Jerry’s Gubmint Costs Us Lots Of Money AGAIN

I hear through the gayvine that Bennie Ivory sent out a new memo telling folks at A Kentucky Newspaper that they’re no longer allowed to comment on other websites. Wonder why? [Deep Newspaper Thoughts]

It really is a shame no one bothered to show up to offer their thoughts on Insight’s monopoly. There’s another hearing next week, so be sure to make note. [FatLip]

Several hundred homeless veterans are living in Louisville. THAT is how we repay our most honored. With homelessness. Maybe along with a new VA hospital we can focus on homeless vets? [FOX 41 & More]

Apparently, Jerry Abramson says he’s got accomplishments. Do you? Go listen to his speech. [WFPL]

Satan was in Louisville the other day. Did you know? Satan. From hell. []

With the University of Kentucky partnering with Norton Healthcare and the University of Louisville and Jewish Hospital joining forces, what’s next? Will anyone ever be able to afford care? [Joe Arnold]

Ever wanted to ask a state legislator something and get a straight answer? Here’s your chance. [Page One]

Metro Government will pay Wayside $145,000 to settle that old housing complaint. Can you believe it? Jerry McCheese’s administration screwed ANOTHER simple thing up and it’s costing US tons of money. [WAVE3]

UPDATE: The settlement reached actually settled all claims, including those from the Coalition for the Homeless – not just Wayside’s HUD complaint. Story was a bit incorrect.

On November 24, Zen Garden will host the 10th Annual Customer Appreciation Dinner. The event is free and open to the public. The big deal? 100% of proceeds go to charity. [Consuming Louisville]

The Spirit of Jefferson will host a number of events over the coming weeks. Thanksgiving Lunch, Light Up Louisville, Lunch with Santa, New Year’s Eve, et al. Not exactly cheap, but could be interesting. [Belle of Louisville]

10 thoughts on “Jerry’s Gubmint Costs Us Lots Of Money AGAIN

  1. From the article, “Wayside filed the complaint with HUD in November 2009 after the mission was told it couldn’t move its Women and Families Shelter from East Main Street to the old Mercy Academy property in the 1100 block of East Broadway in the Original Highlands neighborhood.”

    When did that happen? Neighbors strongly opposed but Metro violating federal law is something new to the story. Be interesting to see what happened…

  2. Louisivlle will always be known as the home of the slugger, horse racing, KFC and the world’s largest homeless shelter in the United States with a potential capacity of 1,000 persons. To the rest of the nation’s cities that expect the homeless to get treatment, find a job or a house in 3 months, please keep sending homeless that don’t want help to Louisville! We now can house thousands and thousands!

  3. The WAVE 3 story is wrong. The lawsuit dealt with the Louisville hotel. Thought I was right..

    And btw, the infringement that resulted in Metro paying $145,000? Not having zoning for homeless shelters.

  4. JCC could have had its coveted expansion site, & Wayside could have had the very appropriate Mercy facilities.
    Wish someone with adequate funding would buy Mercy to use it as an affordable rooming house for day-workers and other men – relatively healthy folks without a monthly check – who have very limited income. Definite need for affordable rooming facilities, male & female, scattered throughout the Metro.

  5. The correct story should have read as follows.

    After BOZA in its infinite wisdom decided Louisville had no zoning classifications for homeless facilities, Louisville essentially concluded there were no regulations covering where, and to what extent homeless facilities could operate in Louisville. BOZA’s failure to make reasonable accommodations for Wayside and its conclusion their were no zoning classifications in which homeless facilities could locate within Louisville violates three different federal statutes. The violations aren’t debatable either. They are black letter violations.

    Wayside appealed. The Coalition for the Homeless was forced to file three federal suits for violations of the American with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act and the Religious Institutions Practices Act. The Coalition had no choice because it 36 homeless shelter had no idea where, when and how they could operate, expand, or otherwise relocate within the city of Louisville. In short, no one knew what to do with them after BOZA’s ruling.

    The Coalition suggested that Wayside initiate a HUD complaint against Louisville. Louisville receives approximately 18 million dollars a year to fund housing programs that are allegedly designed to remove impediments to fair housing. It’s hard to argue that Louisville is successfully achieving that goal when it is essentially shutting out homeless shelters through its lack of zoning regulations for homeless shelters and putting Wayside what it put them through. So, filing the HUD complaint put all the federal funding in jeopardy. Doesn’t help that a former Louisville official is being investigated for mismanagement of HUD funds and that Museum Plaza would really like a 100 million dollar loan guarantee from HUD either.

    The Coalition, Wayside and Louisville ultimately entered a Conciliation Agreement to settle all of the issues between them, including the federal claims and the HUD complaint. The Conciliation Agreement allows Louisville to avoid losing 18 to 20 million in HUD funds, and possible damages as a result of an adverse judgment on the federal claims and left it the ability to have some oversight over homeless facilities through new zoning and licensure ordinances.

    The Coalition and Wayside got the city off their backs and some stability about their rightful and proper place in our community. Wayside received approximately $70,000.00 to refund the Mercy deposit it lost and the balance was paid to reimburse Wayside and the Coalition for their attorneys’ fees and costs. The settlement does not reimburse Wayside or the Coalition for all of their costs and expenses. It doesn’t come close.

    In the end, its a decent compromise to a situation that could have been avoided before it ever started if folks (BOZA) would pay better attention to legal concerns as opposed to political concerns.

  6. I cant believe the Real Details on the Wayside scam hasn’t been properly explained . The Courier was no where close as to why the thing was setteled!….The City did their usual pressure tap dance and thought they could give Wayside their usual screw job with all the cronnies they have in place on the Zonning Board, But they found out they were gonna get “F’d” themselves out of Millions! Just another coverup that gets swept under the rug and goes away, cause the details are complicated. The facts should be know!……Not much $$$ to take care of the common people from HUD ……But $100million from HUD to build a Skycraper.

  7. Well, if we build Museum
    Plaza it will need some new tenants and it just would not be fair to exclude the homeless from Louisville’s newest subsidized building. Perhaps Robert Maplethorpe will set out some jars on the sidewalk to capture urine. Think of the possibilities.

  8. Skipper You Nailed It!…..You”re on articulate son-of-a gun!

    Typical!….The real details are are usually Not ever understood & goes over everyones head!

  9. Skipper you are way to polite…..let me interpret!

    The City ( Mayor Jerry & Friends) decided they would like to eliminate the undesirables of the Wayside type & complexion, and thought they could slide it right up their ole Bung Hole, pull a fast one like they have done hundreds of times before!

    Out of Necessity the Wayside put up the goal line stand, let the City know that they were willing to screw the City (out of 18mil-20mil) by trumping them at their own game? When Jerry realized he could loose first count of the 18-20mil….he got nervous and CAVED!….the Miserable prick!….Shows the proof, that it”s all about the MONEY…..Just follow the money!

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