Cyclists Use The Same Road You Use, Folks

Interesting and terrific news came out of Winchester/Clark County, Kentucky yesterday. The EKPC coal-fired power plant will not be built. [Page One]

U.S. Ambassador to Sweeden Matthew Barzun has the right idea on energy. It makes no sense to wait. [Twitter]

This lady nearly bit off a woman’s finger? Shoo! And I thought sword guy from a couple months ago was insane. [WHAS11]

Passport CEO Larry Cook is stepping down from his job. The spending scandal really shook the Medicaid ground, it seems. [Bluegrass Politics]

Here’s what Governor Steve Beshear had to say: “While a new interim CEO is important, it is also essential to have a top to bottom change in management and a total reorganization in the governing structure of Passport.” [Press Release]

Need a college scholarship? Here’s your way to get $20,000 from KFC via Twitter. [84WHAS]

It may be an accident, but it seems like there are more and more of these cyclist accidents in Louisville these days. Especially ones involving death. Sure, it’s because of increased cycling. But it seems a bit too frequent for comfort. [FOX 41]

Because idiots like this continue to hit cyclists and haul ass away from the scene. How can you hit someone on a bike and then just drive away? [WFPL]

It burns! Make it stop! Prosecutors in the Karen Sypher – Rick Pitino sexytime scandal don’t want the judge in the trial to be disqualified. This story is apparently never going to end. [H-L]

7 thoughts on “Cyclists Use The Same Road You Use, Folks

  1. “Can We Import a Judge from Honduras?”

    Judge Simpson, of the Pitino-Sypher case, has close ties to UofL? It would be extremely difficult to find a judge in this area who doesn’t–one of the many reasons UofL honchos can get away with whatever they damn please.

  2. Can’t feel too sorry for an idiot riding in the fast lane of Hurstbourne Pwy – in the middle of the night – wearing dark clothes – and violating the law in multiple ways. Big difference between him and the guy on Frankfort Ave – who was doing it right. (Although arguably, given that he was using it for a commercial business, the trailer should have been licensed, but that didn’t affect the wreck.)

  3. JTT: Do you ever read and click the links before commenting? The accident did not occur in the middle of the night. It happened in the early morning as light begins to appear over the horizon.

    None of the articles published or stories released say there was no reflective material on the bike – just that the individual wasn’t wearing reflective clothing.

  4. Trust me, I’m out at 5 a.m. way too often, it’s dark at that time of the morning. And especially dark on that stretch of road.

    Actually, several stories indicated there were no reflectors OR LIGHTS on the bike – and I’ve since verified that was indeed the case. In fact, at night, actual lights are legally required.

  5. JTT,
    The only law the bicyclist on Hurstborne broke was not having lights at 4:45am. He may have making a left turn, or possibly just turning on to Hurstborne. The accident was his fault, and he suffered the ultimate penalty.

    Ian, the SoupBycycle guy, was not breaking any law. Bicycle trailers are not required to be licensed, no matter what purpose they are for. There is no *way* to license one. If you can find the KRS number for the law the requires it for a non-motor vehicle, I’ll eat my words.

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