Hal Heiner’s Campaign Thank-You Message

Here’s the thank-you message Hal Heiner sent out today:

Dear Friends,

When I began this campaign fourteen long months ago, I said it was my one-time, all-in effort to make a difference for Louisville. And friends, despite the disappointing result of Tuesday’s election, I still believe that together we did make a difference in the community we love. Your hard work, unbridled enthusiasm, innovative ideas and generosity offered an inspiring picture of what a better Louisville could be. Each time you knocked on a door with a smile on your face, or started a conversation with a friend about what’s possible in Louisville, you made a difference. While we may not have won an election, we did change a city, and for that we should always be proud.

You have my wholehearted thanks for the incredible amount of time and energy you invested in this campaign. My belief that Louisville still has great things in store was confirmed by the passion and ability you all demonstrated each and every day. With you our community is in good hands.

Great thanks,


Just wanted to share.

5 thoughts on “Hal Heiner’s Campaign Thank-You Message

  1. In 40+ years of voting, I can’t recall ever before voting for a Republican for Mayor. Until I filled in that black oval, I battled with my conscience. I had to re-examine his “platform” and remind myself that he said he would not dismantle the Jefferson Co. Fairness Ordinance. And I kept coming back to Fischer’s claim of inventing the ice machine. Heiner seemed the candidate who held the promise of cleaning up current departments, which is of tremendous concern to me. So, this child of 2 Republicans, this grandchild of 2 Republicans, this child of many Republican aunts, but a person who cherishes a long-ago defiant decision to register as a Democrat, VOTED FOR HAL HEINER & therefore mourn his loss in the election.

  2. GtownReader, my sentiments exactly. I think the Metro really missed a great opportunity for new, “transparent” blood.

  3. Well what ever you feel about him, one has to admit he has the class that the other members of cities elected elete seem to lack.

  4. You will seldom see more class from a candidate. I had my trepidations regarding Hal and Southeast Christian. Who wouldn’t? In the end he showed class and grace. Who knows what it would be like had he won? I really believe he would have been a better mayor from Valley Station to Prospect to Portland to Butchertown to wherever than the putative ice man. Winston Churchill once said that people get exactly the government they deserve. I guess the very slight majority that voted for the ice man deserve him. I’d like to think that those of us in the hinterlands deserved better.

  5. All true. Now we prepare for 4 more years of the status quo. Cordish anyone? Toll bridges anyone? Destroyed Waterfront Park anyone? I could go on of course, but why beat the horse…

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