2 thoughts on “First Lady Jane Beshear Appears Again

  1. A few years ago USA Today ran an above the fold front page article on the homeless in Louisville. That article stated there were 19,000 homeless people in Louisville. While the total for the state was mentioned in the article its fair to say the total for the state would be much higher. Now the Governor’s wife sayes we have only 6623 in the whole state. While there should be compassion for these folks there should be a party to celebrate driving the number so low.

    Heather French Henry, wife of admitted double felon Dr. Steve Henry has said publically that there are 4,000 homeless veterans in Kentucky. Doing a bit of math using Heather’s and the Gov’s wife’s brain that means that there are only 2,623 non-veteran homeless. Clearly the problem is our former service members and not the general public.

    But there is a fly in the ointment. I am a verteran and am not homeless. In fact of the hundreds of veterans I know, not one of them is homeless. I always ask these verterans, do you know of any of us who are homeless? The answer is always the same…no.

    Louisville has some of the most affordable housing in the country. Just what would be more affordable? Free? We already give more free housing or almost free to low income people. To show just how absurd this situation has become, Louisville has more free or almost free housing than any city our size. Overall we are one of the top cities in giving free or almost free housing.

    The whole matter of housing and homelessness in Louisville is a scandal and should be investigated. I suppose those who know better allow it to go on becuase they can, they want to help people even if it means they are just enabling them to be irresponsible, they are empowered like Heather to take up a noble cause even if its hardly there, and the number one reason this goes on…the people they help are disproportionatley Democrats. Talk about a quid pro quo.

    This could use a little of Jake’s expertise. How about it Jake? Otherwise we just turn into another Freeville.

  2. He’s not a felon. His wife has no idea what she’s talking about and lost all credibility when she used her faux non-profit to aid in her husband’s criminal scheme, for which he was convicted on three counts, pleaded down from felonies.

    I know tons of homeless veterans. The problem didn’t really hit my radar until Brian Smith, a local veteran, introduced me to several homeless vets he helps find jobs, treatment and such. Then I met more and more. And when volunteering at a local food kitchen, I met even more. It astounds me.

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