Greg Fischer Announced Transition Team

Greg Fischer announced his transition team earlier today:

  • Ron Weston, chair
  • Merv Aubespin, vice chair
  • Doug Cobb, vice chair
  • Mary Gwen Wheeler, vice chair
  • Gabriela Alcalde
  • Bill Altman
  • Muhammad Barbar
  • Bill Bardenwarper
  • Erica Beasley
  • Nicole Candler
  • Middletown Mayor Byron Chapman
  • Tommy Clark
  • Ann Coffey
  • Shively Mayor
    Sherry Conner
  • Jose Neil Donis
  • Jonathan Dooley
  • SteVon Edwards
  • Bill Finn
  • Jon Goldberg
  • Eric Gunderson
  • GJ Hart
  • Margaret Handmaker
  • Gill Holland
  • Nikki Jackson
  • Vince Jarboe
  • Lee Lewis
  • Tomiko McDaniel
  • JK McKnight
  • Rishabh Mehrotra
  • Lynnie Meyer
  • Larry Michalczyk
  • Charlie Moyer
  • Yung Nguyen
  • Kent Oyler
  • Djenita Pasic
  • Ben Richmond
  • Vidya Ravichandran
  • Greg Roberts
  • Ann Smith
  • Rev. Frank Smith
  • Mary Ellen Wiederwohl

His transition staffers will be:

  • Director of Transition – Chris Bizzacco, the guy from Rhode Island
  • Director of Communications & Media Relations – Chris Poynter
  • Executive Assistant (since Jack Conway lost) – Brenda Frank
  • Human Resources – Larry Winburn
  • Policy – Brandon Coan

UPDATE — Here’s a photo just released by the Fischer camp:


Tell me if you spot Larry Clark’s nephew, the uber lobbyist and two members of the bridges/tolling authority.

9 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Announced Transition Team

  1. Bill Bardenwarper on the transition team? Please tell me this is a typo.

    It’s official: Our city has no hope of revamping the zoning and development process. Developers and the community both agree our zoning process needs to be modernized and streamlined, and Greg’s appointed the one person who has no incentive on changing anything. The current process is slow with delays and uneven discretion on decisions. This makes many developers and residents unhappy. This continuation of our cumbersome approach means more money for the attorneys.

    Here’s a radical idea: Adopt best practices from other cities like Milwaukee, Boston and Chicago. No city looks at Louisville for best practices.

    Greg has no clue.

    UPDATE: I see where Bardenwarper raised $80K for Greg’s campaign.

  2. When over 85% are oppossed to tolls for 2 bridges and over 60% are oppossed to the downtown ORBP it is clear that the tolling “authourity” has no respect for democracy. It is sad that these are the people Greg Fischer is surrounding himself with.

  3. I told you so! Who The *^#/ didn’t know what was going to Happen here?…..Buckle up for more years of backside abuse and Spin!

  4. With that many people, you’d think he could do one hell of a transition. Does it really take that many people to do the same thing that has been happening for 12 years?

  5. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Just more proof that Greg Fischer is a Jerry Abramson/Harvey Sloane type of clone. I’ve been a registered Democrat for years but these people are atrocious. Expect the public to get it good in the form of the ORBP and all that. Nothing is going to change for the most part. Which is why Louisville really is becoming a dying city overall and that will be its downfall to keep the same group of people running things that have been running the city into the ground for most of the last 20 years. Which is why Louisville is going to eat the dust of Nashville, Indianapolis, and Cincy of all places.

    Anyone who has been to Cincy knows that a good part of it has that same bombed out look that the west of 7th street area has. Cincinnati has hardly been a growth area but its metro compared to Louisville has grown immensely over the years and actually Hamilton County Ohio is not much bigger than Louisville population wise. Same for Indianapolis/Marion County, Indiana.

    Hal Heiner had a great comment regarding the stagnation of Louisville. Indianapolis gained 45,900 jobs this last decade while Louisville lost 2200. Now that 2200 might not look like a big loss but even Louisville should have been able to gain say 10,000 jobs or even more. But to get whipped that badly says a lot about the royally screwed up mess that these people have left for the people.

    Greg Fischer has no clue nor does most of his cronies. Its going to be a long 4 years of his reign. Maybe by the next election, enough people will realize what a colossal mistake it was. Not to say that Heiner would have did everything perfectly, but at least he was looking to obtain transparency.

  6. So between the chair and the three vice chairs, are they going to be the 4 new deputy mayors that we’re going to get like the old days when King Jerry had his four deputy mayors. Now he’s down to one and then another in Johnstone that used to be a deputy mayor but got reassigned to community relations. Greg Fischer is going to make a seamless transition from the Jerry Abramson regime and really nothing is going to change.

  7. It would have been nice to have more than U of L represented on his transition team. Does he know that Spalding, Bellarmine, and JCTC exist???

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