it. Lets see, the Jerry E. Abramson International Airport! Nice ring. Barf.

  2. I love that billboard!!! Pretty funny for engineers and UofL. I’d normally view billboards over a park space as clutter but kudos to the ad team and the cojones.

  3. If the people at the airport had the same sense of humor as the engineers at U of L, we’d be reading about a Chris Poynter baggage handling facility.

  4. The billboard, and the ad campaign, are both great. Our engineering graduate numbers continue to go down, so if this gets people to consider going into engineering, then hooray.

    If River Fields really has taken offense at this, then they need to take a chill pill and get some perspective.

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