Heard It Through The Greg Fischer Gayvine

That sound you hear?

It’s none other than mayor-elect Greg Fischer allegedly telling Metro Government department heads that he will keep their application letters private if they re-apply for their current jobs.

What was that, again, about transparency?

Because I’m sure not seeing any.

And this – from a hugely credible Fischer supporter – doesn’t help in any way, shape or form.

Those letters should be open for public review.

14 thoughts on “Heard It Through The Greg Fischer Gayvine

  1. Open records law has no teeth. No one wants to go through the appeal process with the AG then win and then have to sue in circuit court.

    Louisville took 2 steps backward Nov. 2nd.


  2. I guess the question is whether a mayor can legally promise to keep these letters private. I honestly don’t know.

    Also, how can he even accept application letters before he’s actually mayor? He doesn’t have the hiring authority yet.

  3. Open records law has a LOT of teeth. The appeals are usually done not by a private citizen, but a media outlet which can afford to push the case, and those appeals are expedited – they jump ahead of just about every other case on the docket.

    And there is no way he will not be able to release the records, they are clearly public records once submitted. Just another example of his flagrant ignorance about government.

  4. Folks: Relax. I think opinions and recommendations, personal observations are protected under open records. This is a perfect example of why. The new mayor needs to get candid assessments of the problems from the best sources of information. Those who work inside the government may actually know more about the problems he’s going to have than we do. Give him a chance to get some good insights. Most employees will be reluctant to open up if their observations will be splashed on the front pages and in the blogs. I mean, why are most of you commenting anonymously?

    Also, though he’s not mayor yet, doesn’t he have the right to ask anyone to apply and to share their thoughts? And don’t they have the right to honor his request? First Amendment might guarantee his and their rights to correspond.

    I’ll bet Hal Heinert would agree with the approach. Those of us who just want the government to work want a new mayor to learn as much as he can.

  5. JTT: Guess you’ve never actually been in an open records fight where the Democratic attorney general sides with his Democratic pals. Or when a public university hides documents that rogue staffers then have to leak on their own?

    Earl: Are you for real? That sort of thing is not some protected, private act. It’s a public record.

    No one is agreeing with his approach, so quit trying to spin the argument.

    I’ll say it again: Fischer allegedly told folks he’d keep their shit private, going against everything he’s preached.

  6. Pitiful legal advice from somebody to Fish to put it in writing. We’ve got another Fletcher going on here — only worse — letters rather than emails.
    Fish — if you want to do this, just have face-to-face meetings. Lots of them. What else do you have to do? You need to know these people ‘face-to-face.’ Why all the ‘paperwork.’ What a shame.

  7. A letter from someone to a private citizen, which Fischer is until January, is not subject to an opens records request. Once he’s in office and requires these people to reapply, then any paper work submitted would be subject to open records.

    What he as asked is for each person to write a letter and let him know if they are interested in continuing in their position, if so explain they’re strengths, and why he should consider keeping them.

  8. MetroHack: Wrong. The ‘return’ correspondence is by a ‘public official’ done on public time in a publicly owned building, with opinions (supposedly) of a public official — a high-ranking metro employee IS a public official. So — the responses, my friend, are subject to the open records statute — and if efforts are made to evade that by erasing computers, then we’re back to good ole Fletcherism all over again. Greg needs to MEET IN PERSON WITH THESE PEOPLE — HE NEEDS TO GET TO KNOW THEM PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY. Letter writing is RIDICULOUS.

  9. How about we start a betting pool on who is out? Part of the Teamsters deal for support was Ted Pullen at Public Works would be gone. Mims at IPL is in a weak position. Tim Barry at Housing is eligble for retirement and has only existed because he is Madeline Abramson’s cousin. Zelinsky at Animal Control is just a place holder. Who else?

  10. Actually, in Kentucky, once someone is elected, they are a public official under the law. So yeah, all these things he is doing is public record, I promise you. Read the definition in KRS.

    And yes, I’ve had a lot of dealings with it – being in a quasi- public employment status. Yes, the AG can be biased, that is what the court process is for – and usually, the courts get it right.

    Letters of this nature are not preliminary recommendations.

    Highlander, many of these people never “applied” in the usual sense of the word in the first place, they were appointed. There would be employment paperwork, but often not an application as we would think of it.

  11. Bruce Traughber and David Morris will go. So will Tina Heavrin and Barbara Elliott, I expect. I don’t think Heavrin COULD work for anyone but Abramson, and Elliott is her pet flunky, too. I expect the Fire Chief will go, just as fallout from all the money the firefighters are gonna cost the city. Richmond will likely go, but probably not immediately. Hamilton and Fox will likely stay, he’s done a good job with MetroSafe and EM. Zoo guy will likely stay.

  12. Or maybe you could pay attention instead of leaving retarded comments? It’s something we’ve used for four years since – wait for it – I’m a huge gay and add humor and inappropriate material to make stories less boring.

    Or are you afraid you could lose work with organizations like UofL, the Zoo and GE? I’m sure they want to hire someone who does nothing but troll this website all day.

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