10 thoughts on “Maybe A Bloodletting At Cox Radio Today

  1. Not surprising the new SOP for a format change is converting to a “Holiday Music” format.

    Sucks that local talent keeps getting cut.

  2. I don’t think the holiday format change is behind the firings. I’m pretty sure they do the holiday music thing every year.

  3. Holiday formats are being used to disguise the format changes until after the new year. Happened in several cities last week.

  4. A staff meeting was held this morning, in which it was announced that several key employees had been let go. They include Don Nordin, PD of Classic Rock WSFR (107.7) and AC WVEZ (106.9); Kathi Lincoln, morning co-host on WVEZ; Troy Roebuck, morning man on WSFR; Gary Clark, PM driver on “Country Legends” WRKA (103.9); and on air fill-in jock/continuity director Allan White.

  5. Never a good day when people lose there jobs. I know Kathi and Troy are involved in helping others in Louisville and care about the community. A big loss for Louisville

  6. Bill, to further corroborate KYGuy, the day after Thanksgiving, VEZ plays Christmas music through 12/25. It really has nothing to do with anything that occurred within this restructuring mantra. VEZ has done this for over a decade. If a format change is imminent, once again, it has no bearing on their annual “Lite up the Holidays” whatsoever. It would be fundamentally inane to give up their stake of the workplace radio niche they have held fast for over a decade with a format change. If anything, the time is nigh to expand Legends’ malnourished library…


  7. Oh… just one more little thing… The continuity guy’s name is “Alan” White. This guy’s been in radio FOREVER. He was over at Metro for a while before he got in with Cox.

  8. Update- Gary Clark was AM Drive .

    I can see why Nordin was canned. From what I heard, he was a hired axe brought in during a previous VP’s regime, Rolf Pepple. I am told that Pepple brought a couple of cronies in with him at that time–from whence I am not sure–I will need to check those dates. He was more concerned with “yachts and chasing women” than implementing anything conducive to the success of any station he “directed.” He left the real work to underpaid “many-hats” while he sat around, doing nothing, firing people every once in a while.

    I think it is a good chunk of salary revenue freed up, hopefully going to a much-needed campaign to get all the extra do-nothing cooks out of the kitchen and perhaps (sad, futile pipe-dream albeit), get back to real radio. Collins–kudos; well-experienced, had an obvious vision, swooped in, and, for a change, the folks over there got someone in charge that will actually do something positive for the stations. WTG!

    I wonder, in this vein, what cronies he will start bringing in. The time is FAR overdue for radio in general to destroy, erase and improve while they still have a chance to claim any relevance at all. Shane’s been in the game for a long time. I believe the other former PD Matt Killion (also removed from his position to imaging guy–OUCH!) brought him in. Interesting stuff going on here; hopefully for the best.

    I’m really sad to here Troy got snagged. That man has a lot of wasted talent–a fundamental misstep in putting a comedic guy on a “less talk” robotic station like 107.7 WSFR.

    Here’s to some honest-to-goodness radio one of these days…

    Sammy J.

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