New Bridges Project Ad To Make You Mad

The Ohio River Bridges Project and the “authority” created to push the death of Waterfront Park is at it again.

Check this new (we first spotted it yesterday – so sorry if it’s not so new to you) spin-filled ad:

Wow. As if it wasn’t enough for the website to call 8664 an “ugly rumor.”

11 thoughts on “New Bridges Project Ad To Make You Mad

  1. I’ll say this much – this ad represents quite a load of stool… perhaps if the legs of the stool were KY Kickbacks, IN Kickbacks, and Private Kickbacks it would be more believeable?

  2. $500K in PR funding and they still can’t construct a defensible argument. Doesn’t speak well for their ability to build anything else sensible.

  3. That’s funny. When I think about the Bridges Coalition and their “intellectual” backers, River Fields, I imagine a different kind of stool they’re attempting to force down our throats.

  4. All I can think of is “Stool Boom” from Waiting For Guffman…
    “Working, building, never stopping, never sleeping, working, making, some for selling, some for keeping..”

  5. Perhaps at the next Authority meeting concerned citizens could bring stool samples to help educate the Authority and Coalition on the wide varieties of stools.

  6. I am always suspicious of anyone telling me I “must” do something. Really? We “MUST” have two briges? Or what, Louisville folds up and blows away?

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